An Amazon Discovery

DarkLioness, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

I found a plush Chestburster for sale on Amazon and I have purchased it. Once I have received said Chestburster I shall post pictures of it here. I have big and important plans for it. I didn't want to mention this in the Off-Topic Thread for obvious reasons hence why I made this thread.

That is all.

FireHunter, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

Yeah there's a shop near my house that sells them. I'm not sure whether to declare this off-topic or not though because while it's technically on-topic because it's Alien-related, I'm not sure it warrants its own thread.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

Maybe we can all show off our AVP stuff here?

krio, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

Now i wish i had avp toys....

skull_ripper, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

That sounds cool Bloo, and I wonder what these big and important plans are Darklioness.

Dronehive, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

She is going to take the kawii motherfucker and use it to summon Satan. Then we suddenly will have actual, irl xenos and we will put them on our face to expand the empire of our glorious monarch.

zero-alpha, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

Oooooooh! I have a whole collection of aliens,predators, and Aliens vs Predator toys! Too bad I can't figure out how to post pictures on this thread!