Mebber, Human, 13 years ago

Just finished my first MP games. Quite good multiplayermode. Have some connection probs, but the game rules... love to play as marine. But good xeno players are a nightmare :) Team DM is just one hell of a funny thing!

Someon' interest in a good round of survivor?

Would like to play a round with yu guys.

Mebber, Human, 13 years ago

Is anyone still playing the game? I'm playing it sometimes for an hour or so, but it's no comparement to the long-living AVP2. This game was awaited so tensely, and now it's nearly dead after a few months. That's not a good feedback for rebellion.
They're trying to save the game with purchasable DLCs- they should offer them for free imo. It's just obscene moneymaking.

DeathWraith, Human, 13 years ago

Well it's something like the Gothic 3 of the AvP series... People still like it because it's still AvP, but some of the previous elements are missing and so it's just half the fun. To replace full control of the character with just three buttons wasn't the best idea ever for a FPS. Also, to make a game that runs swiftly only on the best performing systems and make it so that you can only play the multiplayer through Steam wasn't a very good idea because that narrows it down to being played only by people who have a very good PC and use Steam.

ryanwethy, Human, 13 years ago

I've managed to beat the alien and predator campaign on nightmare difficulty, trying to beat the marine campaign on nightmare difficulty too but finding it impossible. I always die in the matriarch's chamber when the facehuggers start attacking.

Mebber, Human, 13 years ago

Are you kidding me? To beat Alien and Predator on nightmare and fail on the queen's chamber is just ridiculous.

Seriously, that's not a very difficult part of the marine campaign. The facehuggers don't spawn infinite, just shoot all the facehuggers and burn all eggs. After that you've got enough time to pull that switch and kill the queen.