Blade_Hunter, Undefined, 17 years ago

It means the queen chestburster. It's only in the final scene as Ripley is falling.

Unknown, Undefined, 17 years ago

yeah pretty much what dave said


daveberg, Undefined, 17 years ago

The 'dog' burster was larger because in the directors cut it actually came from an ox which has a larger space internally than a human to host an alien, so the development of the creature is a little more advanced.

And yep, a superfacehugger can plant two embryos, one being the queen spawn.

darkness of acheron

Dragon_alien, Undefined, 17 years ago

Answer #1: The dog-burster is really large if you notice. ( I wonder why it had a hard bursting? )
Answer #2: the face hugger was a super/Queen face hugger so it can implant two hosts.

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