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Bloo's Fan-Fic (Discussion Thread)

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2014-02-04 03:09:45
You know what else is kinda cool - I only started the whole "Companion" thing as a reference to your whole "pregnant lady" plot in the RPGs, but they also double as a nice nod to Doctor Who (which is where I'm assuming you got your user name from in the first place).

It's actually nice to hear your approval, since that was the most risky post yet (other than the time I mentioned I was gonna draw in anime style).


2014-02-06 19:44:42
Indeed your assumption is correct. I picked up on that as well and had the thought "is that supposed to be a reference...maybe?". But yeah I wanted to voice my approval at some point, I'm not around heaps to post anymore but this project has had me lurking in this thread when I can.

Still disappointed as hell that me and Pv2 never got to do a proper reveal with what the whole pregnant woman thing was about.

are you predator or prey?

2014-02-06 21:39:56
Bloo, I've been doing alot of reading these past few days and i found once piece that i REALLY REALLY REALLY think you should read.

It's only a few pages. But i just cant explain how useful you may find it.

 photo Newsig.jpg

What would Peterson do?

2014-02-06 22:35:25
I liked that a lot. I was already familiar with that story and its concepts (because it's a TV Trope) and I even used said trope as inspiration for the Spirits (formerly called Minds), but I've never read the actual story, so I'm glad you gave that to me.

That's EXACTLY the kind of strange atmosphere that should surround the Black Monsters and the relationship between the Engineers and humans. I don't know why I've never read it till now - it's a concept I planned to use from the very beginning.

@Doc: Now I'm curious about what you guys had planned. If you don't mind, it'd be really cool if you told me, since my own idea might be completely different from yours.

I can tell you more about what I had planned, too, if you want. Everything in the Art Crap thread is extremely outdated, so I don't mind writing it all out here.


2014-02-09 09:15:47
Sure, I will seize the opportunity to voice the crappy ideas we had going.

Basically the whole thing came out of Pv2 and myself wanting to take that RPG in a direction that was right out of left field. I mean in the sense of creating a subplot that would correspond with the main plot but also be an experiment in collaborative storytelling. In that regard we never out rightly decided on what the finally reveal was but I had two or three outcomes that I wanted to push for.

As some may have worked out the pregnant human female is actually a synthetic. Playing with some very Blade Runner-esque vibes we were running with the idea that Wayland-Yutani had created Synths that were now much more highly developed. Basically the female synth was intended to be carrying a piece of cargo in her womb. It was my thought that the synth was programmed to not know what it was carrying and be under the assumption that it was human.

Now where it gets a little muddy is what the cargo is. It was most likely going to be an artifact of some kind that carried great power. Power that could end the civil war between the Yautja. The artifact would have been found by the company and recognized for its mythical reputation/being a holy alien relic and therefore possibly have some value as a weapon.

I always saw the artifact as being either a variation on the Prometheus goo that would have tied into the genetic differences between the normal and super preds or the preserved heart of an ancient Elder that both groups worship/gave honor to. The idea with the heart came from something I read ages ago about the Yautja's having a belief in gaining the strength of another by eating their heart. This would mean whoever devoured the heart could effectively embody the Ancient Elder and unite the two or destroy one of them.

I mean at the end of the day what ever the artifact is it's basically a macguffin to get the characters to chase after it so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Anyway that's the gist of it.

are you predator or prey?

2014-02-09 11:07:33
Holy fuck, that sounds pretty cool. Shame you never got the chance to develop it.
2014-02-09 21:02:16

Holy fuck, that sounds pretty cool

Would you expect anything less from doc and I?

2014-02-09 21:05:40
Wow, that's kinda like what I've got going already. There IS a few differences, though.

Your mention of a civil war of sorts between the Predators and Super Predators is definitely a thing here. One side is called the Seven Headed Dragon clan (based on the biblical legend of the seven headed dragon and its ten thorns), and it's made up of 18 Predators: 7 Elders (the dragon heads), 10 other Predators (the thorns), and Cetanu (the breath of the dragon). Almost all of these Predators are member-owned. I'll explain Cetanu more below.

On the other side is 82 Badbloods, run by 4 former Elders that are based on both the 4 Horsemen, and the 4 Chaos Guardians from Final Fantasy: Lich, Malirith, Tiamat, and Kraken.

"the pregnant human female is actually a synthetic."

Basically the female synth was intended to be carrying a piece of cargo in her womb.

it gets a little muddy is what the cargo is. It was most likely going to be an artifact of some kind that carried great power.

My Companions actually started out being called Companion Synthetics. There was also only one of them, and it was a girl called Shelbea Nguyen who was indeed "pregnant" with the Predator's own Liquid Weapon, which was, at first, unnamed.

Shelbea has since been renamed "Vera Ngo," and the Liquid Weapon is now a silver goo called Medical Mechanica. The Engineer's own black goo is called Miracle Matter. Both of these are human-given names.

Eventually, I created 4 more Synthetics. I wanted to keep the "Pregnancy" bit, so I developed the idea that the Liquid Weapon was split into 5 pieces. I removed the fact that they were visibly pregnant (since there were some male Synths), and replaced that with the fact that their artificial bodies were made from their piece of Medical Mechanica, rather than having been made by humans.

It was my thought that the synth was programmed to not know what it was carrying and be under the assumption that it was human.

This is still prevalent in the most recent draft of the story. However, they're no longer man-made Synthetics, and so "Synthetic" has been dropped from their names. Now they're just called "Companions." Also, there's now 7 of them, rather than just 5.

This is where it gets kind of weird: The Companions actually ARE humans and started out that way. However, like I explained in the last page, they were kidnapped by an Engineer to be used as the Spirits for the Empresses. Their minds were extracted from their bodies and placed into the Empress Shell Bodies. Remember, without a Spirit core, the Shell Bodies act like zombies that don't do much, so they're useless without fuel.

About 900 years before the beginning of the story, your character "purified" these seven Spirits and used Medical Mechanica to create new human bodies for them. They each have a piece of Medical Mechanica in them.

These new bodies weren't exactly real - they only very closely imitated organic material. (This is the same case with Xenomorphs, who are also not technically alive.)

These artificial bodies were also immortal because they were fueled by Medical Mechanica, but they could still be destroyed. If that happens, their piece of Medical Mechanica would escape and enter a random fetus before it's born - which is to say, before it grew a soul. Since these babies' bodies weren't immortal, the Companions would have to switch vessels every time the previous one died, and this has been happening for 900 years. After being reborn so many times, they've forgotten that they're Companions.

This has happened to every single Companion except the girl I mentioned before, Vera, who's very aware of her situation. She's hides the fact that she's a Companion, but it's not because she's scared of the Predators; it's because she's scared of revealing who she was before she turned into a Spirit or Companion.

See, Medical Mechanica created the IDEAL bodies for the Companions. Whatever they wanted to look like, it was done. None of them really changed much, except to be more athletic, taller, have different noses, etc. None of them except Vera, who was born male. This is getting long though, so I'll just explain that another time.

I always saw the artifact as being either a variation on the Prometheus goo that would have tied into the genetic differences between the normal and super preds or the preserved heart of an ancient Elder that both groups worship/gave honor to.

The Predator's liquid weapon, Medical Mechanica, is actually partly made from the special kind of blood that runs in the family of Concrete Hunter.

See, my Predators have different colors of blood with different properties, and you can actually tell what type of Predator the blood came from just by its color. Normal Predators are all green, and they're the most common type. Super Predators range from light green (mid) to dark purple (high) and are rarer. The colors come from the the electromagnetic spectrum, so purples are at the top and red is at the bottom. Again, green blood is actually the most common.

You and a majority of the other player-characters are Green Bloods. Concrete Hunter comes from a "holy" line because he has purple blood, although the only reason it's considered holy is because some of the most legendary Ancient Predators happened to have purple blood. There IS science to back it up, though: the higher you go on the electromagnetic scale, the better quality the blood is. Therefore, Green Bloods live long, Blue Bloods live longer, and Purple Bloods live absurdly long lives. In fact, some of the Ancient Elders are STILL alive.

Green, blue and purple area actually the only normal types there are. Any colors lower than green is considered a mutation because they're extremely, extremely rare. Yellows are mutant Greens, Oranges are mutant Blues, and Reds, the most rare of all, are mutant Purples. And actually, Deathdrop is a Red Blood; his main enemy is the one of the strongest Predators in history: Lich, the purple-blooded God of Death.

Cetanu is the Goddess of Death, because I once read somewhere that he's actually a she, and I like that a lot. Cetanu is also a Red Blood, but since no one's ever seen her bleed, no one knows that.

Other than the weird blood color, the mutant versions of the normal blood color still live just as long as the normal ones, and they're just as healthy. Anyway, that just about explains the genetic differences between the normal Predators and the Super Predators, and why the latter is stronger than (and racist toward) the former.

It also explains why some Green Blood clans (like the Jungle Hunters) are more tribal - it's because they're lower citizens and are treated poorly.

I've never heard of the heart thing, though. I should try to incorporate that somehow.

The artifact would have been found by the company and recognized for its mythical reputation/being a holy alien relic and therefore possibly have some value as a weapon.

Something similar happens in my story.

The humans DO find one of these three Liquid Weapons, but it's not Miracle Matter or Medical Mechanica.

Instead, 1000 years before the beginning of the story, they managed to recreate the red goo that the Spirits are made of by kidnapping a Black Liquid Monster called Death Wraith. There's obviously more to this, but I'll withhold it for now, since it dives into the nature of the Xenomorph's bodies, and the 7 Continental Alpha Males, as well as the origin of the Engineers and their reason for being involved in this story at all.

Anyway, this red goo can create artificial constructs using an advanced form of Hard Light Technology (and some other fake ass phlebotinum, since it's Engineer tech), similar to Medical Mechanica's ability to make nearly-organic materials. The only difference between the liquids is that Medical Mechanica can undo the effects of Miracle Matter (the black goo) because it was designed by The Doctor specifically to combat the Engineers. Otherwise, all three liquids, in their dormant states, take the form of spheres.

The Engineer's version of hard light was reverse-engineered by humans and began to see widespread use. 1000 years later (aka the beginning of the story), hard light is used for almost everything, since it can imitate many kind of materials. Buildings, bullet shells, weapons, street lamps, computer screens, you know name it - it can be replicated with hard light. There are many things that it can't replace, but mundane objects like pens will almost always be hard light.

Of course, because of its potential to threaten humanity, there are many laws against using hard light for just anything, and you have to get licenses, fill out paperwork, etc. There are separate licenses and paperwork for coffee machines, furniture, whatever. This is why the "normal" items of OUR time still exist 1000 years into the future; it's really goddamn frustrating trying to create your own hard light items. Common things like pens are made of hard light because they're created by companies.

Even WHEN you have hard light in your possession, you're restricted to what you're allowed to form with it. When you DO have the clearance to make what you want, it takes skill to get it just right. Remember, with hard light, all you're doing is replacing the material that the product is made out of - you still have to know how the hell a coffee machine even works to be able to make one. So, it's not magic, it's just really weird science.

It was Death Wraith's human character, Xeuss, who made the first serious use of hard light weaponry. He's considered the father of modern Hard Light technology. A few years before the beginning of the story, he developed a combat suit completely made from red goo that appears to be nothing more than a blood-red wetsuit. However, it contains a complex Operating System that links the soldier to the government's network, which is called The Forum. The suit itself, since it's made from a red goo core, can then create weightless battle armor. The fact that hard light doesn't weigh anything is another reason why it's sometimes better to just have a normal item. But in the case of armor, it's a huge advantage.

Because of the restrictive laws placed by the government, there's a limit to what the red goo suit is allowed to create.

Everyone knows about the red goo cores because they're the source of where the hard light comes from, but the fact that the red goo is literally everywhere is a bad, BAD thing for humanity when the main antagonist (an Engineer, naturally) begins stirring shit.

I realize I'm handwaving a bunch of actual science by using excuses like "this is 1000 years in the future" and "this is extraterrestrial technology," but I hope the idea of hard light is cool with you guys. It basically drives my entire story.


2014-02-10 04:46:49
@Pv2 - Where the heck you been bro you need to hit me up on some chat thing or something :)

@Bloo - Is striking how many similarities there are between our ideas. However I'm all for what you are doing with this stuff. Plus all these different anime references you've been chucking in there have been making me nerd gush (Massive NGE fanboy here). With the hard light items though, if it is so difficult to have anything manufactured with it (paperwork ect.) why would any bother to use it? I know you said the weightlessness was an advantage but would there be other technological advantages from it? would there be some sort of resource crisis that say one company capitalized on that lead to some common items being made of hard light but not others? You may have answered this stuff in a post ages ago so take my questions with a grain of salt, like I'm that weird uncle with dementia in the corner who keeps asking where is wallet is and thinking you're his son Billy.

are you predator or prey?

2014-02-10 06:34:59
There are SO many references that I've subtly thrown at you guys that it's ridiculous, so I'm glad you picked up on some of them. Also YOU LOVE NGE HOLY SHIT WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS SOME TIME.

Anyway, nah you're right, I haven't really mentioned Hard Light before, so you're all good.

The government/military can bypass all the normal licensing/paperwork/etc stuff since they're the ones who developed it. It's not like they're breaking the law, it's just... easier for them to access the stuff. Like how police officers have access to guns, or NERV has access to the Evangelions.

The licenses and restrictions are more for the normal companies and general public since, if you're skilled enough, you can form weapons of mass destruction with Hard Light, which is exactly what the military is doing. Pens, bike frames, trains, etc. are made from it. It's hard to explain just how much Hard Light has been integrated into everyday life - the only comparison I can think of is wireless keyboards. While they're useful, they're not everywhere. Same thing with wireless internet. Very widespread, but it's not everywhere, and there are still problems with it. I dunno, hopefully that's a good enough example.

The amount of advantages Hard Light has over normal material is staggering: Weapons can appear on command so there's no need to lug them around; even if they DID have to carry them, they're weightless; running out of ammo is almost not even an issue since the ammo is made from hard light, which is easy to replenish (although it's not infinite); Hard Light serves as energy shielding, as well as the normal armor plating; Hard Light can regenerate itself; a lot of things can be made from it if the situation calls for it, which means temporary tents, cups, hammers, etc. are easily accessed by soldiers out on the field; that's all I can think of on the spot, but you get it.

This Hard Light is similar to the Particle-Wave Matter that NGE's Angels are made of, as well as being similar to their AT Fields. It's also similar to the Forerunner Technology from Halo 4, and how their guns, ammo, and armor were made almost completely from Hard Light. Whatever WASN'T made from Hard Light is merely attached and easily integrated. Same thing works here.

Of course, only the DBO uses the red goo suits, since these battle suits are highly experimental and relatively new (as of the beginning of the story, they've only been in use for 4 years). Other branches like Alpha Draconis still use the Hard Light weapons/common items, but they use traditional combat suits. So, the completely-Hard Light armor is exclusive to the DBO. AD and everyone else's usage of Hard Light is limited.

Think about it in terms of wireless electronics: the DBO uses laptops with wireless mice. There are no cords anywhere. Everyone else, meanwhile, has wireless mice and keyboards, but they use desktops that are wired down.

If it sounds like Hard Light seriously overpowers humans against Predators/Aliens/Black Liquid Monsters, you'd be kind of right. BUT, there's a catch.

Against Predators, humans are still likely to lose simply because the Predators are literally faster, stronger, and smarter in every way. Predators have actually learned how to negate the creation of Hard Light in any small area. Predators themselves have learned to create Hard Light and have used it to improve their own weaponry.

As for the Aliens, they're not actually alive. In simplest terms, they're like Synthetics. They sound alive, they act like they're alive... but they're not. They're made of Particle-Wave Matter, which lends to the theory that they're silicone-based. But they're not, they're just... eerily organic and rubbery. (This is the same with Empresses and any other Black Liquid Monster.)

Particle-Wave Matter IS based on Hard Light, but the Predators can't negate the creation of Xenos like they can with the humans' weapons. That's because Xenos are also partly organic, and THAT is because they take DNA from an organic host.

I'm not going to lie, a single Xenomorph would probably lose against a DBO soldier in straight up open-area combat. However, this will never be the case. Earth has been turned into a planet-sized Hive (called The Hive), so there are well over 5 billion Xenomorphs roaming everywhere. They'll almost always be encountered in groups, or they'll be encountered in environments in which they have an advantage. The Hard Light weapons work wonderfully against any other type of Black Liquid Monster, but against Xenos, humans are at a big disadvantage simply because they have no idea what the hell they're fighting. (I should also mention that Xenos are the only Black Liquid Monsters that can reproduce, so they can NEVER be purified by Medical Mechanica because they were born that way.)


2014-02-11 14:53:13
Its rent day bitch, Where are the backgrounds.
 photo Newsig.jpg

What would Peterson do?

2014-02-11 21:50:50
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