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Bloo's Fan-Fic (Discussion Thread)

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2014-01-02 08:46:51
He's gonna look angrier than that, with his sister being all cute next to him. It'll be great.


2014-01-09 08:12:03
You can use mine Bloo

I'm very particular in my words~Pagan min

Veteran Runner Of the Shadow Serpents
2014-01-09 14:14:07
Oh, found the thing I was looking for with the instrument haegeum. So, Bloo, here is what the Korean national feeling sounds like.


A song about me and skull_ripper that I wrote:
"Yeah, uh, yea yeah, uh, yeah, crackers gonna crack yeah, uh, yeah..."
(thats what I have so far hope u like it)
2014-01-11 22:54:03
I lied, weekly updates won't be a thing because I stopped doing portraits and went on to doing character sheets, which are pretty much only for me since they're just a different form of practice. I'll probably be uploading the ones I like the most.

I'll still get the other 6 characters on here eventually, but they're on hold since none of them are member-owned.

@DW: I hate watching videos since my internet sucks, but I finally just did it and wow, I really like how that instrument sounds.

I haven't mentioned this before, but I've been trying to pair all the humans with an instrument or musical style to help write them, and I think this fits the Korean guy a lot.


2014-01-11 22:58:48
every time you post without backgrounds an erection dies.
 photo Newsig.jpg

What would Peterson do?

2014-01-11 23:10:01
Yeah, I should probably just edit the thread title with "[x] new pictures" or "no new pictures" every time I post, but I'm getting lazy just thinking about it...

If it makes you feel better, lately I've been focusing on someone who hates everyone and I'm trying to make her look even better, so I hope the wait pays off.


2014-02-03 04:27:05
Most disappointing bump ever:

I'm updating to tell you the next update is gonna include (besides an abundance of Chiropterans and Dragons) the Seven Empresses. (There's actually nine, but that's a story issue.)

I may not have said this before, so warning: The Empresses aren't Xenos. This means Queens are still the top of the Xenomorph life-cycle. BUT, this means the Empresses won't look like Queens. Now you're probably thinking, "What the fuck are you doing, Bloo..."

LET ME FINISH. They're still like the Xenos in that they're Black Liquid creatures and they play pretty much the same role (being the "top of the foodchain"), but they're the precursors to all the Black Liquid weapons, not just Xenos. As such, they all look unique and resemble at least one of the species they're most related to, which means some of them DO kinda resemble Xenos.

The fact that they're nothing like the Empresses we know and love is the bad news (kinda - I honestly think they're useless, even though I RP as one). The good news is that I'm basing them off other Giger paintings. So, they're almost legit. Almost.

And they work a lot differently from the "canon" Empress, but I'm not gonna tell you about that.

By now I know you guys don't care about my long explanations of how my made-up bullshit works, so I'm only gonna include that stuff if you guys actually ask about it. (I'm still gonna update Art Crap, of course, but now THIS thread will probably be devoid of any long expositions about the way the monsters/military/world works.)

Alright? Cool. Lots of monster stuff on the way.

PS: A long time ago when I introduced the Chiropterans/Dragons, one of you said "Seems cool, but I'm confused." You were probably thinking "This is AVP - why are there other monsters," and I don't blame you. After thinking about it a long time, here's my answer:

Imagine watching an anime like Ghost in the Shell, where the human soldiers have all these cool technological weapons at their disposal. They're nothing like the Colonial Marines from Aliens, right? That's because the GitS soldiers would be overpowered and would take the Aliens down easily. Cloaking, android bodies, the works. The tone is completely different from what we've seen in any A/P/AVP movie.

As you're watching, you see the world get established. Cool. The human soldiers are badasses. And then imagine suddenly seeing an Alien and Predator on-screen. Aliens and Predators have never been depicted in an anime before. You would be immediately turned off and then go complain about it on the internet. "What the hell did I just watch..." is what I would say.

My monsters serve as the "lube." They'll make it easier. They set up the fact that Aliens and Predators exist so that the revelation isn't so random and sudden. These things exist, and you just know they exist even before they show up. Unlike the characters, you'll be prepared for that revelation.

If I just went ahead and started out with Xenos, it would seem amazingly out of place. It would look like really bad fan-fiction. It would be the same as the time demons suddenly showed up in that fucking Shadow the Hedgehog game. (Seriously, Sega...)

The Chiros and Dragons are pivotal; they help foreshadow and set up for the Xenos spectacularly. They also set up my Empresses in a way that I couldn't have done with just Xenos alone. I've taken what I know from canon (and the EU) and expanded it to make it my own, in a way I believe could actually fit canon. God knows I've had terrible ideas before, but I really believe if I wanted to expand on what's been given to me in regards to the Engineers and the Black Goo, then I should go in the direction I'm taking, and you're all more than welcome to ask me: "Well, what direction are you taking?"

The answer to that begins with an explanation of what exactly my Empresses are, which, again, I won't include unless anyone actually asks me about it. ...'Cause this post is already too fuckin' long, and I'm tired.


2014-02-03 04:52:04
"By now I know you guys don't care about my long explanations of how my made-up bullshit works"

I don't think there's a single post pointing to how we don't like your long explanations about anything, I don't know how you come up with shit like that.


A song about me and skull_ripper that I wrote:
"Yeah, uh, yea yeah, uh, yeah, crackers gonna crack yeah, uh, yeah..."
(thats what I have so far hope u like it)
2014-02-03 18:56:16
Yo Bloo.

So you said the empresses are the "original" black creatures, right? Like where they all came from? I just don't understand if they come from the black liquid, or are the origin of it.

Also dude like wtf I like it when you say things. I'm sure all of us do.
2014-02-03 19:30:09
I second (or I guess third?) this notion that Bloo talks real good like.

2014-02-04 01:13:15

@DW/DH/DD: WHOA THERE. I guess I sounded like I was too hard on myself (or you guys), but that wasn't it at all, I guess I should have made it sound... lighter.

It's really not because I don't think you guys care - I've spoken to enough of you offline to see that you think this is a cool idea. It's just, when I DO give really a long explanation when no one's asked for it, I feel like I"m talking to a brick wall. On Skype or e-mail, though, it feels like a real conversation, and I'd rather be going back-and-forth with small details (that would eventually add up to the large description), if that makes sense.

In the past I'd bring up a lot of things that no one seemed to respond to, and at first I thought you guys didn't care, but now I know it's just so much to take in that you probably don't know where the hell to start. I mean, I'm basically rewriting the goddamn rules of the universe, here.

But when I give you guys a little at a time through Skype or e-mail, you guys respond back at these specific things (and some of you have actually helped me fix a lot of things, too, which is another reason I like the back-and-forth more).

Here: I know I ramble a lot, but I'm just super excited. FIXED.

@DH: "So you said the empresses are the "original" black creatures, right? Like where they all came from? I just don't understand if they come from the black liquid, or are the origin of it."

ALRIGHT. They're neither produce Black Liquid, and they didn't come from it, either.

They're the original type of biomechanical weapon, made by the Engineers.

First and foremost, the Empresses are made of two things: SHELL BODIES, and HUMAN SPIRITS. (LET ME FINISH.)

SHELLS are created by the Engineer's perfected biomechanical science, which sprouted from mixing HARD LIGHT TECHNOLOGY and HYBRID BODY TECH (like in Avatar).

The name "Human Spirit" is kind of misleading. You should know that there aren't any supernatural forces at work in this story - just the TRUEST SCIENCES.

Instead, a SPIRIT is a human brain that's been converted into data (somehow). Its physical form is that of a red goo (which looks kinda like blood). The goo itself always stabilizes to take the form of a sphere, which is then placed into the Shell to power it up. The human is immortal this way, and he or she can see everything happening around them. As you might have guessed, Humans don't become Spirits voluntarily, and the first Spirits were made from Engineers who didn't know any better.

In fact, the Engineers never made more than seven Spirits, all of which were (illegally) made using Engineers. The idea to use Humans as Spirits doesn't come up until after the war with races like the Predators (yes, it wasn't just Predators Vs. Engineers, but that's for a different post). This war killed off every Engineer except one. ANYWAY.

The first time a Shell Body is created, it's made from random machine parts and the dead bodies of... whatever. All of this is held together by the Engineer's Hard Light tech. If this first body is destroyed, they're capable of "regenerating" or even enhancing their current body with Hard Light, which can take the form of any inorganic material. Even if nothing is left but the Spirit, the Spirit can summon an entirely new body in a split second (kind of like the TITANS WOW) because of the way the Engineer's Hard Light tech works.

The Shells essentially PILOTED by by dead human's immortality, but the human can never take control of the body's actions - s/he's merely fuel that lasts forever, and they witness everything the Shell Body does.

The red liquid that makes up the Spirits was the forerunner to the Black Liquid. Creating Spirits was banned FOREVER.

SO, the next logical step was this: Rather than use themselves* to make weapons, they should just make their enemies kill each other. Use the enemy to make weapons. This resulted in the creation of Miracle Matter (the black liquid), which is easier to produce than a Spirit's red liquid, and it didn't require any precise fine-tuning - all you had to do was drop it on a planet and watch its population go down.

Obviously, Miracle Matter works different from the red liquid in that it doesn't use Hard Light tech at all, and it doesn't convert its hosts into Spirits, either. Instead, it mutated the population into monsters that were reminiscent of the Empresses, but were weaker. Interestingly, the one thing that always happened was that, no matter how the creatures started out, they would always end up taking the form of Xenomorph/Deacon-like creatures that were hostile to the previous generations of monsters. Thus, the final stage of a doomed world was a planet-sized Hive run only by Xenomorphs and their Queens.

One plan to try and clear a planet of any Xenos was to use the Empresses to kill them. The creation of Empresses was banned, but using them was legal.

To their surprise, the Xenomorphs weren't hostile to the Empresses. They didn't listen to them, either. They just... didn't really mind them.

That's because Empresses technically aren't living things. Also, they're not viable hosts, but I like that first thing more.

It was clear to the Engineers that they could take advantage of this, so they tried (and succeeded) in making it so that the Empresses could override the Hive Mind. (I'm still working this part out.)


The Predators were one of the races that could match the Engineer's Tech level, and they were the only race left at the end of this big war in space. The Doctor eventually captured an Empress and, after studying it, derived his OWN liquid weapon: MEDICAL MECHANICA. This liquid was the opposite of Miracle Matter: It could purify anyone infected by the black liquid that wasn't already "too far down the road." Even better yet, The Doctor managed to imitate the red liquid's Hard Light tech, so Medical Mechanica could even CREATE things (just not organic things).

The creation of Medical Mechanica also has a lot to do with Concrete Hunter and the Predator blood types, but that's also for a different post.

At first, Medical Mechanica was used to purify the Spirits. This only destroyed the Shell Body's fuel - the Shells were perfectly capable of functioning on their own, but they became zombies that didn't really respond to anything, so, for some reason, the Predators didn't kill them (since they weren't viable trophies, I guess).

The last living Engineer, the creator of the Human's Universe (LONG STORY FOR ANOTHER POST), who was also very human himself (he's a rare type of Engineer that the others consider "an abomination," ALSO FOR ANOTHER POST), decided to use some of his creations to fuel the Shell Bodies. These seven Spirits led the assault on the Predator homeworld that led to the Predator race's demise, with only 100 of them left.

The Doctor then purified these ones, but gave them new bodies rather than destroy them as he did with the previous Spirits. By doing so, The Doctor split up Medical Mechanica into 7 pieces - not only to give these humans a second chance, but to hide Medical Mechanica from the Badbloods that believed humans should be killed for being the "children of the enemy." (...Also for another post.)

These seven humans are The Doctor's Companions, and each of them will eventually have to "die" to make Medical Mechanica whole again.

These seven humans' new bodies weren't immortal or everlasting - each time one of them "died," their piece of Medical Mechanica would transfer to the closest newborn human.

SHIT that was long. And I know what I just gave you is very much outside the realm of AVP, but there's even more that will place it BACK into the AVP Universe. This is just the gist of it.


2014-02-04 02:44:43
Goddamnit Bloo, each time I get caught up with whats going on to make a reply you twist everything and expanded it all by a factor of 9000! Though I guess you don't need anyone else telling you how great this is sounding. Keep it up, bud.

are you predator or prey?

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