AVP Fan Film Ideas

PredAlienWarrior, Xenomorph, 3 years ago

So I was trying to think of some fan film ideas, maybe some small length skits.

One of my thoughts was based off the comics and following their story lines because it's already laid out for use.

Or maybe going back and doing a sequel (or sub-sequel) to one of the films. For example, instead of Predator 2 jumping to Predators maybe there is a Predator 2.5 where we get a fan perspective of what the CIA (or whoever the antagonist agency was in P2) does after the Predators leave Earth?

Just wanted to get some creative ideas going and see what you guys prefer, a comic style or cinematic approach?

P.S. I am a stop motion enthusiast so I plan on using any of these ideas in my work, with due credit, but I know it's not live action BUT hopefully I can do my best to make the figures seem less like toys and grasp your attention!!!