FOR ALL CLAN LEADERS & The common folk - Clan Videos

PredAlienWarrior, Xenomorph, 4 years ago

First off hello, after being gone for a year I am back. I know I made a similar thread a while ago but I decided this would be more of a unique thing to do. So first off my youtube channel is MrALIENSVSPREDATOR, I make stop motions strictly with....Aliens...and Predators. But in all seriousness this goes out to the clan leaders, if you have any requests or ideas you can send them to me on this board or my email ( [email protected] ) and I will do my very best to make your wishes and ideals come to life. (I ask you dont go overboard with crazy ideas because I'm trying to keep the videos short, maybe 2:30 playing time max, more of an intro type thing).


The Hunters Moon -

The Hive -

(If The Hunters Moon, or the Hive wants anything changed just tell me I dont mind making a remastered version)

PredAlienWarrior, Xenomorph, 4 years ago

And this is just to bring your clan stories to life, I will personalize them to your liking!

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 4 years ago

If you ever make one for Shadow Serpents, can you make me a Praetorian (if there are any figures of those)?

By the way, it's really cool that you're still doing these. Stop-motion is hard.