Did all the Aliens Library Edition trades have altered writing/art?

JohnFPannozzi, Undefined, 4 years ago

I have a question about the Aliens Library Edition series of trades ( http://avp.wikia.com/wiki/Aliens_Library_Edition ):

Did all of them have altered writing and/or art?

I know the first three trades (Outbreak, Nightmare Asylum, and Female War) changed character names and other details to bring it in line with the continuity established with Alien 3 (and the first Aliens comic series was colored), but what about the others? Did they change anything about them, and if so what?

Deathdrop, Undefined, 4 years ago

Beyond the alterations of the first three Aliens volumes, I'm pretty sure Dark Horse gave up on the idea of their comics being in-continuity after Alien 3.

-Bloo-, Undefined, 4 years ago

And it wouldn't have mattered if they continued to canonize the comics anyway since Alien 5 is going to decanonize 3 and Resurrection.

Deathdrop, Undefined, 4 years ago

Prometheus de-caononized a shitload of the EU all on its own, so Alien 5 looks to be continuing that trend.

-Bloo-, Undefined, 4 years ago

Was there anything in the EU that was worth keeping? I'm not insulting the comics, I just haven't read many of them.

One of the biggest things I disliked about the EU: I never liked the idea of separate hives competing for dominance. Their biggest strength (besides the whole 'monster bit') is unity - if two hives ever encountered one another, they'd probably just merge without hesitation.

Xenos did attack each other in Resurrection, but those weren't normal and it wasn't for dominance.

Deathdrop, Undefined, 4 years ago

Books 1 and 2 (AKA Earth War and Nightmare Asylum) are good. Labyrinth is great. I haven't read too many more than that, but my understanding is they range from good to terrible and everywhere in between.