Alien Force (revised 2012) MediaFire link.

AndyUK, Human, 7 years ago

This is a revised version of a script I wrote for Alien 5 back in 2005 which continues the story of Ellen Ripley from Alien: Resurrection. After reading it again I decided to give the story a complete over-haul, taking out stuff that never really worked, adding a couple of new and extended scenes, basically making changes to give the story more clarity, plus it's also a lot shorter than before.

MediaFire: (pdf)

Hope you enjoy this, please let me know if any links do not work!

Ellen Ripley has finally returned home to begin a new life. Unbeknown to her the Alien nightmare she thought was destroyed has followed her. And she must face them one more the DEATH!!

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I'm currently working on a prequel to my original Alien5 story linked to the image below.
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-Bloo-, Human, 7 years ago

Shit, I'm not home right now, but I'll definitely take a look later. Any sequels rather than prequels are always welcome.

Welcome, by the way.

AndyUK, Human, 7 years ago

Thanks very much I would really appreciate that. Seems people found it a hard read originally because it was so long, so I rarely got any feedback, the few who did manage it thought it was quite good but original. 411 pages was rather a lot I suppose, anyway I got it down to 280 but as its very detailed I think that's ok, thanks again for your interest!. Speaking of prequels, I'm currently working on one of my own that's related to this story, but has nothing to do with Prometheus.

Blizzard, Human, 7 years ago

I am still in the process of reading it
but so far I like it
I'll give my feedback once I read all of it

HunkGenetic, Human, 7 years ago

I even wanted to download this game

AndyUK, Human, 7 years ago

The game is a totally different thing, don't think it has anything to do with the franchise anyway, if I remember right!

AndyUK, Human, 7 years ago

Has anyone out there read my story yet, I'm fearing the worst here? Would really like to know what people think... good or bad!

ThePredator13, Human, 7 years ago

I acuttly read some of it about a week ago. It offered a pretty good arch to the story so far, but i'm on page 38 right now so that being said it's pretty good might read some more today.

AndyUK, Human, 7 years ago

That's good to hear, looking forward to any reply. I realize it is a long read but what can I say. Cheers!

Deathdrop, Human, 7 years ago

I'll check it out as soon as I have time, but things have been a tad crazy lately.

AndyUK, Human, 7 years ago

Thanks Deathdrop, it's very much appreciated :-)