Game Strategy AVP2

StpSutton, Undefined, 9 years ago

I am stuck in the Predalien New Host Segment. I don't know where the facehugger is suppose to go. He always gets killed by the predators. Need Help.

Mebber, Undefined, 9 years ago

The predalien campaign has some missions with really misleading leveldesign, you'll probably encounter similar problems later again. There are hidden and secured paths (shafts within the roof/walls) through the level you've got to follow in order to survive, but it can be hard to spot them, especially if you're hunted by predators.

Here is a complete walkthrough for Primal Hunt, i hope it will help you.

Shadowwall, Undefined, 9 years ago

Leave the walkthrough and follow your instincts. Be the game I say.