This or That?

Peterson, Human, 9 years ago

Ok I got this idea from "nazyspaz" so all credit to him for coming up with this type of topic, but I'd like to bring one up since they are fun and get alot of attention.
How the game goes:

One person says something, example "Celtic or Chopper" and the next person to post says "Celtic" then under that, they ask a question :). Another example:

Peterson: Cletic or Chopper?

v2: Chopper
Drone or Runner?

DD: Runner

Wristblades or Armblades?

so on and so fourth so lets see where this goes!

predalien or elder?

Shadowwall, Human, 9 years ago


queen or preatorians?

Deathdrop, Human, 9 years ago


Boxers or br-

Sorry. Smooth dome or ribbed?

Peterson, Human, 9 years ago

brie- oh wait you didnt want to know lol


runner or unblooded

PREDATORv2, Human, 9 years ago


Wristblades or Plasma Caster?

the_doctor, Human, 9 years ago

Plasma Caster

Nostromo or Sulaco?

-Bloo-, Human, 9 years ago

I'm so savvy I only remember the first one, so I pick the second one.

Predalien or Newborn

Mebber, Human, 9 years ago

Both are annoying, but i pick predalien.

Pulse rifle or flamethrower?

Deathdrop, Human, 9 years ago


Berserker Preds or Original Recipe?

Shadowwall, Human, 9 years ago


Hiding in the dark or Straight for the kill ?

Gaunt, Human, 9 years ago

Straight for the kill.

Chestburster or facehugger?

Peterson, Human, 9 years ago


Smartgun or combistaff

-Bloo-, Human, 9 years ago

Smartgun. They're smart. Like rabbits.

Resurrection of AVP

DeathWraith, Human, 9 years ago

Resurrection. (Gotta answer this before some crazed loonatic comes and says AvP)

Primal Hunt cover Predalien or Requiem Predalien?

Gaunt, Human, 9 years ago

Primal Hunt cover Predalien.

Ash or Bishop?

Peterson, Human, 8 years ago


Marines or aliens

-Bloo-, Human, 8 years ago


Say what you will, but the guy with ears and a tongue that won't totally bite your crotch off in a heartbeat is always there at the end of the movie while the alien, uh, isn't. I'm not an expert or anything, but it probably helps that one of the humans is always the main character, too, I dunno.

Anyway, shoulder cannon or pulse rifle?

Peterson, Human, 8 years ago

pulse rifle.

Dont get me wrong the plasma caster is baddass and all but hell lets face it 99 rounds of explosive tip ammunition and an underlatch grenade launcher pretty baddass.

Combie Staff or Smart Disc

Deathdrop, Human, 8 years ago

Smart disk, because "Combat Staff" sounds like a dirty euphemism.

Alien font or Aliens font? (sorry, I couldn't think of anything else)

PREDATORv2, Human, 8 years ago

Aliens Font

Aliens or Predators?

-Bloo-, Human, 8 years ago

Predators. At least one (either that or an entire Disney Land ride's line worth) always seems to be alive and well at the end of the movie. Either from camping or entering the game really late, I dunno.

AVP font or Requiem font (unoriginal and I misspelled 'requiem' about seven times)?