Alien fast food joint?

Battlemage, Undefined, 9 years ago

Welcome to Xenoburger!
How may I help you?

Facehugger Fingers-------------------$2.00
Chestburster Cheeseburger-------------$4.00
Queen Quesadilla---------------------$3.00
Acid Apple Daiquiri--------------------$1.00
Drone Drumstick----------------------$7.00
Crepe de Xeno------------------------$2.00
Acidic Applesauce---------------------$1.00
Space Marine Special-------------------$7.00

Sam-Jack-Dunn, Undefined, 9 years ago

Yea, I'd like to inquire as to when you're getting the Spess Mehreen Speshul in. I've heard good reviews about that dish.

Battlemage, Undefined, 9 years ago