Its Nearly Confirmed!

Champ, Undefined, 12 years ago

Yes, another AVP looks like it could be in production sometime soon.

The-Wolf, Undefined, 12 years ago

I don't know about you but I hope the strause brothers are invovled. They did great with these creatures and gave us that great gorey horror feel back and plus what they did wrong they can learn from.

DeathWraith, Undefined, 12 years ago

You know for once you could copy the text and say "from AvP-Galaxy" in stead of just giving a link. It would make us look less like a parasite site.

But anyway, whatever... After the "predalien"... hmpf... "predalien"... heh... yeah, after that thing, i can't say i want another AvP movie. Unless they follow a plot written mainly by some of the members of this site.

02121992, Undefined, 12 years ago

amen deathwraith.

ScarredShadow, Undefined, 12 years ago

Very true Deathwraith, there are a lot of stories that have been posted by other members that have great storylines. I liked AVP R it had the action that was just totally left out in AVP. But there wasn't much of a storyline in that movie. AVP just sucked there wasn't any action and a stupid shit storyline.

The-Wolf, Undefined, 12 years ago

I don't if I'd let anyone one here make the next script but after AvP-R, they are on the right track. The Predalien wasn't bad at all. Even if it were bad I don't think it alone would ruin the movie.

TITANOSAUR, Undefined, 12 years ago

heck they should have asked me to design the Predalien, hell I could have even wrote the story line.

Stalker, Undefined, 12 years ago

To be honest, Fox needs to ditch Shane Salerno & get a decent writer. The Strauses did a good job with the visual look of the movie, not to mention the action & creatures, but Fox really pulled the leash on them, forcing them to use Salerno's script, making them cut back the running time, etc.

If they do make AVP3, something tells me they won't be returning to do it...possibly as VFX artists or with producing credits, but not as directors.

Secret_Hero, Undefined, 12 years ago

Well, that could be a possibility that there will be another AVP movie. But, totally I CAN expect it to be good, only if the second (AVP:R) sequel was good in it's plot. But it's not.

Well, as the DW said. The Strause Brothers cam really learn the wrong things that they did on the second sequel. But, I hope they do.

To get my answer straight, I totally can't really agree with another AVP movie. Only if it change my mind, of course.

TITANOSAUR, Undefined, 12 years ago

what is up with movies these days, apart from Transformers, King Kong, and a small handfull of others, there plots are realy shitty. even the horror film district is loosing its touch, movies seem to get Horror confused with Disgust and gore. these days movies especualy horror movies seem to be loosing there feel.

Back On Topic: the next AvP film should and hopefully be the last. oh wellz, like I said a long time ago to a friend, its not like we have to count the AvP Movies as canon.

Maverick98, Undefined, 12 years ago

If in the event they do attempt another AVP *sigh shakes head* they should at least use a half decent story line probably 1 that has already been established as good say one of the novels or comic series like earth war. Personally I would love to see some of these stories realised on the big screen.