RAMBO vs Predator

concretehunter, Yautja, 12 years ago

well you guessed will a ex vietnam green buray SAS guy take on a pred ur veuws i wana know cos i think rambo can win

02121992, Yautja, 12 years ago

i don't think you're supposed to do that.

Kidd, Yautja, 12 years ago

Fedurary, you are correct; This Topic is talking about a crossover. Crossovers have been banned, read the rules, end of discussion.

Moderators, lock or delete this topic.

02121992, Yautja, 12 years ago

YES!!! i got something right.

killswitch, Yautja, 12 years ago

lol ..... There currently arent any rules actually, and that rule was bullshit anyway, why the F**k do we want to restrict possible talking points. i say if members are going to go out of there way to post in a topic, its worth having on the board.. Deathdrop just did the same thing earlier, and its currently got 8 replies........... AKA, its a topic which is obviously being discussed. That rule was brought in back in the stone age to stop people just plucking ideas out of the back of there heads. this is actually a resonable topic in comparrison to some weve had

I remember the Alien vs Easter bunny thread ...... anyway

.. F**k ramboand that bullshit franchise, i hate it, i hate it, i hate it !!!!

""Owww dude there like totaly 265 deaths in this movie lyk, lets total go and see it."

"Thats like radicule dude, but hang on man, i gotta like have sex with my cousin and finish watching nascar first"

02121992, Yautja, 12 years ago

i was just pointing it out.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 12 years ago

If Dutch could kill one, Rambo probably could. He has "bullet-proof hero syndrome".

DeathWraith, Yautja, 12 years ago

I guess the reason for crossovers being banned is that we would really hate it to get to a Aliens vs Predator vs Dora the explorer or something like that... In which case... It's obvious that dora helps the preds kill the aliens then kids all over the world help dora kill the predator by telling her in spanish how to do so and then clicking on them.

02121992, Yautja, 12 years ago

why dora the explorer?

x_saysell, Yautja, 12 years ago

Death i'd be carfull who you say that to or it might just end up as AvP 3

02121992, Yautja, 12 years ago

now that's scary.