First five minutes of AVP R

Waralien, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

For all those who have seen the first five minutes of AVP R can anyone tell me why the predators are transporting facehuggers? It seems to me that those predators are probaly seeders or one who plant the seeds for hunting. And another thing. The first predator who gets killed is researching something as well. Are they studying the aliens or something?

predator428, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

The predators loading facehuggers were probably loading up for an alien hunt on earth. Also, that predator in the troph room was removing the flesh from the alien so he could mount its skull.

swift_knife, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

i think dat ship is da same ship from da first one
and the predalien attacked the predators and they was holding facehuggers so they can put dem somewhere and use to create aliens to hunt

Waralien, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

interesting but wouldn't you think that there be more defences incase something like that should happen, I mean they're carring facehuggers. They should have some kind of protocole or something.

predator428, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

I think their was a protocal and it was followed. A surviving predator sent a distress call when he saw the escaping facehuggers and was probably planning to activate self-destruct untill the predalien killed him.

Deathdrop, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Seeing the Pred homeworld was cool. It was also nice to see them doing something other than fighting/hunting.

Waralien, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

It really doesn't answer my questions but oh well.

predator428, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

I don't really understand your question, do you mean that the stasis tubes should have been stronger?

Waralien, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Essentially yes. If the preds basic protocole follows similar to our own of transproting hostile creatures, then there would have been more preds than the ones killed. Where were the others. And if it was the same ship from the first where were the elder and other hunters to begin with?

predator428, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

The clip has been edited, there are probably more predators that weren't shown or that died in the crash. I also think that the scout ship was just an advance party and not the actual hunters themselves. They would have come later after the facehuggers had time to create drones for the hunt.

As to why they were planning to blatantly unleash aliens in one of their favorite hunting grounds, I have no idea. I would have thought that the risk of human extincttion was too high to just release them unsupervised. They don't want to wipe out their favorite prey after all.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

The ship was a smaller ship that came from the mother ship. The ship seen in AVPR is not the mothership as seen in AVP. The elder wouldn't assist them on every transportation of the eggs. He might not even have seen one of these processes.

My guess is that the Predalien is supposed to sneak into one of these pods and attempt to release the huggers. He wouldn't go looking for a specific one, unless one of the pods held a Superfacehugger, which it clearly doesn't need since it had the strange ability to reproduce to begin with.

Leandros8, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

OK,Predator homeworld?WHAT?!?Can't you tell what earth looks like!?!if it's their homeplant why did the kid and his dad go hunting EARTH CREATURES on an EARTH FOREST when the ship crashed!srry im so mad,i just got kicked from my halo 3 clan.It was avctually an AVP clan.well it was a predator clan not an alien clan.but it was in halo 3.they had cloaking and laser swords as main wsa like a pred game.but in halo 3.ill just make ma own clan.any one wanna join?ok so now back to was pretty the way the protocal stuff and what not isn't pred stuff,it's movie goofs.i mesan it's a movie!u expect the directors to know everything about preds!?!seriously it's a movie!not reality.give the strouse bros. a brake!after all,thay have been working their asses off for our entertainment!jeez!srry still mad.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

It does indeed take place on the earth.

Just because they show the Predator's planet doesn't mean the movie takes place on it... We mention other planets all the time. Doesn't mean we take place on Mars.

On the other note, why would we want someone who knows nothing about Predators/Aliens to make a movie with both creatures in it as opposed to someone who does? Besides, the Bros. certainly do know quite a lot about both creatures. The only thing that seriously annoys me is the fact that the Predalien has the ability to reproduce while not legally being a Queen...

The-Wolf, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

I don't really mind it. I mean, Predator reproduce and I guess it takes the trait.

Or maby the Predators are the one creature the Aliens should never be bred from. Kinda gives some clearance to why the Predalien stands out more than other Aliens which is cool for me.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

...You know, when I hear it like that, it seems there's no problem with it. But I still don't like the idea.

It would be pretty cool to hear information like that in some Predator mythology or something but I guess stuff like that is just best left alone to be thought up of by the fans.

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

If the predators had suffered some mutations in the past, like the whole species having had to addapt quickly to something, or if they had used some sort of thing that had side effects, which lead to the species we see now, then someone might say that some unusually powerful traits will affect the predalien, but doesn`t that sound really bad?

predator428, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Alot of fans can make reasonable explanations for the predalien, but the average person seeing the movie is going to say "what the fuck? I thought aliens only used facehuggers."