anyone know Predators number system?

boxcar_lozer, Undefined, 12 years ago

I'm searching for the predators number system..
what symbol that equals 1 and 2 and 3... up to 9
does anyone know it this even exists?
(you can see some of the symbols on the bomb that the predator throws in the pyramid in the AvP movie..)

thanks alot!

predator428, Undefined, 12 years ago

There is a fan made alphabetic translation at the bottom of this link.

Karo, Undefined, 12 years ago

I would be genuinely surprised if they didn't just put whatever random configurations they wanted in the film when the bomb is going off, probably the most aesthetically pleasing ones lol Now if somebody made a list of them according to the order in the film, well thats probably as close as you are gonna get, but I'm not even sure those in charge have created respective numbers.

jj-ice, Undefined, 12 years ago

maby its like japanese numbers all bunched together?

DeathWraith, Undefined, 12 years ago

"like japanese numbers all bunched togther"...? do you have any idea how stupid that sounds...? Just because you don`t understand japanese numbers doesn`t mean that they`re "all bunched together"...

-Bloo-, Undefined, 12 years ago

I have no idea what the difference is between how their numbers look and how their letters look. I have a Predator alphabet installed in my FONTS folder and numbers are arranged the same way as the letters are. But then again, our letters look a lot like our numbers if just glanced upon for a second.

DeathWraith, Undefined, 12 years ago

Plus, roman numbers actually looked exactly like roman letters, so it`s not so uncommon, if you are born in a place and learn something since you are young, then you won`t think it`s hard to tell which one`s a number and which one`s a letter, even if they look the same or almost the same...

-Bloo-, Undefined, 12 years ago

I'll probably just make a picture of the humber system since I have it.


Not sure if it's 100% correct (or if any of it is) but it's what the font gave me.

By the way, you can also see a lot more of it in Predator 1&2.

miky99, Undefined, 8 years ago

i think that this is one of the best website to download the predator font and it looks right.

Dark, Undefined, 8 years ago

I think they got it from the Aztecs or something because in AVP when they open the chest full of plasma casters, the keys had gravings similar to the ones on their wrist bracers