How About This

Kidd, Human, 13 years ago

We all have been talking about nothing else but the Xenos and the Yautjas, well, what I'm thinking is this. How about we move on to a subject that we have not talked about. Lets talk about the United States Colonial Marines along with everything else that is known in AVP. I do not know if you just accept what you see on TV, but the Comic books are very helpful too.

For the past several months, I have been looking up things that talks about nothing else but the USCMs, and I was successful in a way. Most sites have the USCMs with just three vehicles in their arsenal, and those are the Conestoga Light Assault Ship, the Cheyenne 4-DL Dropships, and the M-577 APC. To me, and I don't know about the other members in the Alpha Draconis, but they have become a bore to me. I was curious about what is the USCM, what do they have, how do they work? I had all these questions inside my head unanswered until I ran across a certain site. It explained about almost everything you need to know about the USCMs. Now, I am not saying that just because I just found it several days ago and been looking at several items and organization. I'm saying this because I have been reading everything that is on the site, just to settle my curiousity.

Now, just to warn you, it is practically a RPG site just to get people intrested in joining, so don't start and go off that it is just a RPing site. I'm just putting it up here and hope that you all will have the curiousity to check out what the USCMs are capable of doing.
Not to be disrespectful or anything to anyone, but if you think that this stuff is nothing but bologna, I have to say it is the only thing that I could find to try and start some topics about something different that is related to AVP. Once again, we have been talking about just the Yautjas and the Xenos, but not the Humans, so lets stop pursuing to find every single bit of information on these creatures and look else where. Now... Here is the link to the site.

If you wish, you can save it in your favorites and read it from time to time, you might find something intresting about what we humans might be capable of doing in the future.
Also, a message to the MODs. If you all don't decide to allow some or all the equipment in the RPGs, I do understand, because some of this hardware is really unfair, hardcore stuff.

Again, I just want us to look away from the two great creatures and look at ourselves for being humans. I'm not doing this just to make the USCMs a powerhouse faction, I'm doing it to get us to talk about something else that we may not already know about. Thank you.

predatoress, Human, 13 years ago

Few words about marines.

Kill them. All of them.

lol j/k

I just generally dislike guns, soldiers and wars 'cos they mean more sufferring to the innocent.

Kidd, Human, 13 years ago

Aw Predatoress... You make El Kiddo cry... Anyway, you are a yautja and I do understand that you are wanting to kill us Marines. -nods-

Anyway, what do you think of it?

predatoress, Human, 13 years ago

See? Everyone agrees with me 'cos silence is a form of agreement lol