Yauja dictionary

Synestra, Undefined, 13 years ago

I know that there is a Yautja dictionary wich contains all of the words and frases said by yautja in any book. Someone just had collected them all and placed all of this in one text file. Plesase, do you know where can I find it?

rayne, Undefined, 13 years ago

lol im not tying all that but heres a link



-Bloo-, Undefined, 13 years ago

Try Wikipedia. I haven't checked there yet so if there isn't a Predator dictionary, then search Yautja alphabet into your favorite search engine and eventually it will come up.

black_warrior, Undefined, 13 years ago

I used to have a topic along time ago thathad the alphabet for Yautja's in it. I made it a link in my profile but it got taken from the link so i took it off my profile.

hope ya find another one.

-Bloo-, Undefined, 13 years ago

Actually I think my dog has it favorited on his laptop. I'll just copy the link.

Yeah, I know you're going to ask. He uses it for AVP2.

Thehumanpredator, Undefined, 13 years ago


'Awu'asa' - Armor
Bakuub - Straight Spear
Bpi-de - End
Cetanu - The Black Hunter (God of Death)
Ch'hkt-a – Nervous, Hyper-Active
Chiva - Trial, Test
C'jit! - Expletive
C'nlip - Intoxicating Beverage
Dachande - Different Knife
Da'dtou-di - Little Knife (spelled Dahdtoudi in certain novels)
Dai-shui - Yautja Musk
Dhi'ki-de - The Long Sleep (Death), Unconscious, Coma
Dtai'k-de - Fight
Dtai'k-dte sa-de nav'g-kon dtain'aun bpide - "The fight begun would not end until the end".
Gkei'moun - Easy/Simple
Gkinmara - Camera
Guan - Night
Guan-thwei - Night Blood
H'chak - Mercy
H'dlak - Fear
Hulij-bpe - Crazy
Hult'ah - Observer
Jehdin - Individual, One
Kainde amedha - Hard Meat (Aliens)
Ka'rik'na - The Summoning (Of Other Yautja)
Kehrite - Training Hall, Dojo
Kiande - Hard
Ki'cte! - Enough!
Kv'var - Exercises
Kwei - Sly
Lou-dte kale - Child-maker (Female)
L'ulij-bpe - Mad
M-di h'chak - No Mercy
M-di h'dlak - No Fear
Mei'hswei - Brother
Mesh'in'ga - The Battle Dreamtime
Mi - Fuel
Nain-de - Type of Hunt
Nain-desintje-de - The Pure Win (Absolute Victory)
Nan-de than-gaun - "Kiss Of Midnight", No Mercy
Nanku - Alive
N'dui'se - Yautja Scent
Nok - Unit of Measurement (Equivalent to 13 Inches)
Ooman - Humans
Pauk! - Expletive
Pyode Amedha - Soft Meat (Humanoid)
Pyode - Soft
Setg'in - Deadly
S'yuitde - Pathetic
Tarei hsan - Unworthy Opponent, Bug
Te'dqi - Secretion
Thei-de - Death
Thwei - Blood
Tjau'ke - Compressed Dust
U'sl-kwe - Final Rest (Death)
Yeyinde - Brave One
Zabin - Insect
Zazin - Completely Centred, Within Oneself
Z'skvy-de - Birth of Xenomorph from Host (Chestburster)