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Shadow Serpents

NameShadow Serpents
Date Created2005-02-12 15:18:08

"Old school. We've had some rough times, yet we remain the real deal. The Shadow Serpents live on."

- Angus Alien, Previous Leader of the Shadow Serpents

It's nameless to us, but The humans have named all members of the this hive "Shadow Serpents" due to the fact that they move as if merely shadows lingering flatly among the walls and ground, killing anything and leaving little trace of what or how. In fact the most proof any human has seen that the xenomorphs exist on the Planet LV. 896 was a black flicker on a security camera showing a human suddenly disappearing while on guard duty. Only by enhancing the footage in ultra-violet and slowing the video down could the humans see a large black warrior with two missing spines waiting and then grabbing the guard only to disappear into a vent. The humans have named this xenomorph Waralien as it seems to invite that the humans in the facility call in the USMC and start a small scale war. Both civilians and guards keep saying that they seen two red and one black spear headed tails lurking in the bushes outside of the compound however any one who investigates these sightings has never come back. Only one man as ever returned from the forest and claims to have seen blue hue queen alien along with a abnormally large warrior caste xenomorph in a cave north of the compound upon sending a team to verify this claim nothing was in that cave, not a trace that any aliens had made a hive or even been there. The "Lone survivor of the forest" was found dead upon return to the compound in his room with his face melted with what was believed to be xenomorphic acid.

After a month of being slowly picked off the humans started getting wise as they welded non-important doors, and trapped the vents with proximity bombs all in the hope of biding their time, hoping that the USMC would get here soon, but their numbers continued to dwindle down. Important systems were constantly being destroyed, holes in the doors, and explosions that seemed to have been triggered by the shadows themselves drove the humans further and further into the compound. Soon the six remaining humans had been pushed all the way back to command center. Deafening, crashing, sounds soon began coming from the forest getting louder each second with all the humans gathered around the large window that overlooked the loading dock and let you see all the way to the bush and forest. After five minutes of the sound all the humans gasped in surprised as the blue hued queen came out of the forest all while looking up at the humans she advanced crushing anything in front of her underfoot, along side here where two warrior caste xenomorphs and one very large drone. The abnormally large warrior was most definitely the "King of the Shadow Serpents" that the "Lone survivor of the forest" had talked about, the other large warrior had the words ACE seared onto the dome of his head, a escaped test subject no doubt. The queen stopped still looking up and at the humans, her lips parted and then her mouth opened showing her second mouth and then suddenly, without warning, she let out a skull splitting roar that made all the humans grab their ears with their hands and breaking the glass window. As the humans recovered, some which had blood coming out ears, four xenomorphs burst out of the roof. One they all identified as the WarAlien and three runner caste, one which was black and had a spear shaped tail converged on the humans with lethal results, 4 humans dead within the first two seconds, one blew his own brains all over the ceiling, and the last one jumped out the window, breaking his right leg in the fall. The four xenomorphs in the command center looked down at the man, the black runner with the spear shaped tail started to ready himself to pounce when the queen let out a low roar causing him to stop. The "King Shadow Serpent" slowly walked up the the human, which was attempting to crawl away, and grabbed him by his broken right leg causing him to scream in agony and fear as he was dragged in front of the queen herself. The man turned over facing the queen as she looked down at him, slowing bending down she picked him up by his arms with her two large arms and grabbed his legs with her smaller arms. She stood up with him in her arms and examined him head to toe and back to his head as a clear-yellowish liquid started dripping from his pants. The queen took a keen interest in this for a few seconds before becoming bored, she started hissing softly hoping the human would do something else to amuse her, but as the seconds continued to tick away he did nothing except wiper. Finally the Queen grew bored with the human completely, grabbed him closer to his crotch with her small arms proceeded to tear his legs off, left first then the right, and then proceeded to tear off his arms in the same order. She then dropped the still, amazingly, alive human to the ground and walked off leaving him to the whims of the "King", ACE, and the large drone. A single scream filled the air and then silence, as if it was always there, was the only company of the aliens and their prey.

Evening soon came and the xenomorphs satisfied with their dinners vanished into the shadows of the night leaving nothing but the footage on the security cameras.
We've had the misfortune of being the second Xenomorph clan after The Hive, yet we're still alive and we're ready for a comeback - help us rebuild and become a Shadow Serpent!
-Bloo-  Xenomorph  [ 80 ]  Leader  2007-05-01 17:56:03 
daveberg  Xenomorph  [ 99 ]  Sub-Leader  2007-05-01 17:56:00 
Angus_Alien  Xenomorph  [ 80 ]  Sub-Leader  2007-05-01 17:56:00 
FireHunter  Xenomorph  [ 80 ]  Sub-Leader  2007-05-01 17:56:03 
Waralien  Xenomorph  [ 60 ]  Sub-Leader  2007-05-03 13:21:35 
Kirby-Cage  Xenomorph  [ 30 ]  Sub-Leader  2007-12-18 14:53:15 
bug-hunt  Xenomorph  [ 95 ]  Veteran  2007-05-01 17:56:00 
DeathWraith  Xenomorph  [ 95 ]  Veteran  2007-05-03 09:46:33 
donut  Xenomorph  [ 75 ]  Veteran  2007-05-01 17:56:00 
AVPFREAK  Undefined  [ 72 ]  Veteran  2007-05-01 17:56:00 
Iseijin  Xenomorph  [ 70 ]  Veteran  2007-05-01 17:56:00 
killswitch  Xenomorph  [ 70 ]  Veteran  2007-05-01 17:56:02 
Vampyrik  Xenomorph  [ 70 ]  Veteran  2007-08-14 12:26:01 
Gaunt  Xenomorph  [ 65 ]  Veteran  2008-10-01 12:28:35 
tawganator  Xenomorph  [ 50 ]  Veteran  2007-08-22 04:12:47 
Nick_Kang_20  Undefined  [ 50 ]  Veteran  2007-05-01 17:56:01 
ash  Xenomorph  [ 40 ]  Veteran  2007-05-01 17:56:00 
badapple24  Xenomorph  [ 40 ]  Veteran  2012-01-21 17:50:53 
rayne  Undefined  [ 35 ]  Veteran  2007-05-01 17:56:04 
Namicole  Xenomorph  [ 35 ]  Veteran  2007-08-24 14:51:43 
Ace  Xenomorph  [ 35 ]  Veteran  2007-05-01 17:56:00 
cystic_warrior  Xenomorph  [ 61 ]  Member  2007-05-01 17:56:01 
Drone-Warrior  Undefined  [ 60 ]  Member  2007-05-01 17:56:01 
_Zwecky_  Xenomorph  [ 50 ]  Member  2007-05-01 17:56:03 
DarkLioness  Xenomorph  [ 50 ]  Member  2011-07-26 00:30:49 
navyspaz  Xenomorph  [ 43 ]  Member  2007-05-01 17:56:02 
caboose3456  Undefined  [ 40 ]  Member  2007-05-01 17:56:01 
avpunlimited  Undefined  [ 40 ]  Member  2007-05-01 17:56:03 
predalien_64  Undefined  [ 38 ]  Member  2007-05-01 17:56:01 
Alien_Worrior  Undefined  [ 35 ]  Member  2007-05-01 17:56:02 
Dronehive  Xenomorph  [ 30 ]  Member  2013-02-07 10:57:09 
gamefreak33797  Xenomorph  [ 30 ]  Member  2012-08-23 16:52:54 
krio  Xenomorph  [ 20 ]  Member  2012-08-13 09:52:22 
Blizzard  Xenomorph  [ 20 ]  Member  2012-12-27 11:57:20 
ChEsTBuRsTeD42  Undefined  [ 20 ]  Member  2007-05-01 17:56:01 
Keaton  Undefined  [ 10 ]  Member  2007-05-01 17:56:03 
Hanei  Xenomorph  [ 10 ]  Member  2012-08-23 02:05:36 
-Predalien-  Xenomorph  [ 10 ]  Member  2013-02-19 23:48:29 
ultimate-xeno  Xenomorph  [ 10 ]  Member  2013-04-26 14:42:00 
BananaAlienKing  Xenomorph  [ 10 ]  Member  2012-02-05 18:05:12 
PRED_ALIEN  Undefined  [ 10 ]  Member  2007-05-01 17:56:03 
Shokar  Undefined  [ 10 ]  Member  2007-05-01 17:56:04 
HunkGenetic  Xenomorph  [ 10 ]  Member  2013-03-23 13:50:31 
PredAlienWarrior  Xenomorph  [ 10 ]  Member  2013-02-26 16:30:23 
Crow  Undefined  [ 77 ]  Guest  2007-05-01 17:56:03 
FrozenAlien  Undefined  [ 40 ]  Guest  2007-05-01 17:56:02 
Specimen9  Xenomorph  [ 10 ]  Guest  2014-04-26 16:04:37 
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