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Global updates

2016-02-22 23:47:10
Alright everyone we're going to start doing a massive revamp to the mods extent of power.

As mods we want to ensure that everyone's suggestions are noted therefore there will be a site suggestion thread established and in turn the current member thread will be closed. There have been some members who have stated they want To help in making the site better and while we appreciate the outstanding loyalty and contributions of our members we are going to ask that you allow the site staff to do our jobs in maintaining and running the main aspects of our community while your contributions do not go unnoticed the first steps in bringing our community back into its prime is remembering to follow the rules of the board. As stated before we the staff are going to do everything in our power to continue to improve the website as this is going to be a process and will not be achieved overnight we ask you all to bare with us and give us time to rebuild our community. Now what can you the members do? We as mods and staff are always looking for members to go above and beyond in helping spread the word of our community! Post on other fan sites and forums let people know about us and who we are and everything that we do here! That's the first steps you all as general members can do! There has been some talk of clan merges and other clan aspects to that I will say this, as our only human clan "Alpha Draconis" is dead it's forums will serve as a diplomatic forum for clan leaders to discuss clan proceedings and clan merges only clan leaders and sub leaders will be given access to its forums where they alone will discuss which clan will merge with which, after those proceedings have been finalized the respective leaders will inform their clans on which clan they will officially merge into, you will be required to leave your current clan as to empty the clan as much as possible when the staff is able to move the dead clans to inactive status they will do so.

On behalf of myself and the rest of the staff at thank you for your continued support and loyalty


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