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Profile of zero-alpha

Species :Xenomorph
Rank :
  [ 0 / 100 ]
Rank Name :Newborn
Level :Banned
Country :US
Gender :male
Birthday :
We knew the world would not be the same. Few people cried. Most people were silent. The king is trying to persuade the prince that....he should do his duty, and to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form......and says......... now I have become death.....the destroyer of
Hi, my name is zero-alpha. I was trained by the king of xenomorphs known as shockwave(thats what everyone I know refers to him as, the king of xenomorphs). Shockwave today still trains me to defeat my number one enemy "The Shadow Lycans" who threaten shockwave, me, and all the major PS3 clans very existence. But my master has sent me to carry on the battle against his old rival ultimate-xeno. Here me now UX(fuck this im just using your abbreviations like shockwave told me too because your name is too long) though shockwave has retired, I am going to honor him by defeating you so then my master my officially become king of the xenomorphs. You ready to taste the blades of the zero-alpha? If so lets get this party on! My backstory however, is something a little bit different from Shockwaves. My character seems to enjoy the existence of humans. I protect my two allies Fire-Fox and Acid-blood. You may have heard of them. Everybody thinks that I'm secretly Shockwave trying to spy and investigate other websites and specific people, and to get payback on the website AVP Universe. Though they are not true, there really is no way of earning anyones trust. But I have learned to live with it. Believe in whatever you want. Some say I am Shockwave and some say I'm not. But at the very least I have some people who actually care about my backstory and have given me their trust. Those people are of course Fire-Fox and Acid-Blood. Now here are some facts about my character. My character's name is Zero-Alpha and he has wings, he has a dark nature and backstory, he is about 50 to 60 meters tall, he can spit out a huge and powerful amount of acid that can even melt through xenomorph skin except my own, he has electric and wind powers( yeah, this is how people think me and Shockwave are similar), he can be peaceful at times but when he is mad he can be very vicious, and can fly extremely fast by releasing a powerful force of wind or gravity.

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