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Profile of x_saysell

Species :Human
Rank :
  [ 35 / 100 ]
Rank Name :Rookie
Level :Member
Country :GB
Gender :male
Birthday :
Clan: Member of the Alpha Draconis (Human)
Death is all that follows in Saysell\\\'s shadow. Wherever he goes death is only ever one step behind.
Growing up on the streets of earth, Saysell had nothing, he was nobody. No expectations, no future, no hope. This all came to ahead on his 16th birthday when he killed a man in cold blood. Letting his animal instincts take over, Saysell beat the man to death using nothing but his bare hands.
Shortly after this he found himself in a maximum security prison; alongside rapists and serial killers. This was nothing new to Saysell however, after getting into a fight with the wrong group of people he was put into the prisons Maximum security wing. Here he served out 2 years intensive labor, iron works mainly.
Till one day his cell door opened to the silhouette of a man wearing a long dark coat who told his he had been selected for the Xeuss program. Being taken from his cell to a research center where he faced a battery of tests and exams, but this was all irrelevant to what preceded it.

Waking from his containment tube, Saysell felt different. He was stronger, faster and more resilient than ever. However this came at a cost; he was now susceptible to rage and blind violence, also he now suffered crippling headaches when ever he passed a certain sector of the research facility.
This wasn\\\'t right, there was something wrong. After slicing his hand on his combat knife and seeing the knife dissolve in front of him Saysell knew he wasn\\\'t quite human anymore. Grabbing his newly issued special ops marine Armour and weaponry, he took off stealing a scout ship and taking off to the stars.
He remained in the cosmos for nearly 8 years before meeting a “man\\\" like himself, who explained it to him. He wasn\\\'t human he was a hybrid with some creature of nightmare. Where did he belong? Other than with this man on board his mercenary ship, and other creatures of nightmare.

So this is where he is right now, looking for a purpose along side creatures like himself.


M4A1 pulse rifle
Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun
Special-ops marine armour (with insignia removed)
Duel curved trench knives

Unique abilities

Acidic blood
Enhanced senses
Increased strength speed and endurance
Under standing of the xenomorph dialect and actions.

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