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Profile of shadowatching

Species :Undefined
Rank :
  [ 55 / 100 ]
Rank Name :Warrior
Level :Member
Country :US
Gender :female
Birthday :
Website :none
Clan: Member of the Alpha Draconis (Human)
!PRICE CHECK! Cleanup Aisle Six! "Rotten Body Landslide"! And don't forget our special sale on "Every Bone Broken Chicken"! Hurry! Enjoy our tasty "Hammer Smashed Face"! Aisle Three. "Don't take away my ability to have tantrums, alright? That you cannot have, alright, you ROBOT??!!
My email: [email protected]
.:Predator Description:.
Name:Shadowatching (shadow or s.w.)
Race: Human-Yautja Hybrid
Clan: Rogue
Rank: Blooded
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120 pounds
Age: 26 Human years or 150
Hair: Black dreads
Eyes: Secret (wears goggles)
Body: Skin the color of freshly fallen snow, hands as cold as death and a petit body.

Kills: Nikkie Murray and malus jay darkblade
My armor is normally a silver color but changes when the light hits it at certain points. My equipment contains 4 sets of 3 throwing knives strapped to my legs and arms, 2 daggers that Predatoress made for me and, last but not least 2 swords both 5 feet long. The 2 swords i have are flat regular blades which are black in color, one is 4ft long, the other is 5ft long they have a fail safe mechanism. they will shoot out small needles throughout the whole hilt of the sword like a bottle brush if an enemy holds them. The 2 daggers I have have a blade which is curved on the sharp edge and slopes down ward in a gentle curve, the handles are like brass knuckles but instead of 4 holes there is only 2 holes big enough to split the fingers, The handle outside of the dagger is covered with spikes ( pic below). I also have a pair of black boots that look similar to military boots with a small knife hidden in each boot. UPDATE: a couple of broken guns they are trophies no more then that. One is an AK 47 and a 9MM a couple of Celtic tattoo's that predatoress did for me, before she left....

.:The Poem:.
Let me touch your skin, let me see your eyes. You will taste this sweet pain, you would like to stand before me. See the light in my eyes. Feel the razor blades on your skin. See your sparkling blood. Let me breech your light. I took my love and temptation, I will wait for you, I show you lots of pleasures. Theirs so much we can do. It'll be alright my darling. Let me be your guiding light. It'll be alright my darling, there's no reason for you to fright, I'll kiss you from your feet, to your open mouth I hear you crying when your blood begins to flows. I smell your flesh. I can see your greedy eyes. You like to kiss me, with your bloody lips. I took my love and temptation I will wait for you, I show you lots of pleasures there's so much we can do. It'll be alright my darling. Let me be your guilding light. It'll be alright my darling, there's no reason for you to fright.
Total slaughter, total slaughter... I won't leave a single man alive. Ladi da di dai, shadow sighed, ladi da di dud... An ocean of blood... Lets begin the killing time..

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Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones
Malus owes me 4 times over.....PFT, like he would own up to it...little shit...

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