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Profile of predatoress

Species :Undefined
Rank :
  [ 60 / 100 ]
Rank Name :Veteran
Level :Member
Country :FI
Gender :female
Birthday :1985-04-17

The greatest monsters are the ones living inside of your head

Born as the innocent

Marked by the beast.

Died for the virtue

to be reborn for the sin.

Turned into a hunter

She shall hunt in the moonlight.

With the creatures of the night

Hunting for her own kind.

She lives by the blade

To shred blood for Ancient Gods.

To drink the gore from her victims.

And to suck their souls into the damnation.

The eternal flames is reflected from her eyes

In the passion of the Sacred Hunt.

Her seduction, beauty and scorn

Will make you fall.

In the shadows you'll meet a demon in the form of red headed fearless huntress. I'll track you down in the end of the world, and in the silence you'll hear a scream. Your scream, when my blade meets your flesh, cutting into your core, and the last thing you'll see is the flames of pleasure reflected in my eyes when I feel you bleeding, smelling the gore flowing to the ground in the heat of the night. Sacrificed to the savage gods shall your soul wander with me forever.

Captured by Diabolus clan predatoress was raised and trained into the cruel laws of this fierce species. She was born as a human, but her humanity died due to genetic experiments where her body was sliced and changed. She was reborn as one of her kind, genetically manipulated hybrid. Her past is covered with secrets which she tries to forget, but the memories keep haunting her already unstable mind. Her history is written by the blood of her victims, and she showed no mercy to her old clan when her desire to kill cracked out of her mind. Being unable to show pure emotions she have split personality - in one second she can be calm as a lamb when the next second she is ready to slay everyone around her. She is an intelligent and calculative beast, reaching for total chaos and insanity. She enjoys torturing her victims, dominating the situation with her mystique powers. She shows sophisticated brutality, making you to love and hate her at the same time. She bows to no one, being capable to make alliances but to betray as easy as well. There's no punishment great enough that could wipe off her karma of being reborn in a bad blood clan, and eventually slaughtering them under their own rules. Shes an outlaw, and many of the species would be ready to claim her skull.

Predatoress file

Name: predatoress

Race: 0-generation human-yautja hybrid

Position: coldblooded rogue assassin

Bloodtype: A/yautja

Age: died in October 2004, in the age of 19

Height: 175cm

Weight: 69kg

Hair: red night

Eyes: reddish yellow

Body: strong, pale, vigorous, long black claws, delicate stripes and tribal design

Weapons: normal wristblades, 3 shurikens, 2 sacrificial daggers, 2 daggers reminding hidden claw, combistick, net gun, smart disc, plasma caster, spear gun, energy flechette, naginata, razor blade whip, and of course her acid proof, sacred hunting sword. Usually doesn't carry all of her weapons relying more of her skills than firepower or the amount of blades.

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