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Profile of predator428

Species :Yautja
Rank :
  [ 60 / 100 ]
Rank Name :Veteran
Level :Member
Country :US
Gender :male
Birthday :1993-04-28
"Buncha slack-jawed faggots around here. This stuff will make you into a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus, just like me"-Blain
...RPG Pofile...

A yautja called Guan-Hult'ah or Dark Guardian by his enemies is a hunter of Balatu. He is known by clanmates as Predator428. He was born in a small family aboard one of the larger of the nomadic clanships, under the control of clan Balatu. The small group was treated relatively normal, even if some individuals choose to disrespect them. The reason for this was simple; the family’s head male and alpha hunter had become a Bad Blood a few years after Predator428’s birth. With the insane hunter still at large and murdering any yautja he came across, Predator428’s small family had become somewhat of a legend. Since a yautja’s father was usually the one who would teach his child the ways of their culture, Predator428 lacked proper discipline and respect.

As Predator428 reached his post-adolescent years, he began to become very withdrawn, thought of as a bit of a recluse by the other inhabitants of the clanship. When a few came across the young hunter looking for a fight, they got more then they bargained for. Predator428 threw myself at his opponents and beat them to a state of near death.

The ship's arbiters took Predator428 to see one of the High Council members that had been aboard during the voyage. This yautja, PREDATORv2, was one of the leaders of clan Balatu. He was impressed with Predator428's abilities and allowed him into the clan

Predator428 accepted the offer. He was trained for many months by his new clanmates, learning their honor code and the ways to be a true hunter. He received endless hours of weapons training and was told tales of his clan's triumphs. During his stay in the clan, Predator428constructed his own set of weapons and armor, customizing them to his own brutal fighting style. He remains a hunter and warrior of Balatu to this day.

Predator428’s social behavior is one of a brute, only letting himself relax when in the company of friends. He always stays by his moral codes and knows when it is time to fight and when to plan. Predator428 is not one to ask for help, but will take it graciously. During a hunt, Predator428 likes to stalk his potential prey and observe their habits and patterns. While sniping and laying intricate traps for his opponents is a great skill of his, Predator428 prefers to kill his prey face to face. While in combat, Predator428 can easily get emotionally involved during his fights. He typically relies on his rage and excitement to fuel his strength and power as he pummels his enemies with heavy strikes.


Predator428 is about 300 years old and 7"5, 390 pounds. His mask is similar in design to the Gort Predator from City Hunter's clan. The only major exception to the desgin is a row of three small spikes down the forehead. His armor takes designs from the Jungle Hunter and the Wolf. Its color is dull silver with copper and black symbols etched into the plating. His face bears resemblance to the City Hunter and the Wolf. Three large slash marks, caused by some unknown battle, now scars his face. Predator428's forearm has Waralien's hand print burned into the flesh from an acidic attack. His skin has a main coat of brown with smaller highlights of dark green. His weapons consist of dual wristblades, combistick, serrated smart disk, netgun, speargun, acid-proof dual short swords, laser grid emitters and a plasma cannon.

...Trophy Room...

Waralien's Skull (killed twice)

Queen's Tail Spike (captured)

Delta-boy's Skull

Alouran's Skull

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By ScarredShadow By Killswitch By PREDATORv2

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