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Profile of predalien_64

Species :Undefined
Rank :
  [ 38 / 100 ]
Rank Name :Rookie
Level :Member
Country :United States of America
Gender :
Birthday :
Website :
Clan: Member of the Shadow Serpents (Xenomorph)

Predalien of the Shadow Serpents

i'm 17 years old and I have been a alien fan; ever sense I was 5 and half after seeing alien (1979). I own all the alien and predator films. My favorite film is alien, and aliens. i love the games and own Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction. And have book 1,2,3 of the Steve Perry alien novel’s, and predator: big game. As far as music I listen to most kinds music but like heavy metal, classic rock, and hard rock the most. That includes metallica, AC/DC, godsmack, disturbed, Linkin Park, Rommstin, motley crue, korn, system of the down, slipknot static x, shadows fall and so on. I am TV freak and watch gundam and most amine’s. I love movies I like comedy, horror, sci-fi, drama, war and some of my favorite movies are Friday the 13th films, nightmare on elm st., night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, Mel brooks films (history of the world part one, robin hood men I tites, blazing saddles), caddy shack 1,2, national lampoons animal house, alien saga, predator films, star wars films, matrix films, saving privet Ryan, black hawk down, green braes, platoon, Indiana Jones movies (not young Indiana Jones), the rock. James bond movies, man with the golden gun. I’m a big gamer and like FPS the most and favorite game is half-life 2. I own doom 3, knights of the old republic 1, and unreal tournament 2004. i play online a lot my screen name is PREDALIEN_64 for any game I play online except battlefield 2 and it's predalien74. I have my own forum its so come on and join also I need members, its open to alien and predators fans, gamers, movie nuts, TV freaks, and anyone that want in. And my E-mail is********************************** on a remote burin planet, after spawning from a egg in a hive being attacked by large Yautja (predator) hunting party. I traveled though the halls looking for host later having in contact to a critically wounded predator he was dead meat and leaped on him. A little over a 45 min later I was born into a predalien embryo florescent blood gushed out as 64 emerged and headed to a hiding place to grow only to become a full-grown predalien. And 64 new he had to get these intruders out of hear I did so forth to kill every pred I came in to contact with. after the monsters battle having a many battle scar’s but one on my right shoulder looked close to the number 64 giving me the name "predalien 64". Predalien 64 now spend my days on full alert for intrudes, and am a loner by personality, and I am one of the most vicious aliens in my hive clan the shadow serpents to date on day our hive is attacked by humans and predators I went on a rampage killing anything then got in my way. I survive most of my fights and finally come into contacted to a great predator warrior named "black warrior" we fight each other dealing blow after devastating blow only to get my head sliced off. My allies came and saw I had been slain Ace and XTHEXROUGEX came and avenged me I owe them a debt of gratitude

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