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Profile of Voltage-3000

Species :Yautja
Rank :
  [ 65 / 100 ]
Rank Name :Veteran
Level :Member
Country :US
Gender :male
Birthday :1991-05-04
Website :
For a wounded man shall Say to his assailant, "If I live I will kill you, If I die you are forgiven," Such is the Rule of Honor
A veteran Predator by the name of Voltage, human given name Black bear. Spent many years in solitude off and on in clans but most of the time spending time in horrid places with constant storms or weather changes. Mostly seen lingering in the mountain regions on planets, even spent a few years on earths soil living in the trees being known as the illusive blackbear. A humorous yet spiritual type relied only on himself and never near others, in his time away he made himself one with his ancestors roots and heritage . Was very close to his ancestors since he killed a few of them. He spent some years hunting them down due to their ways of abandonment, murder and dishonor. Would kill each one and wear their helmet to the next as a way of showing the other they were gonna die soon. he kept their skulls on a wrapped chain with their helmet attached. Carving a piece of their bone with their name and symbol on it, then wore it on a necklace. this hunting period went on for many years and when it was all over he spent his time in tough terrain training and meditating. Raised on battle scars, his body was covered with such from his thrill to fight the planets native creatures bare handed. Some scars came from enemies that are now long dead, but not forgotten. He will not speak of their names. Instead marks his forearm in their name with tattoos if they were important. His whole body is covered in markings from bear paws on his chest to a whole sleeve tattoo on his right arm. it told a story of who he truly was but he kept his tongue silent when others cared to ask. His helmet is decorated with a skull of some creature he hunted in the past as well with spikes, claws,teeth and beading. underneath is a custom designed helmet neatly decorated in carvings. On the forehead is his families symbol, the last one you'll ever see since they are all gone or killed by him. His helmet also bares damage, right eye has some corrosion from xeno encounters. Left has a claw mark from the thing he killed to wear as a decoration over his helmet. one bullet round from a sniper on the upper edge of his helmet and some knife scratchings. His armor is heavy and thicker for his size and just like his helmet with the neat carving and imprints. wrapped with skin from things he has killed, dipped in black dye with painted on tribal symbols in white or blood. All are which stitched together crudely and over lined with fishnet. He then rests a large thick furred blackbear pelt on his shoulders ,which gave him the name blackbear when he was spotted. His right arm is covered with wider, deflective plating that is made for impact like a shield, with braces in the joints. it is bulkier from view but is as light as his left side which has different plating and different equipment attached too it. His right arm is used with his weapon of choice The Maul, a wide 3 edged blade that was more used as a ramming tool or a shield for his brute size instead of like a natural maul. inside both arms have wrist plasma bolts, if needed he directs all power into his right arm since it would be more sturdy to fire a heavy shot with all the impact plating. his spear gun rests on his lower spine and when needed for quick use his left arm comes into play with its different platting. The gun can be latched in his forearm ( like the maul to the right arm) for quick aiming and firing. He stands a bit more taller over other predators and seeks with physical violence than the stalking approach like others do. Even sometime uses a war hammer from a earth time period when it was used to crack his head open, it was now used as a shaman stick baring the users head along with feathers. he wears it on his back peaking over his left shoulder. He has acquired the interest of myth and lore of planet history, why most of his gear has relic symbols or writing from scriptures he made out. Since his time away from his species he has come back maybe to wage war with his kind or make more names from himself, time will tell what voltage will bring.


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