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Profile of TDN

Species :Human
Rank :
  [ 60 / 100 ]
Rank Name :Veteran
Level :Member
Country :CA
Gender :male
Birthday :1988-04-10
Clan: Leader of the Alpha Draconis (Human)

"There are five possible operations for any army. If you can fight, fight; if you cannot fight, defend; if you cannot defend, flee; if you cannot flee, surrender; if you cannot surrender, die."
Nickname: "Dragonclaw"
Real Name: Kevin Day
Rank: Lieutanent
Race: Human
Squad: Alpha Draconis
# of RPG's: 2
RPG Kills: Solo Pred, Katam, Stalker, Hunter Predator(not by my post), Predalien 64(illegaly but for a quick end)

Weapons: 1 combat knife located on right side of belt, 1 VP 70 Pistol located on left side of belt, 1 pump action shotgun stored inside backpack for "close encounters", 1 M41A Pulse Rifle as primary weapon to be held at all times, extra pulse rifle magazines stored inside backpack, high explosive grenades located in front of belt in protected sacks
Armor: Standard USCM armor platings, designed to witstand single attacks from alien claws or predator wristblades. Included is a belt and a backpack.
Other Equipements: 1 hand held Motion Tracker to be used at all times

DESCRIPTION: A man with black hair and eyes. He is neither too muscular or weak. He is not your typical overmuscular tough action hero. Yet in no way is he an average man in combat. To him, the only strength he needs is the strength to weild his trusty Pulse Rifle. He is an expert in the use of the Pulse Rifle and an expert marksman. A good leader, and a good strategist, he command his troops to victory. But as he says: credit is never all his. Unlike the Lieutanents of the typical marine squad who sits in the comfort of their APC during battle, Lt.TDN always go into battle with his men, saying: what fun will it be? Though he can sometimes be a cynic and distrusts newer members, he still genuinely cares for his squad and will protect them with his life.

HISTORY: Lt.TDN, born on planet Sigma V of the Draconis sector. His parents were scientists working in one of Weyland-Yutani's test labs on Sigma V, yet he had always wanted to join the military. At the age of 18, he joined the marines of the Draconis sector for he had always wanted to be in the army. At that time, when the Alpha Draconis was formed, he was given an "invitation" to join because the squad had heard of his deeds in the marine squad. But he turned it down because he thought the threats of these alien creatures were all fictional (caused by Weyland-Yutani media propaganda). Several years later, he was sent to a new encampment on Sigma X. On the same year, specimens of both species on Sigma V escaped, and the whole colony was slaughtered, including his parents, whom he never got the chance to say goodbye to. He now realize the threat that these creatures pose, and the lies of the Company, and agreed to join the Alpha Draconis squad. During one of the missions, he and some others provided cover fire while colonist survivors retreat to the dropships. For this act, he was promoted to Lieutanent, and he had been that ever since. But he shall never realize that the true threat doesn't come from these creatures, but from his own fellow humans, until the mission on the unknown planet.
It was here that his squad received a signal from a strange and unknown planet to search and destroy an escaped Xenomorph specimen. His squad was sent to destroy the creature, but the mission took a turn for the worse. The specimen which they had at first thought to be a normal Xenomorph warrior, bred thousands of more Xenomorphs. This in turn, also attracted a large group of Predators seeking prey to hunt. The squad was outnumbered, and the final order was to nuke the site. A majority of the member tried to reach the dropship in time, but orders (regardless of their lives) was given out to do it before most of them had reached the dropships. People on board the orbiting dropships watched as the whole planet was nuked with a whole salvo of nuke missles, taking the lives of many squad members along with it. And TDN was the only one who knew the thruth of the events that had occurred that day. He knew that the order to fire had been given by Weyland-Yutani whom had put pressure on his superiors (this action was believed to have been done to destroy the majority of the squad, since Alpha Draconis had a history of fighting against Weyland-Yutani's control over the colonies). They had murdered a large number of his men in cold blood, and forever will TDN remember that they, and remembering his hatred towards the Xenomorphs and Predators, but most of all, towards the company Weyland-Yutani.

10 Years Later:
After leaving Alpha Draconis, and transferring his leadership to Kidd, TDN went to the edges of the Draconis system as a means to escape the battles. But what he realizes when he got there, was that there is no escape, and war and destruction will always follow him. Againts all odds, fighting in countless battles in desolate planets versus an overwhelming number of Xenomorphs and Predators, he managed to survive. And now he has returned to the Alpha Draconis squad he once commandeered. But this time he came back a different man, with almost half his body replaced by synthethic parts. He was no longer the willful leader, but simply a war veteran that had been in more battle than any man could ever handle. But he did not came back here on a whim. He had a purpose, to aid Slpha Draconis in anyway he can, and wipe out those creatures once and for all...

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