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Profile of Solo_Predv2

Species :Undefined
Rank :
  [ 40 / 100 ]
Rank Name :Warrior
Level :Member
Country :UM
Gender :male
Birthday :1992-12-17
Website :
God Of Death of Balatu Black_Warrior and Solo_Pred The two dark warriors of balatu.

God of Death of balatu, I have been awarded this status by putting my life on the line for my clans formor leader K2OA2 i took a Queens tail threw the chest for him and was awarded the status. Thus far my story has consisted of me growing up in a village of rouges and learnd the techneique of wilding doule combi sticks and how to be quick on my feet. One day my perents where murderd right in front of me and with the rage and power i had i relesed my fury on the village and murderd them all. I was a wonderer fighting to survive in my teenage year untill i ran into K2OA2 he took me into the clan where i met Stalker,PREDATOR and The Doctor,soon after Predatoress And Black warrior joind the clan and i think then was where i was in my first big battle where i was honord God Of Death. I was loyal to my clan and had one of the best hunting partners a Pred could ask for Black_Warrior. More present timeing i hav not been to loyal to my clan or the board at one point i was never on because of issues or i totaly forgot but now i am gaining my loyalty back and getting on more frequently and trying to show how i became a God Of Death

Human Facts: i play avp2 for pc. when i was young i used to wach godzilla an i loved jarracic park. now i love scifi. on AVP2 my name is {RAV}tracker//tweak,thats only on the. im 13 and love predators. i hope they make a predator 3. on AVP2 Im the only remaining member of {RAV}. Im a God of death in Clan balatu. somthing funny about me is when i was 3 i was the yellow power ranger for halloween. lol. My Favorite bands are Linkinpark, Seether, Staind, Papa roch, Panic! at the disco, fall out boy, evanesence, 3 days grace 3 doors down, nickleback, Ozzy Osbourne, Sum41, Toby Kieth, TRUSTcompany, Trapt, and other bands. Pred Info: MY armor is all black and it covers my whole body. My mask i i ware is Acid Proof this is because when i got it from K20A2 when i got the rank of God Of Death. My wepons are also all black. my wepons include 3ft wristblades, 2 combsticks, (one acid proof) 2 shurkins, a maul, a smart disk, and a wrist mounted net gun and stalkers plasma caster. Trophy Room:Brentopia, a ravanger skull, 30 rouge pred skulls, two young drone skulls, 2 chest burster Skelletons, 3 AD medic skulls, 3 AD crew members. Im hoping to get my stats up. well Thats me oh ya my name is Sean.

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