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Profile of ShadowYautja

Species :Yautja
Rank :
  [ 10 / 100 ]
Rank Name :Newborn
Level :Member
Country :US
Gender :male
Birthday :
NAME: Tuvak FACTION: RANK: Unblood. SPECIES: Human AGE: 21 (100 years old.) GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 8'5 WEIGHT: 170 (Medium build.) EYES: Gold. HAIR: Woven dreads. SKIN: Pale white. DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Scar above left eye and one going diagonally across his mandible. STRENGTH: 7/10. Able to handle most humans and a few Xenomorphs. DEXTERITY: 6/10. Fairly Maneuverable while in armor. Even without his armor, he can doge an attack quicker than most Yuatja. CONSTITUTION: 5/10. Having a strict diet and with an intense daily workout, he keeps his body well nourished physically and mentally. INTELLIGENCE: 7/10. WISDOM: 4/10. Able to analyze the battle and accesses the situation. CHARISMA: 2/10. Mostly silent. SKILLS: Skilled in both close and long distance combat, neutralizing his target with ease. Prefers stealth and is able to infiltrate the most tightest facilities. When in a firefight or engaging a xenomorph, he analyzes the situation and makes a quick strike. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: When it comes to unarmed opponents or women and children, he follows the code of his clan. If his brothers are captured, he will try to help his brothers in need. When it comes to an dis honorable hunter, he doesn't hesitate to beat them to a bloody pulp. When enraged, he won't stop fighting till his opponents are beaten or till he dies. He has a soft spot towards women and children. The other members of his clan try to get to participate in mindless activities, he often find another spot for solitude. If another clan members tries to state his dominance, he simply ignores the boastful hunter. Which leads to a duel. GEAR: Bio Mask. Cloaking Device Vocal Mimicry Med kit Weapons: Wrist Blades Self Destruct device Cloaking device SHIP: The Scout Ship is a short range Yautja Spacecraft which is usually connected to a Mother Ship. PETS: PERSONALITY: A lone hunter is the best to describe Tuvak. He finds humans to be interesting creatures and doesn't see them as a major threat. He studies them whenever he gets the chance to. He spends his time studying the his prey by reading books and on hunting trips. He keeps to himself, speaking whenever he needs to. When defending his honor, he fight to the bitter end. He often repays those who helped him, even if their humans. He feels that if a human is able to fight aside another hunter, then they are equal in his eyes. BIOGRAPHY:

Predator Figure

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