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Profile of Lone_Hunter2

Species :Yautja
Rank :
  [ 50 / 100 ]
Rank Name :Warrior
Level :Member
Country :AU
Gender :male
Birthday :1991-04-18
Website :
Dishonour is worse than Death
join fire hunters site
on page 3 of members list,YAY:
"The history of my Predator Character: born far in the past this hunter has a great respect for humans for he has learnt all the martial arts of their kind. he will only kill crimanls sparing soldiers and police. He was 25 when he returned home to his unique clan. His father bieng the elder he learnt one of the Yatuja's most deadly martial arts. Always pushing himself to the extreme,he has forgoten what pain is and his reflexes and speed is a marvel to behold. he was 30 when he was about to take his blooding ritual, 1 day before this however his clan was attacked by a clan of bad blood rouges while he was in the forest meditating. seeing the smoke rise from his clans village he ran to help his father and fellow warriors, but he was too late, every one was dead. Only his father had survied the attack,but his wounds where too great, with his last breath he made lone hunter the elder of the clan even though everyone ws dead. Lone Hunters sorrow was exstingushed by hate and rage he traked down the rouges that had killed his village and after 3 days he found them,but in his rage he burst into the village and began slaughtering all in his sight, with in 20 mins only the rouge elder was left. there was only one way that Lone Hunter wanted him to die,THE DEATH OF A THOUSAND CUTS! the fight had only lasted 10 mins before he knocked out the elder. in the moring the Rouge's punisment began and by the end he was bearly alive Lone hunter made one last cut one his throat letting the rouge bleed and choke to death. since these events Lone Hunter has freezed himself for 250,000 years coming out only every 5,000 to hunt rouges of both Yatuja and humans. He never harms humans such as marines or police officers only crimenals. he has yet to kill a Xenomorph but his skill is equall to the elders. he only re-entering Cyro-sleep after he has killed as many bad blood rouges as he can find. even when saving humans from fellow Yatuja he will never kill his own kind unless they are rouges.he hides from the humans whilst saving them.recently he was found by one of the subleaders of hunter's moon and with time has become a clan member... but due to his differenct veiws on hunting he is he is now torn between hunting humans and helping them... "
During the events of Delta 3093 lone hunter had killed afew marines and aliens, lh had encountered a predalien(fire hunter and fought him with voltage3000 in that encounter lh lost his wholte right arn and his left leg from his knee down, he has since had his arm and leg cloned and surgically replaced back on, the most prodest kill lh had on that day was when he killed some physco human serial killer, for he ended the life of a rouge.
(I really need to edit that...) full body armour which is made of an unknown metal light but strong, bright Chrome colour(unique symboly on left side of chest plate) and all of my weapons and armour are acid proof.( mask from Predator1 also acid proof made of the same metal as armour)]
my sigs by Venom Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
by Xeno_Slayer
About me: I'm 21 I only saw Predator when I was 12 then all the rest followed. I've known about this site since 2004 but didn't join until early 2007.I only regret that there are too few experinced members to start an rpg. I like to think I've made some friends such as ScarredShadow,Xeno_Hunter and Venom. Im a brown stip belt in tae kwon do and my favourite sport is soccer. I am Australian with Portugese background (parents moved here when they where young).
.:RPG Battels/kills:.
RPG DESCENDING FATE:fought Firehunter with voltage but voltage got the kill, and just killed a bunch of npc aliens,humans and human phsyco
RPG LOST SOULS:Fire Hunter(lost left arm in that fight),NPC Predaliens,NPC creature.

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