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Profile of Hunter_Predator

Species :Yautja
Rank :
  [ 35 / 100 ]
Rank Name :Rookie
Level :Member
Country :CA
Gender :male
Birthday :
~"No One Will Ever Change This Animal I Have Become"~
Hunter Predator - Biography

True Name: Unknown

Species: Yautja

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown (Seemingly an Adult, In peak physical condition)

Height: 8'

Creed: Hunter, Warrior, Tactician, Lone Wolf, Berserker

Notable Traits: Physical and Mental Superiority (Assuming due to Experience as opposed to Genetics)

Weapons: Medium-Long Wrist-Blades, Spear, Plasma Caster, Net Gun, Shuriken, Whip, Small Sword, Smoke/Fog distraction weapon, and Yautja Scythe

Ranking: Reputation

Clan: Unknown

Physical Description: Standing somewhat taller than the average Yautja, reaching the height of the "Super Predators", The "Hunter Predator" holds an intimidating appearance. With a large, lean muscularity, a yellow and black skin, and longer hair tendrils than average he has the look of a Cold Ruthless Predator. His Armour is a shiny, dark, metallic look, with a few dents and scratches. Not too much more armour-cover than the basic set, his armour is more of a metallic based as opposed to the common brown armor and cloths, his consists of more sharp metal. His Helmet being the widely recognized "Celtic" Design worn by few, his mask has almost a Skull-like look in the darkness. Like most Yautja he has several masks, the Celtic being his preferred and most recognized. He has mainly two of these Celtic Helms, one being a clean like new, the other with damage from past conflicts revealing his history. His most distinguishing feature (other than his height, hair, and helmet) is his hands, while his left one is clad with a basic black leather fingerless glove, his right hand seems to be in an armoured medieval sharp metal gauntlet, when in truth it is in fact robotic. Up to just underneath his elbow (Where his Wrist-blade gauntlet begins) his arm is in fact prosthetic, but made with the highest level of Yautja Technology so that it only seems like he is wearing a metal glove. The source of this technology and origin of this wound is unknown. Historically, Few have seen The Hunter Predator's Face and therefore his appearance under the mask is Unknown, this makes his age that much more impossible to truly determine and fellow Yautja hesitant to trust him.

Reputation: Little-to-No Yautja in History have ever heard The Hunter Predator's true name. Several beliefs have been tossed around and suggested or claimed; from him never actually having a name, to what can be deciphered as "Bi-Han" (Bai-Hahn) being passed around, yet the translation and meaning of said name has yet to be discovered. However, More often than not, many Yautja have referred to the Hunter Predator as, and have believed him to in fact be, "The Black Warrior", an ancient belief of Yautja "Religion" and Mythology as their idea of what Humans refer to as "Death" or "The Reaper".

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