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Species :Undefined
Rank :
  [ 10 / 100 ]
Rank Name :Newborn
Level :Member
Country :US
Gender :female
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"My dearest, darkest, coldest, cruelest how I do love my wicked darling. My Medusa my cruelest rose with poison thorns."
Hello my name an Carisa and I am an Alien/Predator fan and have been one ever since I was eight I am now 23. I'm a goth as you might see in the pictures I have in my profile, I love blades, black roses, my favorite colors are, amerthyst, black and blood-red. I have two Siamese cats named Rocky and Lita, a horse named Celtic and some koi. I enjoy music by Evanescence, Sum 41, Marilyn Manson, Skillet, Lady Gaga, Yousei Teikoku, Three Days Grace and Saliva. I enjor RPGing so I'll be as active as I can be. I'm new to the site so that pretty much sums it up. Name:Ryuu(means Dragon Spirit) Age:21 Gender:Female Race:Asian Species:Xenomorph/Human hybrid Height:5.8 Weight:150 Hair:Black and long all the way to her waist Eyes:Violet Skin:Pale Weapons:A balded whip, two swords, a shruiken, her tail, claws and acidic blood. Apperance:Tall, skinny, pale, beautiful and sharp. Personlity:Cold, cruel, doesn't take orders from anyone usually but will take them we need be. Will coldly kill those who get in her way, unless she cahnge's her mind, or she offer's to let them die quickly wihtout pain. History:Grew up a privilaged young girl until her mother died and her father remarried. He never did like his daughter or her sister Gloria. He was a Corperate so one day while Gloria and Ryuu were playing a dark van pulled up to there house and two mean threw them inside and drove them to a underground lab where Glorioa and Ryuu's DNA was combined with the DNA of both a Xenomorph Drone and a Praetorian. Gloria died during the procedure but Ryuu lived, her father told her that Gloria was just as weak as her stupid mother, the procedure left Ryuu weak and in constant pain. What he didn't knew was that Ryuu had learned to master her pain and so one day Ryuu broke free and mudered the staff leaving her father last killing him. She fleed to the city stealing when she needed to and killing who she had to. Ryuu has the thinking of both a vengeful human and a bloodthirsty drone as well as the loyalty a Praetorian has for her Queen or leader depending. What Ryuu used to look like [IMG][/IMG] Weapons [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

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