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Expanding the comics and other media!

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2018-06-16 19:16:47
Hello, I'm new here but a big fan of both franchises in all media. I have to say there has been a lack of exploration in the franchises though. I'll start with the aliens in comics. Dark horse was in a decade of inactivity and in 2009 had a short 4 issue miniseries which was not impressive and did nothing for the franchise but introduced these strange crystals that drove the colonists mad. But then came fire and stone following closely was life and death! Excellent additions to the franchises(side note I don't think based from the film universe that an engineer can out match a predator let alone take on a queen alien).
Then Dark horse backtracked from this new level of exploration into the new and gave use Alien defiance which is more of the same "company trying to get a hold of an alien specimen and a strong female character trying everything to stop them." I stuck through it until the end but I still found myself not getting much out of that miniseries. Then comes Aliens Dust to dust and so far in issue 1 we get another alien type outbreak of unknown origin and people dying. Its too early to tell just from issue 1 along but Dark Horse is beating a dead horse... No pun intended.
The films, lets talk prometheus, say what you will but at least we got something new and interesting to see the implications that could have unfolded from that film. I've always been a fan of the bioweapon theory so I was not hurt that the film canon was going that route. Apologies to everyone who wanted them to stay a mystery or be of their own creation through natural evolution somewhere... But then we got alien covenant. That should be enough said but I'll say a bit more. Many explanations on YouTube have dissected what I was hoping for not only from evidence from both films but also deleted and extras from covenant that suggest that the engineers NOT DAVID are the creatures of the Xenomorphs. With the mural in prometheus and the "ancient ritual" of the engineers that David stumbled across of sacrificing among other things suggest David was merely building on or duplicating the Engineer's creation. But with the sequel dead more than likely we will never know for sure what's gling on with all these points that eventually lead into the space jokey scene.

Here is what I would like and if anyone wants to comment feel free. But I figure the engineers have more planets that they use as military or experimental outposts and since in prometheus the idea of them creating Humans or just creating life in general obviously means they follow a structure based on what they see in nature. Male and Female. I would love to see predators and marines stumble on one of these long lost outpost and find a prototype Alien king stored away and breaks free. It has already been suggested long ago as a sequel to AVPR about a King Alien and maybe this would explain why we don't see an inclusion of a King Alien in the films through a comic? In all honesty I think the King role would be more of the grand guardian, the last barricade to get to a queen in battle. The aliens strength is their numbers and maybe with the aliens having two objectives to protect if things went south in battle The King or The Queen, it would divide their numbers. Maybe the Engineers through trials decided to alter the natural way LIFE comes to be with male and female present and created the female to be able to lay eggs without the male present there for making the drones only priority the queen and more unified in objectives.

Now to the Predators, again was not a fan of Dark Horse and their comeback in 2009 miniseries but fire and stone/life and death series was beautiful(still don't see evidence from the films demonstration/portrayal that an engineer can best a predator or a queen alien). Then we get the Hunters miniseries. I have to say a little better than aliens in the fact that it brought old players from the predator franchise from previous miniseries more than 2 decades ago back to the fold. But in all honesty I think the Predators deserve a hunt off planet earth. Simple as that. Like Aliens, Dark Horse is playing it to safe going to the same waters and basically giving us another hunting story. I would definitely like to see the blood rivalry play out that was mentioned in Predators film, whether you loved it or hate it there was something new that didn't slap fans in the face completely and destroy the mythology of predator. Even in Dark horse series 3 world war there was a lost clan of predators who fell away from time and their society which seemed to have evolved their Honor code and combat ritual rules but the lost clan stuck to older ways which then caused a rivalry which I thought was similar and something great to see.
Now here is where Predator needs to go, FEMALE predator story! In not talking about Big Mama or Sister Midnight/deadliest if the species-mindhunter series. In talking about delving into their society/home world. I've always seen predators as the space native Americans or at least some type of old tribal civilization in which when relating to humans, women had no right to partake because it was not their duty. I think Dark Horse should explore this in like a 90s G.I. Jane style (if anyone has seen that movie?) It would be an interesting story.

Like many fans I have fun thinking up ideas and sharing with people, I had a commission done for me based off such a story involving a female predator and King Alien you can see here:

What are your opinions on new ground the two franchises should cover and thoughts on the direction both film and comics are in right now?
I've written to Dark Horse about the idea of them doing a graphic novel translated to DVD/Bluray like they did for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think that would be great to have something like that to keep the fans in spirit since the films havent been....
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