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a sudden thought....

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2017-05-28 00:02:54
Unlike predator franchises, basically the timline of most of the alien feranchises are set at far future. I always feel fancinate to know what are those predators doing during the time line between Promothes - Alien covenant - original Alien......?
2017-06-18 01:11:19
Its an interesting thought,

Given that predators have long life spans. The fan boy in me wanted them to make appearances in Prometheus and alien covenant. Yeah right, but maybe the comics can help fill the gap in how they fit into the new story lines created by the new movies.

2017-06-22 11:43:22
I never expect the stand alone films to cross over, it's practically canon at this point that they live in a shared universe, however, their existences are not dependent on one another. Not every Xeno is being hunted by Yautja, and not every Yautja interact with Xenomorphs. Personally I'm not paying too much thought to the Prometheus/Covenant films, I have yet to see Covenant and I'm not going to ignore their existence but I feel like they ruined everything I loved about Alien.

Over time the Xenomorphs have become less terrifying, less haunting, less intimidating, less sexual, and far less mysterious. Honestly the same can be said for Yautja. It may have been the canon all along but I liked the thought that Xenomorphs are a natural lifeform, perfectly adaptable and with truly anti-human qualities, but now all this talk about how they were engineered, created, developed, and these other types of Xenomorphs out there.

It used to be that Xenomorphs were a very realistic (as in non-Star Trek style) extra terrestrial. Everything about them was non-Earth, non-Human. Now it's like Star Trek with these Engineers being very Humanoid, like Alien life is similar to Earth, kind of like Yautja with how Human they are. Xenomorphs were a true otherworldy being, nothing like anything here. Any Earthly qualities can be summed up by sharing traits with the Facehugger prey, like four limbs, a tail, Head with Teeth, even Humans have tails as an embryo, but it was the only Alien form that truly felt, well... Alien.

Now we have this crap that they were created by another Alien that for all intents and purposes is very Human like. Well okay, the universe just got a lot less interesting, too sci-fi, and Xenomorphs are no longer a pure lifeform that has developed nearly perfectly. I even liked the idea of using the Human remains to form new Eggs, it's a literal perfect species, aside from not being invincible.

Rant over with, my response to "What have the Yautja been doing?" well I don't like to really consider Xenomorphs some engineered cop-out creation, so I've always assumed that during the Predator Film timeline there were other Yautja out there hunting other Xenomorphs and Humans just didn't know about it. Sure, a lot of Xenomorphs may be being used like cattle by Yautja, but I highly doubt it's even a majority of their species. Even if one were to believe that the Yautja knew the Engineers, and upon the creation of Xenomorphs have been using the entire species, save for the Alien Film ones, and the Xenomorphs ARE directly involved with Yautja, that by no means claims that Yautja are completely co-dependent on Xenomorphs. The Yautja race is supposedly massive, all over the place. I'd be fully willing to think that only 10% interact with Xenomorphs and Humans. They're from a far away Galaxy, I highly doubt the entire nomadic species is completely infatuated with the lifeforms of only like, 2-3 other planets, being Earth and what few have Xenomorphs.

So what have the Yautja been doing that whole time? Having better things to do. Are humans entirely dependent upon Deer? No. Some parts of the world might not even know Deer exist. 'But hunting Deer is huge for us' you say? Certainly not everyone, honestly Deer are considered some of the most high-rated hunting targets to us Humans, but a very small portion of our species actually hunts them, honestly a small portion hunts at all anymore, but some prefer Birds, or fishermen with fish, even Bug-Catchers are technically Hunters, and let's not forget Pokemon.

Take that one or leave it...

So since Yautja are not by any means dependent on Xenomorphs, especially if they're a creation that in the grand scheme of things apparently haven't been around all that long comparatively to Yautja, then they just have been doing other things. Perhaps focusing on Humans? As Anna said in P1 that her people have known about "The Demon" for generations, now there's no telling if it's a different Yautja each time or if Jungle Hunter has reserved that part of Earth to himself, which some real-world human people even do if you think about it so it's not hard to believe.

Even if Yautja are as obsessed with Xenomorphs as Humans are with say... music? And nearly every Yautja just loves hunting Xenomorphs for some reason, I'm certain that there are plenty of Xenomorphs out there that they simply don't know about... that would be like if we Humans knew the location of each and every Ant colony in the world... Hell we don't even know where all of US are... let alone a fast-expanding race of Alien lifeforms that could have spread across solar systems for all anyone knows...

~"No One Will Ever Change This Animal I Have Become"~
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