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Xenomorph War?

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2017-01-19 13:52:06
I am really look forward to seeing all these new xenomorph breeds in the up and coming movie Alien:Covenant, but this also brings up some questions for me. In the comics we have seen (mostly with the red vs black xenomorphs) the different breeds of xenomorphs do not get a long at all, so will we be seeing them fight? Humans vs Xenomorphs vs Neomorphs? Or will they ignore the comics and have the breeds work together and/or ignore one another? In AvP:Requiem we didn't really see the Yautja hybrid interact with any pure xenomorphs (that I can remember it has been a while since I've seen the movie) and we have seen a few hybrids in the past movies such as the dog xenomorph, Ripley's baby, and the yautja hybrid, but again we never saw them interacting with pure xenomorphs besides in Alien: Resurrection when Ripley's baby first saw the Queen but killed it (only moments after the queen gave birth to it) because it knew and/or thought Ripley was it's mother. So as much as I am looking forward to seeing a gory fight to the death with the Covenant's crew vs what ever breeds they run into my curiosity is mostly in seeing if the hybrids will fight the pure xenomorphs or what their reactions/interactions are with one another.

What are your thoughts on this and what other xenomorph breeds do you think they will bring to the movies in the up and coming ones? New ones? Old ones? Lets Chat!
2017-01-20 17:08:12
I think several of the things you've said there are misconceptions. Firstly, "they" probably don't give a shit about the comics, because "they" are Ridley Scott. This is my own only-the-movies-are-canon bias speaking, but I think the comics do not influence the movies, it's the other way around (except maybe marginally).

Secondly, there aren't any "pure" xenomorphs. All xenomorphs are hybrids. The ones from Alien and Aliens, the ones we call "Drone" or "Warrior", come from humans, so they have human traits. The Predalien and the Runner/Dogalien are just as pure as them. They each have traits from their respective hosts [Drone - bipedal, human skull; Predalien - bipedal, decorative plant at the end of the tail (???); Runner - quadrupedal, likes sniffing people while they shower] but they aren't different breeds. The Newborn doesn't count because it was a product of cloning, so it was an actual hybrid, but it's dead now.

Lastly, as I understand it, the xenomorphs from Prometeus are supposed to be an origin story for the final product. While they are a different breed, they didn't evolve separately from the xenomorphs in the original trilogy, but are sort of their ancestors, though I assume the evolution would happen very quickly, since that's what the goo is supposed to do. I don't think they would coexist for long enough to fight each other, or that they would somehow be motivated by territorial disputes, even if they're generations apart.

So no, I don't think there will be any xenomorph infighting. Do we actually know that there will be different generations of xenomorph in the movie? Because I haven't read anything like that so far (not that I've been looking).


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2017-01-20 17:30:33
That is a very good point and what i meant by "pure" was born from humans, but yeah i do believe now that i think of it the movies and comics are two different worlds. I still like to think that both are cannon but the movies more so than the comics. With that being said though we are going to be having.. how do it put this.. branching paths in the movies with the next 2 that are said to follow up covenant and the other one where our lovely final girl Ripley is say to be given the ending she was meant to have AND on top of that now that covenant is no longer prometheus 2 (and we dont know where it fits in with the time like and/or if these movies are really going to tell us how the xenomorphs came to be) it is getting hard to say was is and was isnt cannon. I feel like we are starting to get like DC where there are multiverses (which we kinda already have with the comics vs movies) AND now that i think of it AVP threw a rock in our timeline too has far as when humans first came into contact with xenomorphs. My know how is only in the movies so sadly i know very very little about the comics and books so as far as the comic world and the movie worlds coming together or having any connection maybe they will bring in it in the movies if they havent already.

And yes we do there are said/hinted to be 3 types Xenomorph, Neomorphs and hints that a fully grown Deacon will be shown too BUT nothing has really be been set in stone and its mostly based off of teasers and what we see in the trailer. But Xenomorphs and Neomorphs are a for sure.
2017-01-21 00:22:51
I would love to see them fight each other (reminding me a bit of Predators). Since it has standing in the comics that Xenomorphs don't tolerate much and would even ignore prey over another Xenomorph if it is from a different Hive (see Aliens Genocide). So unless the Neomorphs and Xenomorphs a part of the same "Hive" then I think we might be getting a little Morphing time.

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2017-01-21 08:01:24
I agree! From what ive seen in the trailer and braking it down i dont think they are from the same hive and it has been HIGHLY show that the facehugger we see in the trailer is not a normal egg, with its different coloring and design. Plus if you watch carefully youll notice the man that the white facehugger attacks is the same on that the neomorph is coming out of his back at the start of the trailer. So how they are gonna bring in a xenomorph is another thing i look forward to.
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