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The Intelligence of the Yautja

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2016-07-08 01:40:00
Yautja Intelligence
Time and time again, the intelligence of the Yautja has been questioned. What better way is there to test their intelligence than the traditional Raven Progressive Matrices culturally fair I.Q. test? Also measured were forward digit span, backward digit span, and the ladder memory test, among other psychometrics.
Given to us were twenty-five subjects, all of whom were listed as “engineers,”— I suspect they worked on spacecraft since they carried a belt of tools. All but two scored 60/60, corresponding to a maximum I.Q. of 135 (the others scored 58/60 and 59/60, respectively). Thus the average I.Q. was 133.
Since the cap was 135 I.Q. points, we decided to give them the Raven Advanced Progressive Matrices test, of which 190 I.Q. points is the “cap.” This time, all but four scored near-perfect, with the average I.Q. at 187, with the median at 188. 190 is the estimated score given to such men like Newton, Da Vinci, and Tesla.
The subjects attempted to tell us that they had never gone through “tests” like this. They note that the questions are quite odd.
Thus, I conclude that each Yautja is very much Newton-level in intellect, though I feel they surpass man in specific abilities too. (The average I.Q. today, by the way, is about 97, with the “genius” level at 140 I.Q. points, making up for the 1% of the population.)
For this, I measured their forward digit span. That is, in their own language, I flashed a series of numbers and signalled them to remember it. For example, in Arabic numerals, I would ask you to try to remember 155125 in five seconds and write it down. The average a human can do is 7— this is the “working memory” capacity average; that is, how many “bits” of information one can have in one’s mind simultaneously. This very much applies to intelligence. For the Yaujta, it seemed that they could remember digits ad infinitum. On average, the remembered 22 digits. One could remember 30 digits, but this instance only happened once— this individual had a 188 I.Q. as per the RAPM test.
Next, I did a backward digit span test— I flashed a string of numbers, and asked them to say it backwards. All of them seemed to cap out at 22, again. Thus, it seems that their working memory— for a healthy individual, that is—is 22, more than 3x better than the average human. A very large working memory capacity allows one to, for example, in an academic setting, solve problems mainly relying on one’s mind almost instantly. Jon von Neumann is one example of this— he could do calculus in his head, and had an estimated 200 I.Q. I, therefore, assume his working memory capacity equaled, if not surpassed, that of the group of Yautja.
The ladder memory test is another test which measured working memory capacity. For humans, again, it seems that 7 is the maximum For the Yautja, however, one could remember 43 digits! The lowest remembered about 17. The average was 34. Thus, I suspect, like young chimpanzees and some children, the Yautja have an eidetic memory— that is, they can see the number on each block. Attempting to ask one of the Yaujta how he remembers all of the digits, he says, roughly, “I can see the numbers in my mind.” Thus, the Yautja visual memory far surpasses the human visual memory by a factor of more than 4.
I also measured their visual and auditory reaction times, which was most startling. The average human’s auditory reaction time is about 150 ms and visual reaction time is about 265 ms. Each Yautja scored about 90 ms, with the lowest being 78 ms and the highest being 97 ms. Auditory was even lower— 50 ms on average. Thus, their nervous system, including their brain, is much faster than humans, indicating a superior evolution and physiology.
Lastly, I attempted to test their mathematical skills. The Yautja were remarkable, to say the least. Even though there were some errors, they gave answers within 5 seconds on average. Problems that took the longest were square roots. I, again, asked the scout leader Yautja, and he says that, “I do in my mind,” indicating the visual “blackboard” they have access to due to their superior working memory capacity.
To conclude my study, I asked the Yautja: “On your planet, how smart are the smartest?” One replies, saying, roughly, “No match for us.”
After these tests, I believe a reasonable I.Q. for the Yautja sample is around 300. Thus, I believe their smartest may top them the way Newton topped us. A superior species, not “cavemen with laser guns,” as some people like to claim.
Asking about the Space Jockeys, they claim they have little knowledge on them, but say they are "respectable."
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