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SMARTGUNS IN RPG'S  Sam-Jack-Dunn  8 years ago 
GOOD things about entries you hate?  13  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
Alien Colonial Marines  19  Shadowwall  8 years ago 
Random A/P-related stuff from around the interwebs  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
Predator - enough said  AlchemisPredator  8 years ago 
Who isd your least/favorite person here?  ValkyrieWrath  8 years ago 
So... New mods. P, PLEASE READ  62  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
Concerning the clans...  81  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
The insane question: Why are the AvP movies so cheesy?  33  hish  8 years ago 
help! sombody please read this fourm!  11  hish  8 years ago 
should mods have the ability to get rid of locked topics  hish  8 years ago 
Black Super Predators Or Regular?  33  PREDATORv2  8 years ago 
Favorite Musicians/Bands?  57  Pred_Killer  8 years ago 
what if you were an alien stuck on earth  hish  8 years ago 
Some New AvP3 Trailer  10  DeathWraith  8 years ago 
my brother Zozobra's DEAD!  15  DasHydra  8 years ago 
"PREDATORS" Discussion  17  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
NewBorns  Predatorboh  8 years ago 
Predator  101  shadowatching  8 years ago 
Mysterious Questions of Mystery  ryanwethy  9 years ago 
avp2 via hamchi  Harslock  9 years ago 
My "Predators" review  19  the_doctor  9 years ago 
why do waland yutami reserch alians /predeters  12  hish  9 years ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 3D: WANKING IN THE 3RD DIMENSION!!!  1000  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
What happens when idiots get computers  TwilightPrincess  9 years ago 
New Sparring Room RPG  14  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
Aliens vs. Predator 3  45  Mebber  9 years ago 
Space Jockey - to be in alien 5?  60  daveberg  9 years ago 
An Alien Game.  15  Pred_Killer  9 years ago 
Zozobra and I.  Battlemage  9 years ago 
dear Deathdrop...  Battlemage  9 years ago 
What do living Space Jockys look like?  11  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
The 99th millionth time you'll hear Surfin Bird  Zozobra  9 years ago 
FAIL  Battlemage  9 years ago 
Space Jockeys  18  Xenomorphose  9 years ago 
Pre-Release Opinions on Predators  11  PREDATORv2  9 years ago 
What Yautja Cuss Words Do You Know?  WarBlade  9 years ago 
Why would you base a website on AVP if the movies were so bad.  Survivor88  9 years ago 
Why cant we be more like this?  26  Leandros88  9 years ago 
Idea vs. Execution  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
IM BACK BITCHES  concretehunter  9 years ago 
More on Alien prequel from Sir Ridley Scott  14  killswitch  9 years ago 
AVP3 (not the game the movie)  hish  9 years ago 
Alien Prequel in pre-production?  tashux22  9 years ago 
preditor humor  roman  9 years ago 
whats with the flame things   hish  9 years ago 
if there was a song at the end of avp what should it be?  hish  9 years ago 
I DID READ THE RULES!!!!!!!  hish  9 years ago 
is it just me or is it taking a long time to sign up for the balateu (no offense balateu)  hish  9 years ago 
can you crack alien eggs and cook them?  hish  9 years ago 
avp fan film  11  cleticyautja  9 years ago 
why in alien resurrection the scientist look into the hole the alien made  10  RavagersPrey888  9 years ago 
AVP- PS3  Dragous  9 years ago 
AVP2 PC Trophy Level  morbius10  9 years ago 
eveyone i have 2 cats  PREDATORv4  9 years ago 
What's your favorite species? Alien or Predator  183  mr_loco  9 years ago 
i have just made my acount now what  14  hish  9 years ago 
Deadliest of the Species   10  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
Can Xenomorphs survive without eating for 10 000 years?  27  Xenomorphose  9 years ago 
are you doomed to die by chestburstting if you got facehugged?  49  superxinyang  9 years ago 
The Out-of-Context Quote Thread  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
Who Would You Like To See Fight In The Sparring Chamber?  DarkSerpentine  9 years ago 
Who's Hotter: Megan Fox or Natasha Henstridge?  WarBlade  9 years ago 
Alien Prequels retcon AVP out of continuity   tashux22  9 years ago 
Shoulde There Be A Moderater, Sub-Leader and Leader Appreciation thread?  ValkyrieWrath  9 years ago 
alien vs predator 3 ps3   jaxonsawesome  9 years ago 
Your ideal version of the creatures?  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
Avp 2 bug ? please help  15  aikonen  9 years ago 
What is the best Aliens, Predator, or Aliens vs. Predator game?  38  Scarfacedwolf  9 years ago 
Predators Trailer  29  Champ  9 years ago 
Two 'Alien' Prequels Planned!   26  tashux22  9 years ago 
random avp thread  spook54  9 years ago 
Did you ever believe in the concept of AVP?  24  TDN  9 years ago 
THIS FORUM IS MINE  94  predalienking  9 years ago 
May the 4th be with you  shadowatching  9 years ago 
AVP DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  17  predalienking  9 years ago 
Space Jockies created xenomorph's  11  tashux22  9 years ago 
The Predators  NightFury  9 years ago 
WE GOT ANOTHER BOT!  magic03  9 years ago 
Could Dutch or Harrigan repeat history?  black_warrior  9 years ago 
Dark Sector vs Alien vs Predator who u think would win   Dragous  9 years ago 
Who would win? Alex Mercer (from [Prototype}) or an Alien hive?  12  Scarfacedwolf  9 years ago 
X  tashux22  9 years ago 
My skull  1000  Waralien  9 years ago 
Anybody know when Predators comes out?  44  KalinaXenoWolf  9 years ago 
Alien VS Predator Hits the Consoles!!!  11  Peterson  9 years ago 
Problems with Alien Vs. Predator 2  NLemonz  9 years ago 
How do I get into a Clan?  23  Scarfacedwolf  9 years ago 
THE HIVE  20  LEE  9 years ago 
Ok I want to hear everybodys threory's on da aliens.  27  Unknown  9 years ago 
Your Thoughts/Opinions on Predators (pre-release)  14  ChrisP  9 years ago 
Movies that would benefit from the inclusion of an Alien/Predator  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
Alien, Predator, AvP Favorites Lists  Hunter_Predator  9 years ago 
PREDATORS  LEE  9 years ago 
Bla bla bla  stone123  9 years ago 
Vatican attacks 'hate campaign' against the Church  stone123  9 years ago 
AVP verus movie  21  Shadowwall  9 years ago 
AVP is now Non-Canon  33  tashux22  9 years ago 
unable to find avp2 rez file????  reapers19  9 years ago 
Morbid Stories  11  BloodHarpy  9 years ago 

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