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Mini RPG Sign up.  32  Peterson  7 years ago 
Predator Speech  PREDATORv2  7 years ago 
can you actually get male xenomorphs?  63  predatorgirl  7 years ago 
Game Strategy AVP2  StpSutton  7 years ago 
AVP 3 sequel  21  Shadowwall  7 years ago 
Does anyone here even play AVP3?  11  Karo  7 years ago 
What would you improve to the Xenos?  35  Unknown  7 years ago 
New E3 trailer for Aliens: CM and news!  delta-boy  7 years ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 5: LOL WUT?  1000  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
Fan Video topic  Peterson  7 years ago 
PREDATORS 2  Pureblood  7 years ago 
predator / alien costume  12  concretehunter  7 years ago 
Official AVP games topic  78  daveberg  8 years ago 
Post a picture of yourself  151  daveberg  8 years ago 
is alien 5 really real?  13  predatorgirl  8 years ago 
avp game comments  facehuger1  8 years ago 
what do you lot think of the new predators film!!!!!!!!  predatorgirl  8 years ago 
What would you say qualifies as god modding?  Shalt_Evens  8 years ago 
RPG SETTING DISCUSSION THREAD  98  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
Who would you rather hear from on the experience of making Aliens? James Cameron or Micheal Bheins?  Peterson  8 years ago 
AVP3 pc-status  10  Shadowwall  8 years ago 
Still kind of early but heres this.  Peterson  8 years ago 
Twitter Updates(Mods Please Confirm that this is acceptable by forum standards)  Peterson  8 years ago 
Site Improvment  11  Peterson  8 years ago 
Trouble connecting to online multiplayer with AVP2  crucial_ninja  8 years ago 
Predator Homeworld....(wtf!)  black_warrior  8 years ago 
Aliens eye's  35  concretehunter  8 years ago 
DasHydra & DeathWraith  Pureblood  8 years ago 
So, Predators...  DeathWraith  8 years ago 
Request to Join  Demise  8 years ago 
what if you were a predator stuck on earth  63  assassin  8 years ago 
A more "Modern" film  concretehunter  8 years ago 
Original VS Original  13  Pureblood  8 years ago 
Is the Queen is AvP dead?  59  Unknown  8 years ago 
Howcome the predators in P1 and P2 are so weak  11  alanwu123  8 years ago 
Is it fine to be a fan of Predator?  14  tashux22  8 years ago 
Predators live for thousands of years?  11  tashux22  8 years ago 
King of PVP  caskkk  8 years ago 
AVP 3 on pc  Shadowwall  8 years ago 
We all know aliens can live a long time but what about the preds  15  Unknown  8 years ago 
how many diffrent alien strains are there...?  predatorgirl  8 years ago 
NEW FILMS...  predatorgirl  8 years ago 
Which would be more dangerous to Earth, the Alien Queen or Predqueen?  25  Xenophile  8 years ago 
IF YOU OPEN YOUR FRONT DOOR......  22  predatorgirl  8 years ago 
Wish List  20  ValkyrieWrath  8 years ago 
AVP on steam.  Peterson  8 years ago 
RPG idea  28  concretehunter  8 years ago 
predators R us the young bloods  predatorgirl  8 years ago 
Predators Movie  10  21GT  8 years ago 
Multiple Off-Topic Threads  22  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
What's your read on the Alien prequel?  14  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
Assumptions, Arguemnets, & Opinions (Predator Related)  18  Hunter_Predator  8 years ago 
Guys...  27  concretehunter  8 years ago 
Top 10 fictional murderers list  36  Leandros88  8 years ago 
The Nostromo  17  Xenomorphose  8 years ago 
AVP music videos  Shadowwall  8 years ago 
The Clans - any news?  32  Sam-Jack-Dunn  8 years ago 
What did you think of the Newborn?  48  Unknown  8 years ago 
Question on Aliens  delta-boy  8 years ago 
MY SKULL 2: The Quickening  312  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
How do I... "level up?"  Pureblood  8 years ago 
What happened to Alien Vs Predator 2 Online?  RonBurgandy1  8 years ago 
Alien, the difference between the dome and the ridge...  Pureblood  8 years ago 
Ridley Scott Dishes Details on Alien Prequel  32  tashux22  8 years ago 
Beserker Pred?  Tam  8 years ago 
a diff type of rp?  tinmanti  8 years ago 
AVP Quote Game   40  ScarredShadow  8 years ago 
The "What If?" Alternate Timeline Thread  33  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
New Member Intro Thread  PredMikeandIke  8 years ago 
AVP2 Online - Patch help  Comatose  8 years ago 
Did you ever play the Team Fortress mod?  Herr_Alien  8 years ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 4: ELECTRIC BUNGALOW  1003  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
RPG Setting Vote Thread (voting has ended)  26  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
Site Improvement Brainstorming Thread  25  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
Website twitter!  Peterson  8 years ago 
RPG Storyline Voting Begins Tomorrow!  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
The RPG Pre-Planning Thread  79  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
Something NEW  20  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
Alien artwork  Joeri  8 years ago 
Its time for the great quote game!  44  PREDATORv2  8 years ago 
Why do you still visit?  88  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
if the site had a?  Peterson  8 years ago 
AVP - XBOX 360   Voltage-3000  8 years ago 
the clan  predlock  8 years ago 
Ideas you'd like to see implemented in AvP stories  21  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
i just started Aliens vs Predator 3  honnou  8 years ago 
Making a Predator and/or Alien Costume  12  Bio_Hazard_13  8 years ago 
what the heck  12  TribalWerewolf9  8 years ago 
MY RETARDED THREAD TIME!!!!  10  DeathWraith  8 years ago 
svp  hish  8 years ago 
Those who don't have Predators in the theaters  Shadowwall  8 years ago 
How high do aliens and preds jump?  donut  8 years ago 
Question?  metalhed130  8 years ago 
IF there were to be another RPG...  42  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
TITLE  Battlemage  8 years ago 
Alien Vs Predator on the Xbox  15  Peterson  8 years ago 
Alien fast food joint?  Battlemage  8 years ago 
Your opinion about the new Predators movie?  15  Peterson  8 years ago 
Fan-theories you love/hate?  20  Deathdrop  8 years ago 
SMARTGUNS IN RPG'S  Sam-Jack-Dunn  8 years ago 

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