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Thankful to be HERE.  DrDiabloSatan  7 years ago 
What I think they did wrong with the AVP movies..  God_of_Plotz13  7 years ago 
Aliens vs Predator 2 - Multiplayer Problems HELP NEEDED  17  DemonKangaroo  7 years ago 
About the OCC  Waralien  7 years ago 
My creation: AvP Annihilation  133  Waralien  7 years ago 
avp level  supersonicman96  7 years ago 
So I was watching Alien  Waralien  7 years ago 
Alien Gender?  13  Unknown  7 years ago 
HOW YOU BECAME YOU!  407  RIP  7 years ago 
The best Predator weapon  10  supersonicman96  7 years ago 
What is the huge backpack thing on the back of a Pred?  Dark  7 years ago 
If the Yautja mount a full scale attack on Xenomorph Prime what would happen?  Dark  7 years ago 
Ok! Alien 3  25  ash  7 years ago 
ddfIntroduce yourself  xiaoyu111  7 years ago 
Elite predator did he have a plasma caster?  Dark  7 years ago 
A suggestion  ShadowScale  7 years ago 
predator vision modes  Dark  7 years ago 
How does Wolf lose his mandible?  Dark  7 years ago 
War  supersonicman96  7 years ago 
AvP: Requiem - thoughts  ThunderSoul  7 years ago 
New Imax Prometheus trailer - Watch and discuss!  54  daveberg  7 years ago 
Is the predalien's blood acidic?  Dark  7 years ago 
best scene from predator  11  supersonicman96  7 years ago 
Latest HD Prometheus Stills  daveberg  7 years ago 
What was your reaction to the Alien.  10  supersonicman96  7 years ago 
Damn it y'all (Low site activity)  22  DrDiabloSatan  7 years ago 
Prometheus-The Jockeys/Proto-Xenomorphs  20  FireHunter  7 years ago 
2nd Prometheus Trailer.  ash  7 years ago 
The beacon from the derelict in ALIEN = Noomi Rapace speech in start of Prometheus trailer?  10  daveberg  7 years ago 
Prometheus viral marketing  12  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
Peter Weyland TED Talk 2023  Praetorian  7 years ago 
H.R. Giger's Harkonnen Castle design finally seen in Prometheus  Hyperdome  7 years ago 
Prometheus - See anything familiar......?  10  daveberg  7 years ago 
Five most provocative things from the “Prometheus” trailer  14  Praetorian  7 years ago 
Your thoughts on the official Prometheus trailer?  daveberg  7 years ago 
So if the space jockies created the aliens when did the pre.....  16  Unknown  7 years ago 
Best set design?  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
do you think the new Species predators was a good idea?  18  avp-extinction  7 years ago 
Prometheus - A prequel to Alien, or not?  66  daveberg  7 years ago 
Your top 5 Kills in the Alien franchise  XENOMETALER  7 years ago 
AVP/AVP Requiem Cause timeline issues for Prometheus?  29  daveberg  7 years ago 
So... Which Movie had the Best Music?  10  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
Preview trailer thoughts - Prometheus crashes into 'derelict'  daveberg  7 years ago 
understand   hujh2012  7 years ago 
Your Favorite Race and Why.  11  Peterson  7 years ago 
The Capcom A/P Arcade Game?  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
What are you looking for in the next AVP game.  17  supersonicman96  7 years ago 
Best Game?  17  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
My first fanmade ALIENS vid  dewey70  7 years ago 
Sandy Collora the man that should've directed AvP  Praetorian  7 years ago 
What was missing  supersonicman96  7 years ago 
... Batman on LV-426!  Praetorian  7 years ago 
jo53  jo53  7 years ago 
NEW MEMBERS PLEASE READ.  FireHunter  7 years ago 
jo53  jo53  7 years ago 
Things that shouldn't have been in the games.  supersonicman96  7 years ago 
Yautji or Pred Information (all u need to know)  11  celtic102  7 years ago 
AvP 2 Multiplayer Names  Biorex98  7 years ago 
Predator Blood  PREDATORv2  7 years ago 
PredAlien Mandibles  17  Unknown  7 years ago 
SPECIES  bloodstriker  7 years ago 
Iseijin's WIP pile (Updated)  14  Iseijin  7 years ago 
What originally made you a fan?  24  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
PREDATORS : copy of predator or a new vision?  10  predahound  7 years ago 
Hey Gaunt (Picture of your alien character)  13  Biorex98  7 years ago 
Biorex's Picture Request topic  Biorex98  7 years ago 
Prometheus.  21  ash  7 years ago 
Aliens predator and marine reasearch  badapple24  7 years ago 
Anyone Please Read!  18  AvP_Rookie  7 years ago 
And then came THE IDEA.  666  7 years ago 
Future Developments, What you want to see.  33  Peterson  7 years ago 
New Skill System - Comments & Suggestions  30  Praetorian  7 years ago 
Appeal to all members  Praetorian  7 years ago 
Your favorite unused concepts?  17  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
Creatures in the AVP universe...  14  Pureblood  7 years ago 
Development status  27  Praetorian  7 years ago 
A message to Moderators about Clans.  concretehunter  7 years ago 
Recomendations  concretehunter  7 years ago 
What predators do when they're not killing people  Praetorian  7 years ago 
IM NEW   predahound  7 years ago or  15  Praetorian  7 years ago 
help with multiplayer online!?  MichelleNyan  7 years ago 
old Fight Thread  419  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
The new trailer that Gaunt linked.  26  DeathWraith  7 years ago 
AVP2 and win 7 Blurry Font Help  cj31387  7 years ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 666: THE RAPTURE THAT WASN'T (18+)  1001  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
Streaming marathon  concretehunter  7 years ago 
Destroy the franchise!  36  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
How to make or get a signiture  Abominamentum  7 years ago 
AvP2 how to mod?  ACzeMiky  7 years ago 
alien   16conradf  7 years ago 
Alien Prometheus  PREDATORv2  7 years ago 
In regards to the "Official" RPG  13  Peterson  7 years ago 
Favorite Settings for AVP Movies and Books  ScarredShadow  7 years ago 
Site Movie Poll  17  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
Anarchy: The Beginning of the End  Waralien  7 years ago 
Halloween costumes!  22  donut  7 years ago 
Colony Aveah  X5  7 years ago 
Aliens: Colonial Marines  10  Pureblood  8 years ago 
please help, how to host avp2 server ???  mocka456  8 years ago 

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