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Space Jockey Homeworld....  30  Dark  6 years ago 
Story Writer  alienxeno  6 years ago 
Freaked out  supersonicman96  6 years ago 
Alien: Colonial Marine  54  Peterson  6 years ago 
Who do you idolize on this site  Xeno-Hunter  6 years ago 
Scarface predator or Dark(Not me the pred from AVP 2010)  Dark  6 years ago 
what is the best  ragnarok521  6 years ago 
do you think there will be another avp movie, pred movie or alien movie?  beotray  6 years ago 
alien growt question  29  Unknown  6 years ago 
So, about Litany of Fire...  -Bloo-  6 years ago 
A split fanbase for Prometheus  -Bloo-  6 years ago 
I wish to join to clan  Daparet  6 years ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 7: PRECEDING 8!!!!!  1000  Deathdrop  6 years ago 
The Opening of Prometheus  34  Deathdrop  6 years ago 
Interwiew with Preatorian FOR PREATORIAN the webmaster of this page if you are somewhere please read :)  ragnarok521  6 years ago 
A-P Artwork   Honbuka  6 years ago 
A formal request for a clan war with The Hive   concretehunter  6 years ago 
AvP Reference in Hit TV show Angel.  concretehunter  7 years ago 
FAVORITE PREDATOR  14  yautjahunter2000  7 years ago 
ALIENS-Labyrinth   Deathdrop  7 years ago 
Aliens Colonial Marines Pre-order Skins  Honbuka  7 years ago 
predator names  21  OTANG  7 years ago 
Is there a cover story between the extinct clans  Dark  7 years ago 
If you like AVP and want to see it again...see Prometheus! *SPOILERS*  Hooper-man22  7 years ago 
where are aliens eyes?  29  Unknown  7 years ago 
New DVD Covers.  ash  7 years ago 
free avp online game links  hish  7 years ago 
Scar Predator or Wolf Predator  24  tashux22  7 years ago 
HOW CAN I GET MORE POINTS FOR STUFF ?  ragnarok521  7 years ago 
Apple app  ragnarok521  7 years ago 
Stupid logical  10  ragnarok521  7 years ago 
What song are you listening now?  JamesSmith  7 years ago 
Favorite TV show?  conaneddy  7 years ago 
some time within july im getting AvP3! i was just wandering if anyone had any tips or hints they would be willing to give out  XenoPred321  7 years ago 
*EDITED BY MODS*  markkavin  7 years ago 
YOUR Movie- Fun  ScarredShadow  7 years ago 
AVP universe  16  supersonicman96  7 years ago 
*EDITED BY DEATHDROP*  safiajen0055  7 years ago 
True AvP  tawganator  7 years ago 
Characters Wanted for Story - Xenos and Humans Only  Xenomorph1212  7 years ago 
Does the Queen Xenomorph have the ability to crawl up walls?  XenoPred321  7 years ago 
egg sacks  alienxeno  7 years ago 
What are some of your likes and dislikes about alien resurrection?  XenoPred321  7 years ago 
Alien Saga 3D promo display - 3 days left on eBay  Ivortheinjun  7 years ago 
The MUSIC thread  47  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
Would it be fair to molt into a cystic alien in an rpg?  XenoPred321  7 years ago 
Prometheus Credits Scene  tawganator  7 years ago 
points  god-of-death  7 years ago 
When did the Nostromo land on LV-426  Ravagers  7 years ago 
Mr Weyland  Ravagers  7 years ago 
Xeno facts  15  DrDiabloSatan  7 years ago 
Deleting Inactive Members  Xenomorph1212  7 years ago 
writing a book about a xenomorph?  14  novelist  7 years ago 
what happens if a facehugger hugs an alien?  11  Dark  7 years ago 
eldenmisty  eldenmisty  7 years ago 
My personal experience with Prometheus.  concretehunter  7 years ago 
They were being chased by something else!!!!  10  PREDATORv2  7 years ago 
The 'Promethius' metahphor is what? *Spoilers* *Speculative thread*  killswitch  7 years ago 
Damage Control *SPOILERS*  22  Praetorian  7 years ago 
WildC.A.T.s vs. Aliens  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
error loading saved game  RedShift  7 years ago 
Could the AVP Elder be called Scar?  tashux22  7 years ago 
Whats happening in Prometheus?  Dark  7 years ago 
who wants to fight with me?  beotray  7 years ago 
F.N.G  Xenokillyou  7 years ago 
could there ever be a fight between scar and wolf  11  scar500  7 years ago 
Why are preds so underarmoured?  Dark  7 years ago 
I have a confession  tawganator  7 years ago 
what predator figurines do you have? aliens accepted too1  Dark  7 years ago 
Aliens: how big can they really get?  28  TITANOSAUR  7 years ago 
palace of predators (only for predators)  god-of-death  7 years ago 
Anatomy of the Xenomorph  10  Praetorian  7 years ago 
conversation about predator concrete jungle  esxf77  7 years ago 
Character bios wanted for story!   13  Echo-Wolf23  7 years ago 
RP 2  Predlover22  7 years ago 
RP 3  Predlover22  7 years ago 
RP  Predlover22  7 years ago 
rpg me  god-of-death  7 years ago 
predator_scar  predator_scar  7 years ago 
RPG Character Thread  19  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
Prometheus poster IMAX limited edition  Peterson  7 years ago 
My Skull  95  Peterson  7 years ago 
Last 8 minutes of Prometheus - Alien 'DNA'  25  daveberg  7 years ago 
Biorex's Xenomorph  24  Biorex98  7 years ago 
Hey Deathdrop  tawganator  7 years ago 
Best idea ever!   concretehunter  7 years ago 
Help!  DarkLordCetanu  7 years ago 
RPG Reminder  11  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
Too much info  17  Praetorian  7 years ago 
Aliens Colonial Marines Preview  ash  7 years ago 
"Quiet Eye" Viral Video  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
Buffy vs. Aliens  21  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
any yautja or humans out there?   12  toomak  7 years ago 
The Dogalien's Chestburster...  10  -Bloo-  7 years ago 
Possible Prometheus Sequel  tawganator  7 years ago 
New Creature revealed in latest Prometheus trailer  19  daveberg  7 years ago 
Threat response: Xenomorph evolution and tactics  Waralien  7 years ago 
aliens vs predator 2 multiplayer problems need help  mrturkeytoe  7 years ago 
Finally! R Rated!  ash  7 years ago 
Why dont the humans and the predators team up?  14  Dark  7 years ago 

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