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Do xenomorphs need to eat to survive?  11  Kirby-Cage  6 years ago 
an all out war  11  badapple24  6 years ago 
Aliens Colonial marines  48  badapple24  6 years ago 
avp and alien timeline issue  25  avp-rookie  6 years ago 
xenomorph forms  11  avp-rookie  6 years ago 
"Pure" Xenomorphs  15  -Bloo-  6 years ago 
I got It!!!  badapple24  6 years ago 
A/P/AVP Comics DIscussion   11  Deathdrop  6 years ago 
Notice to all participants of the All out War sparring chamber RPG.  Peterson  6 years ago 
Ever had a dream related to alien or predator?  30  Shalt_Evens  6 years ago 
Alien versus Predator Anime  31  xenotaris  6 years ago 
why did the pred in predator2 spare the pregnant woman?  39  beotray  6 years ago 
Are there different types of predators?  HUNTER1003  6 years ago 
The name Yautja  EJJR  6 years ago 
Favorite Alien, Human or Android, and Predator  27  gamefreak33797  6 years ago 
Aliens: Colonial Marines Wallpapers  badapple24  6 years ago 
Chestburster directions.  15  concretehunter  6 years ago 
AVP 3 ?  28  ragnarok521  6 years ago 
HM & Balatu Vs The Hive & SS (RPG up!)  72  concretehunter  6 years ago 
favorite aliens predator or avp game  HUNTER1003  6 years ago 
What would happen if you sucsessfully stowed away on a Predator ship?  26  badapple24  6 years ago 
AvP Gifts!  13  concretehunter  6 years ago 
are xenomorphs hunters or cowards or even softeis   27  HUNTER1003  6 years ago 
The thing about Predator Netting  badapple24  6 years ago 
Lindelof isn't writing Prometheus 2...  12  Deathdrop  6 years ago 
would you rather fight a alien or fight a predator  HUNTER1003  6 years ago 
Ah, Memories  30  badapple24  6 years ago 
custom predator weapons armor or abilities  HUNTER1003  6 years ago 
avp vs alien vs predator: saga war  HUNTER1003  6 years ago 
preds being tested.  20  beotray  6 years ago 
Can Yautja cloak without their masks?  42  concretehunter  6 years ago 
Your thoughts on the alien saga and predator saga?  badapple24  6 years ago 
xenomorphs verus predxenos verus predators  HUNTER1003  6 years ago 
Predator:Concrete jungle Likes And Dislikes?  badapple24  6 years ago 
design your own predator armor  manfred  6 years ago 
Origin of the words Xenomorph and Yautja  18  concretehunter  6 years ago 
aliens vs aliens  23  beotray  6 years ago 
Augmented Xenomorph  10  tawganator  6 years ago 
Where to find Aliens font?  jameswebber  6 years ago 
AVP- ALIEN VS PAUL ANDERSON  14  Xenomorphose  7 years ago 
Are Aliens Mammals?  16  concretehunter  7 years ago 
which was worse?  20  daveberg  7 years ago 
The most underrated movie  12  Praetorian  7 years ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 8: FOLLOWING 7!  1022  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
PREDATOR COSTUME  god-of-death  7 years ago 
Elites VS Predators  AlienWarriorX888  7 years ago 
engineer again?in avp classic 2000?aw no........  alienxeno  7 years ago 
Make your own Yautja weapon  59  Hunter_Predator  7 years ago 
Blaine and Billy make an appearance in the Avengers  19  tawganator  7 years ago 
Early Prometheus Drafts  26  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
ipod app  god-of-death  7 years ago 
Predator concrete jungle  20  badapple24  7 years ago 
predator question?  penny  7 years ago 
New Xenos variants in Aliens: Colonial Marines: Discuss!   26  Forerunner  7 years ago 
Predator or Engineer?  37  ash  7 years ago 
Prometheus theories  40  badapple24  7 years ago 
If you could make your own AVP game... how would you make it?  Ravagers  7 years ago 
I want to join a Yautja clan  hunter4acid  7 years ago 
Does Prometheus Actually belong to the alien Franchise  badapple24  7 years ago 
Alien vs Predator via Steam  Peterson  7 years ago 
Prometheus on DVD/Bluray in US  PREDATORv2  7 years ago 
Prometheus Explained  Praetorian  7 years ago 
Aliens:Colonial marines latest news and theories  badapple24  7 years ago 
I think there should be a FIGURES catogory.  jjayman117  7 years ago 
can i make a off topic rpg?  alienxeno  7 years ago 
Your RPG style?  21  badapple24  7 years ago 
please help me!  alienxeno  7 years ago 
Race and Clan Interviews   ThePredator13  7 years ago 
Why are there so few marines?  20  alienxeno  7 years ago 
Favorite Predator Mask?  19  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
avp 2  guts-glory  7 years ago 
Favorite Aspects?  17  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
avp arcade?  11  alienxeno  7 years ago 
Story sign up ALIENS ONLY  25  badapple24  7 years ago 
i dont get it  esxf77  7 years ago 
Sign up for fan fiction book  ThePredator13  7 years ago 
Your speices  badapple24  7 years ago 
questions.quiz  alienxeno  7 years ago 
to thepredator13 please read.  alienxeno  7 years ago 
Whats a Celtic Predator?  Nemesis  7 years ago 
What fascinates you about the Xenomorphs?  Mebber  7 years ago 
Which Movie is Your Favorite?  30  ragnarok521  7 years ago 
Why This Site?  11  Deathdrop  7 years ago 
Which game do you suggest ?  11  ragnarok521  7 years ago 
A Question about alien  badapple24  7 years ago 
Why is there so many Xenos in the RPGs  11  Titulus12  7 years ago 
AVP cool videos ! Chapter 2 !   ragnarok521  7 years ago 
A common question  Honbuka  7 years ago 
Alien vs Predator Who will win and how to survive !  ragnarok521  7 years ago 
Who do you like better: Xenomorphs, Yautjas, Humans or Hybrids?  18  DarkSerpentine  7 years ago 
Prometheus Discussion  89  ash  7 years ago 
pred mask protection  alienxeno  7 years ago 
what would happen if a facehugger was able to latch onto a synthetic?  14  badapple24  7 years ago 
predator vs space jockey game  alienxeno  7 years ago 
alien empress fun facts  alienxeno  7 years ago 
favorite avp game.  27  alienxeno  7 years ago 
Cool AVP videos ! Watch them !   ragnarok521  7 years ago 
It's like finding that old embarrassing high school yearbook...  20  -Bloo-  7 years ago 
Profile pics for all species !!!  ragnarok521  7 years ago 

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