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Which type of Alien is your Favorite!  13  Xenotor  5 years ago 
Promethius 'Alien' Question *Spoilers Here*  19  killswitch  5 years ago 
Have you ever has a dream about Alien?  12  Honbuka  5 years ago 
Colonial Marines - Tribute video (Bonus Aliens soundtrack)  daveberg  5 years ago 
**CONFIRMED** Prometheus 2 casting update!!  AndyUK  5 years ago 
why don't people just cover their mouths or put face masks on to protect themselves from face huggers  28  XenoPred321  5 years ago 
Prometheus new creature name? *SPOILERS*  23  bug-hunt  5 years ago 
What do you think could be done better with the AvP, Aliens, and Predators franchises ?  36  XenoPred321  5 years ago 
Could the deacon alien be a completely different species of xenomorph than the original ones.  17  shockwave  5 years ago 
Alien Force (revised 2012) MediaFire link.  10  AndyUK  5 years ago 
SHADOWBLADE! YOUR SKULL IS MINE!!!!  45  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
Aliens colonial marines 2  14  shockwave  5 years ago 
Interesting Promoetheus Theory   23  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
Favorite Species and why?  26  concretehunter  5 years ago 
How big can a queen get?  13  shockwave  5 years ago 
how do aliens eat when they have no throat in their mouth  27  shockwave  5 years ago 
what would you do if you were in the middle of a predator and alien battle and they were closing in on you?  43  HUNTER1003  5 years ago 
No possible way to make your own clan on here?  shockwave  5 years ago 
Berserker alien?  shockwave  5 years ago 
AVP: evolution ps3?  shockwave  5 years ago 
how do xenomorphs see and hear?  11  ultimate-xeno  5 years ago 
Do you still play Avp 3 ? and if so what are your strategies ?   13  Blizzard  5 years ago 
do other xenomorph clans kill each other?  shockwave  5 years ago 
Whats your Favorite xeno types  12  snakemaster22  5 years ago 
if you could, would you make a xenomorph talk? why or why not  22  shockwave  5 years ago 
can facehuggers attach to more than just humans and predators?  ultimate-xeno  5 years ago 
whats your favorite avp game.  ultimate-xeno  5 years ago 
CM Raven Speculation  36  shockwave  5 years ago 
what is your favorite predator or alien movie ?  25  HUNTER1003  5 years ago 
How long can a predator live for?  shockwave  5 years ago 
lets talk about each others avatars  shockwave  5 years ago 
how are alien kings made  17  shockwave  5 years ago 
how to train a xenomorph please check this topic out  shockwave  5 years ago 
third person or first person  24  alienxeno  5 years ago 
Could xenomorphs be controlled by marines?  22  shockwave  5 years ago 
Aliens DLC/Neca  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Aliens Colonial Marines - First Play  65  killinaintcrazy  5 years ago 
AVP Comics  Waralien  5 years ago 
Alien information source  shockwave  5 years ago 
human and predator and xenomorph hyprid?  10  shockwave  5 years ago 
Why does the raven beat up other xenomorphs  10  shockwave  5 years ago 
Alien colonial marines and AVP 3 (2010) clan for PS3  shockwave  5 years ago 
Whats Your Favorite Alien/Predator Film  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Predators 2/ do any of you guys want aliens in this movie. What do you think  shockwave  5 years ago 
Prometheus 2/ paradise  shockwave  5 years ago 
what would you want in avp 3?  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Any avp clans aviable  shockwave  5 years ago 
Aliens and predators becoming friends ?  shockwave  5 years ago 
Aliens Colonial marines: Let's talk WARNING SPOILERS MAY BE HERE  32  badapple24  5 years ago 
Your favourite member  66  badapple24  5 years ago 
are predators better than aliens?  HUNTER1003  5 years ago 
Predators 2 discussion thread!  12  concretehunter  5 years ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 10: DECADE OF DICK-JOKES  1015  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
Unfair rules  14  WolfThePredator  5 years ago 
how do you add a signature ?  Ethieus  5 years ago 
Play Date!  17  concretehunter  5 years ago 
Old Xeno vs New  15  -Bloo-  5 years ago 
why did the engineers create the xenos?  17  krio  5 years ago 
Status change?  Voltage-3000  5 years ago 
Colonial Marines  supersonicman96  5 years ago 
What would Freud say about H.R Giger?  19  concretehunter  5 years ago 
Prometheus 2 Discussion  21  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Download for avp games?  superxinyang  5 years ago 
a modest proposal  29  skull_ripper  6 years ago 
Is the Monster Xenomorph based on Plankton?  concretehunter  6 years ago 
AvP2 Multiplayer Problem (Internet)  Hlkkat  6 years ago 
The actual Xenomorphs   snakemaster22  6 years ago 
Staff Q&A  55  Peterson  6 years ago 
ValkryieWraith  Peterson  6 years ago 
PREDATORS 2?  PredAlienWarrior  6 years ago 
Aliens - INFESTED Fan series   PredAlienWarrior  6 years ago 
I thought this might be fun so draw your character   13  snakemaster22  6 years ago 
The line between primitve and tech  Voltage-3000  6 years ago 
The degrading of the Predator.  35  concretehunter  6 years ago 
Predators from AVPR  PredAlienWarrior  6 years ago 
WTB: Hot Toys Chopper Predator figure (complete and in awesome shape)  Chopper_Predator  6 years ago 
Aliens Fan Film  PredAlienWarrior  6 years ago 
WTB: Hot Toys Chopper Predator figure (complete and in awesome shape)  Chopper_Predator  6 years ago 
New member: Chopper_Predator  Chopper_Predator  6 years ago 
Whatever happened to Dutch.  22  concretehunter  6 years ago 
How you became a fan?  23  ragnarok521  6 years ago 
Whats Your Favorite Alien/Predator Film  PredAlienWarrior  6 years ago 
my bro got banned?  krio  6 years ago 
Alien Sensory Abilities  Deathdrop  6 years ago 
My new RPG Restless Hive  snakemaster22  6 years ago 
AVP 2 full game + online play  13  Shadowwall  6 years ago 
Who are YOU in the HIVE  snakemaster22  6 years ago 
Your Favourite scenes from the alien Franchise or the AVP franchise?  32  badapple24  6 years ago 
Your own custom predator...  badapple24  6 years ago 
ALIENS COLONY MINIATURE SET HELP!!!!  PredAlienWarrior  6 years ago 
Its been a long time since i last visited this site...  superxinyang  6 years ago 
The video game franchise  26  Voltage-3000  6 years ago 
How Xenomorphs View Their Human Prey  Rampage  6 years ago 
What Do Predators Eat?  18  Rampage  6 years ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 9: YOU KNOW, WHATEVER...  1005  Deathdrop  6 years ago 
Do xenomorphs need to eat to survive?  11  Kirby-Cage  6 years ago 
an all out war  11  badapple24  6 years ago 
Aliens Colonial marines  48  badapple24  6 years ago 
avp and alien timeline issue  25  avp-rookie  6 years ago 
xenomorph forms  11  avp-rookie  6 years ago 

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