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OFF-TOPIC THREAD 13: TITLE TO BE DETERMINED  1005  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
Super Queen?  EliteHunter13  5 years ago 
Invasion  26  -Bloo-  5 years ago 
What Would Happen If All Our Characters Were Locked In A Room?  40  Rampage  5 years ago 
Reports of a "giant sea spider" have surfaced...  11  -Bloo-  5 years ago 
How do xenomorphs use the restroom?   zero-alpha  5 years ago 
Yautja during off season-the homestead edition  skull_ripper  5 years ago 
Winged Xenomorph Strains?  17  zero-alpha  5 years ago 
How long do alien eggs stay viable?   Gambusia  5 years ago 
AvP Hunt Begins  AvPHB_Michal  5 years ago 
Would you like to see a predator war?  12  zero-alpha  5 years ago 
The cool AVP image thread  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
An Amazon Discovery  DarkLioness  5 years ago 
Ciaosarah is a Right C*nt (or: Deathdrop loses it)  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
AVP extinction 2 Existed ...sort of   Blizzard  5 years ago 
Giant xenomorphs?  zero-alpha  5 years ago 
What Makes The Alien and Predator Franchises So Intriguing?  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Why Aliens and Predators Franchises Have Hit The Toilet.  21  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Predator Ships  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
AVP 4 wish list  45  shockwave  5 years ago 
Fighting syles  Saint  5 years ago 
Fighting Stance  12  black_warrior  5 years ago 
PFVproduction presents AvP Lost Hope machinima  PFVproduction  5 years ago 
PREDATOR PETS  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Can I ask you a question Gaunt?  supersonicman96  5 years ago 
How a Hive Works  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
NEW PREDATOR MOVIE COMING SOON !? #HuntThePredator  22  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Emotion Upon Watching Alien For The First Time  17  Dronehive  5 years ago 
Black Liquid Theory  Dronehive  5 years ago 
Well, there's something you don't see everyday...  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
Borderline inappropriate AvP fanflick!  sparksmcgee  5 years ago 
Domain name is WHAT?! (or, Deathdrop scares everyone for no reason)  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
Ideas for the next Predator  supersonicman96  5 years ago 
New Alien book! Author interview and Signed copy giveaway.  22  concretehunter  5 years ago 
AVP UNIVERSE CLAN VIDEOS  28  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Predator 1 - Was the Jungle Hunter the Only Predator?  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Predators Skin Colors  16  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Predator Religion  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
AVP Comics  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Could Alien, Predator or AVP be a t.v. Series?  10  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Why didn't Engineers use bombs instead?  14  -Bloo-  5 years ago 
Xenomorph traits?  ultimate-xeno  5 years ago 
Alternate Xeno Designs?  12  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
Where should the next Predator Film be?  48  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Nooks and Crannies   28  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
Development of your RPG character?  12  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
3 PLAYER AVP ARCADE  capgun  5 years ago 
Could aliens or predators make a cross over with an entirely different franchise?  17  zero-alpha  5 years ago 
Dark Horse A/P Reboot  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
How many different types of predator do you think there are, post your own if you'd like   13  badapple24  5 years ago 
AVP movie reboot?  zero-alpha  5 years ago 
What makes a Predator a Predator?  11  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
inactive members.  48  krio  5 years ago 
The Thing vs Alien  24  Dronehive  5 years ago 
A Third AVP Movie? How Could it Work?  17  ultimate-xeno  5 years ago 
Somewat non-canon Xeno Theory  10  Dronehive  5 years ago 
Fight Potential (while staying true to the Giger Drone/Jungle Hunter)  10  -Bloo-  5 years ago 
Something a lot of people may have missed in "Alien" - among other things.  FireHunter  5 years ago 
Prometheus 2 (and 3)  -Bloo-  5 years ago 
Radioactive xenomorphs?  zero-alpha  5 years ago 
Why no praetorians in the movies.  ultimate-xeno  5 years ago 
Na'vi alien?  badapple24  5 years ago 
The terrifying force of nature hybrid  zero-alpha  5 years ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 12: DID YOU BRING YOUR 3-D GLASSES!?!  1002  Peterson  5 years ago 
Do predators have personalitys.  ultimate-xeno  5 years ago 
Predalien vs New Born  14  Skelitore  5 years ago 
What is your favorite movie in the franchise?  WaterHunted  5 years ago 
AVP FRANCHISE DOOMED?  12  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Oh my god, AvP2 is so good.  legend9090  5 years ago 
Ok once again I'm sorry! Ok sheesh!  WrathyChick  5 years ago 
For Krio  supersonicman96  5 years ago 
Hey! Why Was I Banned For No Reason?!  WrathyGal15  5 years ago 
I need a Queen  13  ArcheonXeno  5 years ago 
Thank you for Banning me for the third time Peterson-Shockwave  heatwave  6 years ago 
Alien Queen  PredAlienWarrior  6 years ago 
How do you make a topic in the sparring chambers  Xenotor  6 years ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 11: MY MEDS STOPPED WORKING  1012  Deathdrop  6 years ago 
Gender in the AVP Universe  117  shockwave  6 years ago 
Predator Rituals  11  Deathdrop  6 years ago 
Predator Blooded Tests  35  Hunter_Predator  6 years ago 
Predator tech & Hierarchy  26  -Bloo-  6 years ago 
RPG Writing general discussion  Deathdrop  6 years ago 
Dark Blade Clan symbol  Benatos  6 years ago 
Aliens colonial marines movie pack DLC  shockwave  6 years ago 
SPACE DINOSAURS!  skull_ripper  6 years ago 
Sparring Chamber Revival  10  Deathdrop  6 years ago 
Which Species is Your Favorite?  23  ragnarok521  6 years ago 
Why does Weyland-Yutani want xenomorphs for?  15  EliteHunter13  6 years ago 
Which PredAlien would win (AVPR predalien)Chet vs. The Abomination aka BG-386  15  Xenotor  6 years ago 
Which Rank of the Predators is your Favorite  14  Xenotor  6 years ago 
Thoughts on Bolaji Badejo  10  concretehunter  6 years ago 
So... Is the Predator Honor Code bullshit?  82  Deathdrop  6 years ago 
Prometheus Sequel Speculation  39  Deathdrop  6 years ago 
Who would win, Number 6 or Grid?  34  ENGINEER  6 years ago 
OLD Request a Fight Topic (Don't post here)  682  Peterson  6 years ago 
the crusher  35  shockwave  6 years ago 
your favourite xenomorph attack method  10  daveberg  6 years ago 
I hate the Aliens!!!!  44  killer45  6 years ago 
next alien movie  47  shockwave  6 years ago 

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