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The "Hive" concept introduced in Aliens... Good or bad?  49  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
Rules for posting Fan Fics?  Pred_Killer  9 years ago 
4 New AVP3 Articles and Info! Custom Mods to come!  ChrisP  9 years ago 
Alien Resurrection Question  15  PREDATORv2  9 years ago 
Would the M41A Pulse Rifle's 10mm Ammunition penetrate Predator Armour?  30  Sam-Jack-Dunn  9 years ago 
Paul Anderson got Hitched!  20  FireHunter  9 years ago 
AvP 1's "Chariots of the Predators" idea  24  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
drone to warrior  26  xeno_man  9 years ago 
Just a Question, no flaming please.  Pred_Killer  9 years ago 
Aliens Colonial Marines? Or Aliens vs. Predator?  12  ChrisP  9 years ago 
Predator3  PREDATORv2  9 years ago 
Predators at $40 Million Budget & Latest News  ChrisP  9 years ago 
AVP3 powered by DirectX11 /ATi. - NEWS -  29  ChrisP  9 years ago 
AVP 3 - PC Version  Auto_Pred  9 years ago 
Army National Gaurd  39  Kidd  9 years ago 
AvP 2 Medallion??? Did I get the wrong one?  justme  9 years ago 
how to make a clane?  34  hunterspray55  9 years ago 
General AvP video game Q&A Topic  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
Alien fan game  JumpDaBoot  9 years ago 
Dark Horse AVP Comics  PREDATORv2  9 years ago 
Favorite A/P soundtrack?  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
AvP 3 Hijinks!  44  assassin  9 years ago 
These forums powered by HTML?  ChrisP  9 years ago 
Alien prequel-Scott's return?  34  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
Tried contacting the Webmaster...  ChrisP  9 years ago 
Authorization for a sound in a 3D short movie  carcio  9 years ago 
General RPG topic  83  assassin  9 years ago 
AvP 3 Marines Trailer  14  DeathWraith  9 years ago 
Predators using meta material  17  -Bloo-  9 years ago 
Servers?  MercReign  9 years ago 
Half Way Through Hell  Kidd  9 years ago 
AVP2 sounds   honnou  9 years ago 
About The Wolf Predator  tashux22  9 years ago 
Aliens  concretehunter  9 years ago 
hunters moon clan requerst  cyclone  9 years ago 
Aliens RPG cancelled D:  delta-boy  9 years ago 
Aliens vs Predator- The Game (2010)  18  Stalker  9 years ago 
Joining RP late?  Alexandria_Rykov  9 years ago 
Aliens: Colonial Marines  14  assassin  9 years ago 
Rules question:  Sam-Jack-Dunn  9 years ago 
End of the Line RPG  PREDATORv2  9 years ago 
Requesting...  12  delta-boy  9 years ago 
deadline?  concretehunter  9 years ago 
Are Audio commentary's Canon?  tashux22  9 years ago 
what if you werh in a zombie apocalips  assassin  9 years ago 
Avp alien egg's  24  bug-hunt  9 years ago 
Old memories  19  concretehunter  9 years ago 
RPG INFO + Q&A  111  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
Weyland-Yutani: Clan Requests  Sam-Jack-Dunn  9 years ago 
The Delightful Rhyming 3 word story thread  148  Leandros88  9 years ago 
RPG SIGN-UPS! JULY 22nd DEADLINE!  43  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
So... How the hell did the facehugger get through Kane's helmet?  29  Deathdrop  9 years ago 
WEYLAND-YUTANI COMMAND CHANGE  Sam-Jack-Dunn  9 years ago 
Ellesa_Cooper  PREDATORv2  9 years ago 
Rodriguez's 'crazy and intense' idea  20  -Bloo-  9 years ago 
X  Ellesa_Cooper  1 decade ago 
X  Ellesa_Cooper  1 decade ago 
Epic Quote Thread tbh...  delta-boy  1 decade ago 
Something cool about the Predator Lifespan  tashux22  1 decade ago 
WOW  Nitras  1 decade ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD ARCHIVE  1000  Deathdrop  1 decade ago 
Assassin & Co.  Deathdrop  1 decade ago 
Crossovers  Deathdrop  1 decade ago 
AvP Comics  Deathdrop  1 decade ago 
Is this true to Predator canon  tashux22  1 decade ago 
Ok if the Elder Predator (AVP)  13  tashux22  1 decade ago 
X  blodshed3  1 decade ago 
how  assassin  1 decade ago 
Alien Vs Predator 2 Help?  Raptorsb  1 decade ago 
Gamertags  14  voodoopredator  1 decade ago 
Announcement  21  PREDATORv2  1 decade ago 
this topic is for ds and i_lost_my_corm only  assassin  1 decade ago 
How Do I Play Online?  crushed  1 decade ago 
Sig Makers on avp2?  12  killswitch  1 decade ago 
Stop making blank threads!  DeathWraith  1 decade ago 
50 hottest sci fi women  21  assassin  1 decade ago 
X  tashux22  1 decade ago 
X  tashux22  1 decade ago 
Hey, i'm new.  ChrisP  1 decade ago 
Could the movies be split in to 3 timelines?  18  tashux22  1 decade ago 
Jungle Hunter would be proud.  14  -Bloo-  1 decade ago 
is there any way?  killswitch  1 decade ago 
pity......  27  daveberg  1 decade ago 
what whould you do?  13  DEATHSTALKER  1 decade ago 
what whould you do if you were alien stuck on earth  i_lost_my_corm  1 decade ago 
jockey?  32  daveberg  1 decade ago 
alien and predator allies?  Grid-Head  1 decade ago 
Boredom leads to bad poster...  -Bloo-  1 decade ago 
AvP3 Interview  DeathWraith  1 decade ago 
AvP2 help  silet_hunter1983  1 decade ago 
DESTRUCTION  23  assassin  1 decade ago 
Dark Blade Clan predators  Grid-Head  1 decade ago 
Pics and Drawings   Grid-Head  1 decade ago 
What would the Elder do? (AVP)  30  tashux22  1 decade ago 
What if?  Grid-Head  1 decade ago 
Aliens exposed to radiation...  32  -Bloo-  1 decade ago 
Alien and Predator Animations and Music Videos!  MasterRavager  1 decade ago 
Alien 5?????  21  chopper27  1 decade ago 
dog alien= runner?  15  solo_pred  1 decade ago 
does the predator cloak work on aliens???  The-hunter  1 decade ago 

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