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What is the proper Omnibus reading order?  Cleosis  4 years ago 
The Greatest Alien/Predator/AVP Review of All Time  Deathdrop  4 years ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 16: FUCK  1002  Deathdrop  4 years ago 
Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 - Thoughts?  23  daveberg  4 years ago 
Yautja [Predator] Vs Mala kaK [Engineers]  supreme676  4 years ago 
Alien vs Predator for Linux, Mac OS X, AROS, MorphOS and Pandora  mateo14927  4 years ago 
Aliens Vs Mala kak Vs Predator Fire and Stone!  supreme676  4 years ago 
Badapple24's super amazing non bias review of Alien: Isolation!  10  badapple24  4 years ago 
Hi guys, some neat (xeno)project of mine.  Matriarch  4 years ago 
Did the engineers from prometheus create yuatja?  92  beotray  4 years ago 
Engineer(Mala'kak) vs Pretators (Yatjua)   22  Dronehive  4 years ago 
'District 9' Director Neill Blomkamp Reveals Concept Art From Secret 'Alien' Project  DeathWraith  4 years ago 
You Always Were an Asshole Gorman - An exclusive William Hope Interview  Praetorian  4 years ago 
RP Info Thread (NO BIOS)  22  Dronehive  4 years ago 
Great writing advice from writer Chuck Palahniuck.  concretehunter  4 years ago 
Looking for a Liquid Factory 1/6 AvP resin kit  dergrosse  4 years ago 
Alien Headcannon Thread  Dronehive  4 years ago 
My aliens story.  12  ultimate-xeno  4 years ago 
Yautja vocabulary  13  ragnarok521  4 years ago 
AVP3 Paradox (Predator Shuttles)  Dark  4 years ago 
Yautja Costume I am making.  16  skull_ripper  4 years ago 
Ideas for a new Predators movie  supersonicman96  4 years ago 
Alien vs Predator 10 years later  tawganator  4 years ago 
How a Hive is Created?  22  PredAlienWarrior  4 years ago 
scar vs dark  bluedeath  4 years ago 
Alien vs predator extinction 2  The-hunter  4 years ago 
Something Interesting in the new "Fire and Stone" solits...  Deathdrop  4 years ago 
MY SKULL: THE REDEEMING OF THE RECKONING  14  Deathdrop  4 years ago 
A Simple Request  61  Dronehive  4 years ago 
The space jockey,the xenomorph,and the yautja are the connected in a pattern  36  bloodstriker  4 years ago 
WRIST BLADE,PLASMACASTER,CLOAK  45  Unknown  4 years ago 
Archie Meets Predator  Deathdrop  4 years ago 
Affordable Kitchens Lincoln  deareomma  4 years ago 
Each film in the Alien series is a different genre  13  Praetorian  4 years ago 
FUCK YOUR KITCHENS  Abjadb  4 years ago 
City Hunter VS Celtic  21  Unknown  4 years ago 
The Meat Locker  11  badapple24  4 years ago 
Can't Install AVP2 On Windows 8.1 Desktop  angushades  4 years ago 
PFVproductions new machinima trailer  PFVproduction  4 years ago 
bull  Malogmal  4 years ago 
The Apex Report  BurningStar  4 years ago 
What  Malogmal  4 years ago 
Predator Vs.  15  TheScarPredator  4 years ago 
Unrelated: Newbie   Apeal  4 years ago 
AvP alien and predator types and strength lv  Predbawsness  4 years ago 
KITCHENS OUT YOUR ASS M8  brigiel  5 years ago 
AVP3: Not so impossible after all  badapple24  5 years ago 
Predator joins the Mortal Kombat roster!  15  Kirby-Cage  5 years ago 
Predators In Skyrim  badapple24  5 years ago 
AVP related vids  tawganator  5 years ago 
Hunters moon info  supersonicman96  5 years ago 
About the clan?  worgen158  5 years ago 
RPG IS UP  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
RPG SIGN-UPs (closed)  17  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
AvP Predator Prey models Gro'tye, Brair Wolf and More Brought to life  Lumberjack1988  5 years ago 
Ladies, Gentlemen... I have an idea.  42  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
So what did Jesse Ventura get hit with just before the Predator shot him?  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
What's with the fan films  badapple24  5 years ago 
Sigourney in Alien 5!?  Peterson  5 years ago 
Space Jockey (The Pilot) Tattoo  20  Jaydtl88  5 years ago 
The Quote Game  76  tawganator  5 years ago 
A sad day....H.R. Giger has passed away ladies and gents.  25  daveberg  5 years ago 
RPG Character Thread  52  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
PM system.  ShadowYautja  5 years ago 
RP assitance.   ShadowYautja  5 years ago 
In-Character Discussion Thread  66  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
James Cameron on Alien 5  -Bloo-  5 years ago 
Engineers, blue or white?  11  skull_ripper  5 years ago 
This may have been established already.  Nupraptor9804  5 years ago 
Giger on the set.  concretehunter  5 years ago 
AVP3 movie  55  Dark  5 years ago 
To Join a Clan  VilkasSainja4  5 years ago 
avp 2 server  killer3352  5 years ago 
AvP2 Campaign Notes: All Logs, Comp Screens, Notes and PDAs!  Rykov  5 years ago 
about aliens vs predators in mugen game.....  Bootydaddy  5 years ago 
Multiverse?  11  -Bloo-  5 years ago 
Favorite Behind-the-Scenes stories?  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
Comic/novel recommendations?   -Bloo-  5 years ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 14: I CAN HAZ INTERWEBZ?  1002  Peterson  5 years ago 
Neca Aliens Series 1  30  PredAlienWarrior  5 years ago 
Choose Safe Toys for Kids  karven  5 years ago 
So I found some interesting Predator info.  15  skull_ripper  5 years ago 
Predator game  TheScarPredator  5 years ago 
Who wins; Alien or Predator?  HixaLupa  5 years ago 
which predator is the strongest  16  alanwu123  5 years ago 
The Materialistic Thread  16  skull_ripper  5 years ago 
predator/human hybrid? dafuq??!?!??  31  krio  5 years ago 
AVP Holiday gifts!  11  concretehunter  5 years ago 
The Meaning of the Movies  34  Dronehive  5 years ago 
Fuck it, let's do this.  68  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
The Dark ages  29  supersonicman96  5 years ago 
Why do xenomorphs need eye sockets?  10  zero-alpha  5 years ago 
The Flayed Bodies, Food or Warning?  12  FireHunter  5 years ago 
here is the purpose of human life -  jameboy  5 years ago 
So, Giger's Necronomicon...  -Bloo-  5 years ago 
The epic thread thread.  concretehunter  5 years ago 
RPG Shuffle  54  Deathdrop  5 years ago 
my avpuniverse wish list...  13  krio  5 years ago 
MY SKULL!  201  Deathdrop  5 years ago 

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