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Alien vs Predator



2007-05-02 17:55:22

In delivering PG-13-rated excitement, Alien vs. Predator is an acceptably average science-fiction action thriller with some noteworthy highlights, even if it squanders its opportunity to intelligently combine two popular and R-rated franchises. Rabid fans can justifiably ask "Is that all there is?" after a decade of development hell and eager anticipation, but we're compensated by reasonably logical connections to the Alien legacy and the still-kicking Predator franchise (which hinted at AVP rivalry at the end of Predator 2); some cleverly claustrophobic sets, tense atmosphere and impressive digital effects; and a climactic AVP smackdown that's not half bad. This disposable junk should've been better, but nobody who's seen Mortal Kombat or Resident Evil should be surprised by writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson's lack of imagination. As a brisk, 90-minute exercise in generic thrills, however, Anderson's work is occasionally impressive... right up to his shameless opening for yet another sequel.


2007-05-02 17:56:01

This Movie Like most Verses movies was a grave dissappoint to me and my freinds. It just didn\'t deliver what the original Alien and pred movies did. Paul W.S Anderson really did screw up a great potential of a movie.


i like the movie
i like the movie
2007-05-02 17:56:50

The movie was good and i dont know what all you people are getting at saying the movie was bad but i thought it was very good and there should defenetly be a sequel to AVP.


2007-05-02 17:57:21

Ok, this movie is my favorite of the series just because of the great, I don't know what you'd call it, sentimental value I guess. Kind of the movie everyone close to me associates me with. But besides that, I have to say that it actually is a good movie. To avoid anything bias, I have to review this film based solely on what it tries to do. It tries to give salivating fans that've been waiting for years without their favorite movies on the silver screen loads of the creature gore they've been waiting for. Based on what the film is based on, it's darn good. More monster rumbling and acid spewing than you can shake a Predator spear at. If it is watched solely for its entertainment value, this dazzling effects laden and highly anticipated cult classic will be one of the best movies a person could watch. Sure, a lot of the dialogue flat out sux, it seemed a little bit rushed, the character development is sadly sacrificed for creature battles, and the movie is far too short, but still, it can be thoroughly enjoyed by those salivating fans it was made for if watched for kicks. Plus the musical score never ceases to amaze.

4 Stars

AVP Alien vs Predator
2007-05-02 22:19:59

This movie was pretty good. Wait let me refrase that. It was the best!! Thats my opinion. The only thing I found odd about it is that Weyland Yutani is in it and the alien movies that he's in are based many more years in the future. But other than that it was pretty darn good. If you haven't seen it then you should if you want to get the whole story, because I'm not gonna be the one to spoil it for you.

2 Stars

2007-05-07 14:23:41

I thought it was ok, 4 a first movie,but their was just not enough action.The first two predators died way too fast,and then scar(the last predator) was the only one left to kill the rest of the aliens and the big bitch, and then he died.Not enough all out battles like in the books.The upside to this is that the second movie can only get better.....I hope.Its going to be R rated and much more gritty like the older movies. I cant wait untill december.

3 Stars

Rip off
2007-05-11 20:28:18

the idea is good but what is with moives latey got to relate to pepole? "like on earth 2007" in the artic? i mean come on all this avp moive was ooo look "PREDATOR" OOO HERES BIG SCARY ALIEN OOOO look at them go to much flashy chimics to get pepole back into it its almost like they sell it like mtv sells there crapy music and cgi crap come on you can totaly tell that crap is fake.. and in this avp2 the whole ship crashing back to earth? come on a race that surfs the universe for hunts and they dont got a computer that tells them when a alien lifeform is on there own ship come on that lil predalien should porbley get cought or killed right off the bat then then have the moive go into a 100 years later kind of thing and they end up fighting spacemarines like in aliens i mean you did see a alien logo on the chick jets cockpit didint you? that means they fought them befor

i just hate this teeny poper crap pepole have been doing latey with moives makeing them relate to pepole more and watering them down for the sake of the famley
screw famley your famley is not my famley give us the damn goods! this isint about geting new pepole into this its about what the comics and fans want..


I thought the movie was great
Lil Puddin Tater
2007-05-21 18:18:39

I thought the movie was great and there should definetely be a sequel involving a predalien.


I personaly as a girl adore this movie
2007-05-21 18:19:57

I personaly as a girl adore this movie alot of guys say it was a bid of a disapointment cus scar (the main pred) and lex (main heron) teaming up was out of cher but being a girl i found it diffrent and very cute. I say a 4 out of 5, I will admet there should of been more avp fighting going on and mabey not so dark put the plot itself was fine.


The music ruined the movie as well
Predator fan
2007-05-21 18:21:23

Alien=R, + Aliens=R, + Alien 3=R, + Alien Ressurection=R, + Predator=R, + Predator 2=R,= PG-13???? The music ruined the movie as well. You have everything you need to make a great movie. Now you need someone with a better storyline.


that was GARBAGE!
2007-05-21 18:22:12

shit. bottom line. Part two better go in a totally different direction! how can one alien kill two predators so easily. that was GARBAGE!


this movie is CRAP
Jamaal warrior
2007-05-21 18:22:51

Myself, ive been brought up watching the alien/predator movies, every1 being worthy to watch ova & ova again.....AVP:movie; this movie is CRAP and ive been waiting for 5 years prior to release. This movie shouldve gone back to its old roots, more blood, more gore, no mercy for humans!! thats all i hafta say.


this movie was ridiculous
2007-05-21 18:23:38

while the plot is good and the setup leading to the confrontation is excellent, the movie is not true to the characters. All of a sudden, the aliens who were destroyed by sigorney weaver are indestructible, twice the size as previous alien films and the predators are teenagers with weaker weapons than the predator2 movie. You expect us to believe that two predators are killed by one alien as well as their spears are acid proof but not their armor or wrist blades. Also the older predators who had been monitoring the whole fight didn't realize that the predator killed had an alien inside of him. It was pretty obvious that the director was pro-alien. Because we all know teenagers or not the predators would have destroyed most the aliens!


this is the cooooolest movie ever made
2007-05-21 18:24:07

this is the cooooolest movie ever made but i miss kevin peter hall he is the real predator but for some gut reasen he didn make it (pis også) all kredit to kevin peter hall for making the predator the beest it is too day


This film is a shame
2007-05-21 18:24:50

This film is a shame. The writter/director should read the "Alien vs Predator" books first, before writting the story.
Why do they want to direct always a different movie as the default (as in the book or in the game) story?

((Sorry my bad english.))


the best film i have ever seen in my entie life!
2007-05-21 18:25:42

Alien vs predator,IS the best film i have ever
seen in my entie life![and thats not very long]
but the look of the predator is so leethel.
But talk about the aliens they are just realy angee all the time.Wot i find impessive is the
way they turn inviseble,its just so cool!
Look take this as a tip, if you havent seen it
you have to watch it.

P.S.the alien is the one with the freaky tonge.


it's an alright movie
God of Blades
2007-05-21 18:26:26

I recon it's an alright movie, had great fight scenes and thrill but just was'nt as good as the Alien Quadrilogy and the Predator 1 and 2....
But it's a good movie and a can't wait to see the sequel... I just hope it's better....


The movie was a big let down
2007-05-21 18:26:54

The movie was a big let down. The main let down was the really pathetic attempt to say that human society got a jump start from the Preds. Why couldn't they have just left well enough alone. Aliens exist. Preds hunt aliens. Preds hunt people. Put the story in a future where people live on other worlds and happen to end up in a world of shit where they get in the middle of it.
I understand for AvP, the writers relied on Erik Von Donikken's Chariots of the Gods. The book goes into how humans evolution was influenced by extraterrestrials. However, having read the book, I can say that the book is crap. It was probably used for AvP because its only about 100 pages and east to read. The information inside is so filled with utter crap. There are so many other books that follow similar lines, but with more clarity and actuall information to back them up.
As for the movie, yes, it had to be made. I love both series, and couldn't wait for this to happen. BUT the way it happened really sucked.


i love this movie
2007-05-21 18:28:06

i love this movie the fight with the alien and pred is the best and i am wiathing for avp2


I think AVP is a very,very bad movie
Elder Predator
2007-05-21 18:28:37

I think AVP is a very,very bad movie.
I was dissapointed when i watched it for the first time.
Predators are not looking as good as they did
in the original Movies and theyr faces are Looking too damn kiddy.
I hate Paul Anderson for that bad job.

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