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Alien Resurrection



A much better script than "Alien 3”
Chelsea white
2007-05-17 17:21:09

I think this film most definitely had a much better script than "Alien 3” but still fell short of it predecessors "Alien" and the second movie "Aliens", I do however believe the creature effects were incredible in this film. Much better than “Alien 3” and competitive with the effects in “Aliens”.
I can also commend it on the design of the “Newborn alien” very creative and freaking mess your self creepy… the Ship design was also impressive, along with Sigourney weaver’s remarkable performance. The swimming xenomorphs were a wonderful touch in this film and an a wonderful experience in the “Alien” franchise. I very much enjoyed this film and hope to see more films of this subject matter.


Ok im confused
2007-05-17 17:21:50

Ok im confused...
Now Lt.Ripley died trying to destroy the new generation of XenoMorphs...then what the hell was the point of this movie,
After Ridley Scotts amazing first 2 films they should have just left it there ...and summarised it like mabye ripley sent newt back out of nest and back to bishop and then blew the nest up (she did that right?)
but man...what the hell is with this shit
Alien 4 directed by some dude cant live up to its brothers name Alien series was great b4 this shit

Alien = good
Aliens= good
Alien3= alright
alien 4= joke

The humiliation they give to Ripleys character is awful i love alien series

lets pretend this movie never was released


A good movie with a good script
2007-05-17 17:22:47

A good movie with a good script in my opinion.Every fan should see it.Is a very good one.I rate it 4 from 5 stars.Aliens 4 still rulzz.


Bringing ripley back, what's that all about!
2007-05-17 17:24:06

hi every one, as i have read the other reviews, yes, fair enuff the plots off number 3 and 4 could have been cleaned up a bit. the first two alien films were excellant, i would think that if they had started from the end like star-wars, now they could produce much better graphics, as you can see in alien vs predator, over all, i think the story line between all of them is realy gd, but their's some twists taht could have been left out, like, bringing ripley back, what's that all about!, and the human-alien at the end of number 4, that looked absaloughtly shit. well i'm an alien fan and i do hope that alien vs predator2 ticks all the boxes, c ya for now


It was a fairly decent movie
2007-05-17 17:25:28

ok, i am a huge fan of the alien franchise. i always have been. i do agree with most about how the second one was amazing. i dont agree with the fact that the third one was as horrible as everyone says it was tho.

as for resurrection, i feel that it was a fairly decent movie. i kno that the cgi aliens were a step down, but i do feel that the deviation from the other movies was a good thing. there's only so mant times that you can stick this this motley crew of characters together with a simple plot of survival.

i highly respect the idea of cloning ripley, to get the alien queen, and the whole high-jacking the ship to get the people to use as "Hosts". although the dialogue isn't as sharp as the first movie, the suspense is still there. and i will also say that the extended version of the movie is far better than the theatrical release. with that said, i feel that this movie should be cut a little slack. on a scale of one to ten, i give this movie a solid seven.


The most gory movie i ever seen
i seen em all
2007-05-17 17:26:29

I would like to say a thing about evey alein movie alein: it was cool and one of my favs although i don't know what happend to the crew did like the alein eat them stow them away? i give it 4/5aleins: i loved the action in this one it was like once they were about to die more aliens keep coming on them i give it 4/5 stars alein3: this one i jumped quite a few time i admit it was the scaryest of them all cause they were being stalked alein resrestion: this is by far the most gory movie i ever seen i did'nt like the story very much but it was twisted by the way wtf is that thing that they last fight is it like a messed up version of ripley cuas erember they made tons of mistakes cloneing her well i g2g peace out homies


Completely fell short
2007-05-17 17:27:15

Completely fell short The first too movis were freakin awsome, in Alien 3 (which sucks) Ripley gets killed. Why on Earth do they bring her back, I mean even the bad ass Alien look like what comes out of the directors butt. I'm a screen writer, and I can write a much better script, but no! Hollywood If you can hear me throw awy this crap! I'd make a better director!


These films r excellent
2007-05-17 17:27:50

these films r excellent all of them im a big aliens fan and i must say that alien 2 was my all time fav yes ok some of the graphics on aliens resurrection wernt all that gd but they still managed 2 make the film gd aliens vs predator was a gd film u c the 3 characters battle it out 4 domination the humans wana,the reds wana live and so does the aliens n as it says on the case WHOEVER WINS WE LOOSE im not gona say much else but all i am gona say is hope the bring out another aliens vs predator 2 follow on from the first film were u c the predalien burst from his chest that should be good well im done 4 this part now personaly i love all the films everybody has different tatse on things bye 4 now


I can't believe people said this was better than Alien 3!
The Jackel
2007-05-17 17:28:29

I can't believe people said this was better than Alien 3! The shody come-back of Ripley just for the sake of putting Ripley back in the franchise was a mistake from the start. Than adding the idea of her connection to the Aliens made it even worse and ruined her character. Then there was the newborn...less said about that the better. It's only saving grace were the very cool Xeno fight scenes.

3 Stars

Alien Films
2007-05-24 18:27:03

Why don't any film maker stick to the series??? they seem to make it up as they go along! the graphic novels are a lot better than any of the movies as they continue in a linear fashion. the films went down hill from Aliens, as James Cameron stuck to the series and made the Aliens intelligent like say Bees, protecting a hive. The last few films made the series look shody, lack any new ideas and worse still no new bloody story. Just a shame they don't try and make a film that is weired and scary and upsetting as they should be in an Alien franchise!!

0 Stars

I hated this movie
Philip Bower
2007-06-04 07:20:43

This is one of the few Alien Movies that I have hated! I have been a fan of the Alien Saga since the first movie up to AVP.. But, this movie I have crossed off my list of must haves. I hated the weak attempt to tie the movies into the comics.. And the whole Ripley as momma to an Alien concept stretched the movie WAY beyond what I could handle.

0 Stars

I hated this movie
Philip Bower
2007-06-04 07:28:11

I have been a big fan of the Alien Series since the first one back when I was just a tyke. But, this movie.. I hated with a passions and wish that hollywood would never had made it.

This was a VERY poor attempt by the franchise to connect the movies and the comics together.. And the whole fiasco with the return of Ripley and the Newborn who thought Ripley was it's mom.. ACK..

Please please if you ever make another movie due it justice and either keep it to the movie history or keep it to the comic history.. Just DO NOT blend the two in such an awful way again.

3 Stars

it was ok..
2007-06-01 18:52:57

ya now what i thought it was a good movie mainly the under water scene !

0 Stars

Spooky Ressurection
2007-06-07 16:14:15

What a ruin to an excellent series. The underwater scene was cool but that's it. the rest was rubbish! its the only film in the saga that i have only ever watched once. ALIENS is much better. the best film in the saga.

4 Stars

The Best In Only One Way, Otherwise 3 Was Way Better
2007-06-10 23:17:53

I Think That It Was The Best In Only One Way, The Aliens Were Better CGI Than In three (I Think At Least.) Then Again, 3, I Can't Argue That, No 3 Was WAY Better.

4 Stars

why do you guys give this movie such crap?!!?
2007-06-21 22:51:58

Why do you guys give this movie such crap?!!?This was one of the best movies of the series!!You guys have the crudiest taste in craptown.So #%@& all you guys!This movie was awesome and you know it.But I agree with you guys about the newborn,that sucked.But you guys need to shut your piehole!But if you don't,I'll rip it off.Get my drift?


You guys suck!
2007-06-21 23:04:33

You guys have the crapiest taste in craptown!This was one of the best movies of the series!Okay,I will admit the part about the alien/human newborn sucked But other then that the movie was awesome.SO #$&* all of you guys.You all suck!

3 Stars

Laying some Judegemetn here
Chriss yBoi
2007-06-24 15:49:39

Ok, Alien Resurection was kinda b movie'ish and made the rest of the series look bad, in my opinion Aliens was the best of the movies, But Resurection did bring us the new sfx and more reallookin alien and ofcourse the guy with the dual pistold that slid out his sleeves i mean cmon that was quite kl lol but ressurectiin was quite lame when compared to others, i mean what happend to some marine action, there wasquite alot of the guyz and i did not see one bit of combat, they could have easily controlled the aliens if armed and i wanted action but no, just some bits, and the human alien did suck, some new ideas are good with the half breeds like the alien and pred mix, but that pice of crap just looked retarded.

2 Stars

stupid,crappy,and dumb
2007-07-06 15:35:32

this movie was the worst sci-fi movie ever to brodcast on tv thumbs down on this peice of worthless piece of scumbagged movie

2 Stars

2007-07-16 23:39:51

Sucked fat nards! The only two reasons I gave it 2 stars:

1. Winona Ryder is hot as hell

2. Sigourney Weaver is the best lead for any Alien movie

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