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Kevin Wyatt
Kevin Wyatt
2007-05-12 19:40:34

I remember the long wait between the release of this movie and "Aliens" and the great amount of anticipation that was built up around this movie considering how extraordinary the first two films were and just imagining how great this one was "going" to be. Then its release date came and it received generally bad reviews and collectively, the majority of the fans were highly disappointed by it, including myself. That being said, I was quite reluctant to spend the money on this DVD but after reading some of the other positive reviews I decided to give this film one more chance and now, after having watched it again I would have to say I've completely changed my mind.

Alien 3 just wasn't as bad as I remembered it to be from that one time viewing in the theater so many years ago and in fact, stylistically, it's a movie that was ahead of its time. Ultimately, I think what turned so many people off of this film when it was released is that it was so dramatically different from the first two that it initially just didn't seem as though it belonged in the mythos that is the Alien legacy. The one thing about this film that does make it drag is its pacing. What the director appeared to be reaching for was the same feel that "Alien" engendered but in the end, in reaching for that intense atmosphere didn't always work and only resulted in the pace slowing down and too little suspense. As stated above though, thematically it was just years ahead of its time and I believe, were it a movie that were originally released more recently, with some minor changes, it might've garnered much more success in the theaters.

Performance wise, Sigourney Weaver does just as wonderful a job with this film as she did with the first two and, not to mention, she co-produced the film, further showing her support for the script and this addition to the Alien mythos. Charles S. Dutton's role in the film is "over the top," as his acting usually is and it fits quite well with the character.

David Fincher, who took up the directing mantle for "Alien 3" deserves a fair amount of credit for the thematic style of this film, bringing the original story and screenplay to fruition. Twelve years ago, I would've said don't ever let the man direct again, but this second viewing of "Alien 3" and after seeing some of the other films he's directed since, I would definitely have to say that he is a very good director!

This Collector's Edition release comes with two options, the original 1992 Theatrical version or a 2003 Special Edition. One note of caution, the Special Edition doesn't really add too much to the film, but of the small portion that is added, it helps to set up the story that much better. The THX certification and 5.1 Dolby Surround is perfect for the film, bringing out the score beautifully!

The Premise:

As Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop are slumbering away in hyper sleep, hoping to next wake up near Earth, the ship suddenly encounters problems of the alien kind. Being the good futuristic starship that it is, it kindly ejects Ripley and the bodies of her companions on a prison planet. Ripley awakens to find herself on this prison planet and not long thereafter, prisoners start showing up dead and Ripley herself finds that her worst nightmare has come true...

What follows from there, as stated above, is most certainly not the best of the Alien series but it is most definitely a lot better movie than my initial assessment of it had been. I would definitely recommend this film to any and all fans of the Alien series, as I believe it plays an integral part in the mythos.


A viewer from USA
Viewer from USA
2007-05-12 19:41:56

I am not one of those die hard fans who will vow on my life that I know everything about this series and I am not usually even a fan of the sci-fi genre, but the Alien movies have always been some of my favorite movies ever made.

After the dissapointing and disturbingly depressing plot of the 3rd movie, I was hoping Resurection would shine a little light on the Alien movies and bring things back into perspective that just dissapeared along with Ripley when she dove into that pool of lava like fluid at the end of A3.

However, Alien: Resurection basically sucks. I was shocked at how typical the movie looked, and how the computer animated Aliens just ruined the overall creativeness that ALIENS shone on the world. The movie was too glossy and it was hard to form any emotional bonds with any of the characters. Ripley is just weird in this movie. She's half Alien now and I honestly don't understand or really like that aspect of the movie. Ripley fought and basically gave up her life to kill these creatures and now she is "the mother of the monster" in this movie, which, I can see how that could be Shakespearian in it's depth, but it just falls flat and Sigourney Weaver just looks stupid with her long greasy black hair, black nails, and tilted head as she makes some witty yet darkly creepy comment about being half monster.

I don't think I ever really recovered after seeing Alien 3 and learning that Newt had died. That alone even made the 3rd movie a waste of time to me. I mean, we see this movie, where the plot clearly ends up revolving around Ripley saving this little girl and in some way getting a replacement daughter for the one she lost through being stuck in hyper space or whatever it's called for so long...and then in the beginning of the 3rd movie she is just dead??? C'MON! That just makes Aliens a waste of time, and that movie rocked! Alien Resurection could have been a great movie...but, the sloppy script, almost comedicly gory deaths (That scene with Dan Hedaya pulling a peice of flesh off the back of his head), glossy cinematograpy, bogus computer animation, and bad acting just ruin this movie.

They should stop making these movies, or go back to Aliens and start over somehow. Make it all a dream somehow and use less computer animation! It barely deserves the 1 star I am giving it.


The Jackel
The Jackel
2007-05-12 19:42:18

I can't believe people said this was better than Alien 3! The shody come-back of Ripley just for the sake of putting Ripley back in the franchise was a mistake from the start. Than adding the idea of her connection to the Aliens made it even worse and ruined her character. Then there was the newborn...less said about that the better. It's only saving grace were the very cool Xeno fight scenes.


2007-05-12 19:42:50

These films are excellent all of them im a big aliens fan and I must say that Alien 2 was my all time favourite yes ok some of the graphics on Alien Resurrection weren't all that good but they still managed to make the film good Aliens vs Predator was a good film you see the three characters battle it out for domination the humans wana, the reds wana live and so does the aliens n as it says on the case WHOEVER WINS WE LOOSE im not gona say much else but all i am gona say is hope the bring out another Aliens vs Predator 2 follow up from the first film were you see the predalien burst from his chest that should be good well im done for this part now personaly i love all the films everybody has different tastes on things bye for now.


2007-05-12 19:43:16

Completely fell short The first too movis were freakin awsome, in Alien 3 (which sucks) Ripley gets killed. Why on Earth do they bring her back, I mean even the bad ass Alien look like what comes out of the directors butt. I'm a screen writer, and I can write a much better script, but no! Hollywood If you can hear me throw awy this crap! I'd make a better director!

5 Stars

Alien 3 was ahead of its time
2007-05-17 15:25:32

Without a doubt, the first time I watched alien 3 I was very upset with the killing off of the main characters from Aliens, just like many people were. However, the more times I watched it, I actually felt that this movie was a very strong contender. The first Alien had a very spooky, slow, and dramatic feel to it. James Camerons Aliens was entirely different in the sense that it was more of a bone crushing thrill ride. Finchers Alien 3 was the perfect way to end the series. This movie appeals to me more and more because of its dark and depressing feel to it. It delivers the "everyones screwed" without ever letting up. Its one of those movies that just dont have a happy ending. Back in the early 90's that might have been too hard to people to take. Today, I respect any director who can deliver a movie without a happy ending. Alien Resurrection in my brutal honest oppinion, was just a mistake. An obvious hollywood attempt to bring in cash. The Alien saga should have been left as a trilogy.


I really don't know why this movie gets such bad reviews
alien man
2007-05-17 17:16:34

I really don't know why this movie gets such bad reviews, It is very good in the plot and how it mixes real life and action-horror( as most alien movies do). the one thing I did not like is the cheepo graphics of the alien when it was running past the criminals. I like it though when it was chasing them how it showed it in the aliens view


The movie would have been a lot better
2007-05-17 17:18:35

The movie would have been a lot better if they found a way to bring back the aliens without having two (or one carrying two embryos) mysteriously aboard the ship. That could never of happened unless the Queen hid some in her back pocket. All the eggs were destroyed and theres no way to have had the eggs on the inside of the Sulaco next to the cryo tubes...just not possible. As I said the movie would have been better if they found a more realistic way to get the aliens back.


This the worst alien movie of the seirs
jim bob
2007-05-17 17:19:22

This the worst alien movie of the seirs because number one:no guns.number two:bunch of idots runing around in a jail.number three:crp.Hicks wasent in it ps.he the cool guy.number four:the main charator Riply deaded.this movie is a steming pile of you know what.

5 Stars

Will the Might
2007-06-14 09:18:21

Why do you idiots give this a bad review. This is such a cool film and should not be disssed because it has no guns! Guns were none existence in ALIEN and so i don't know why you give ALIEN a good review and why you give ALIEN 3 such shit reviews!
Why you say ALIEN 3 is so different from ALIEN and ALIENS when they are both different from each other? ALIEN is a horror movie. It uses loads of cool techniques and the best sets in the entire ALIEN franchise. AlIENS on the other hand decides to let the guns do the talking and let loads of aliens run about on the screen! Thus the horror is let down. So ALIENS is far different from ALIEN, so stop saying this bullshit about ALIEN 3 being different from the other films when they are all different from one anoth...when observed very closly.
The direction is perfect! David Fincher did a good job! The acting is class! The horror techniques are brilliant and make ALIEN 3 far scarier than ALIENS due to the alien being shown less and running in dark environments. The graphic of the violence is something which makes this film a classic and should be well observed by fans.
Overall, if you dis ALIEN 3, you are not an ALIEN fan! So PISS OFF! And don't come back!

4 Stars

2007-06-23 13:03:14

I thought ALIEN 3 was good. I thought the story was good. I really the idea of the dog alien. However I didn't like that ripley had an alien in her and that she died, but I loved it and I'm proud to be an Alien fan

4 Stars

OK.. Hicks is really kl, but he doesnt make a movie
Chrissy Boi
2007-06-24 15:58:30

I thought Aliens 3 was good, ok they made the risk of no guns, but they made up to it with the amount of chasing and shit your pants moments when the alien was no where to be seen then bam, mini alien mouth just rushed through the back of your head completely destroying your brains, what else made it better was the prisnors, added more humour to it was good to see some british dudes in an aliens movie.
And plus i get sick of the guns sometimez, its good to see some challenging situations and a shit load of running, just put your self as one of the prisoners and think of the adrenaline rush you would have, i would fuckin love it even if i got my head ripped off then munched.

0 Stars

Terrible movie
2007-06-28 11:25:07

This is a terrible movie! I mean nobody from aliens survied! It's like a terminator movie where the terminator wins. Plus there was bareley any action. I just dont like it :(

3 Stars

needs more action
2007-07-06 15:44:06

aliens was a better movie because of the giant robot but alien 3 was so stupid. predators are better

4 Stars

I loved it;
2007-07-17 00:51:34

4 out of 5 for the story, the ambiance, the character personalities(Morse was pretty awesome), the camera style, the humor near the end (Morse slaps some common sense into one prisoner after nearly being stabbed by said inmate's scissors), the only thing I didn't like was the fact it closed the series off so soon. The ending opened up the whole crappy Resurrection theme, tho. So, 4 out of 5.

4 Stars

Alien 3
Ridley scott
2007-07-15 10:14:12

I saw this movie last night on demand on comcast and it was freaken sweet! The no guns part really pissed me off though. Newt, was fucked with cyro fluid. Hicks impaled from a safety divice or somthing. all in alll it was a great movie. the dog alien hybrid awesome but most encounters were fake aliens CGI at its beginning.


Alien 3 what can I say is the best
2007-08-17 13:07:41

Alien 3 is more like a sentimental and trajedy movie it wasn't what everyone expected because it was improvisated not planed . . . that was the mistake in this fantastic anthology haa and I like the col Dog Alien or runner predators aren't that famous Alien get the objectives but predator didn't get anything

3 Stars

My thoughts on "Alien 3"
2009-08-04 04:14:41

Alien 3 was made in the early 90's and it was at the time where CGI was not commonly used and it was not very good either. However, you know what it's like when something new comes out -- ya just want to use it! They were having fun with a new concept back when faster computers were able to capture the fun of CGI. This was in the time of "Jurassic Park" as well, but one movie had more funding and more time for the graphics.

Alien 3 was on a budget, and a deadline.

The result was that the graphics totally sucked.

The acting, however, was still top notch! If I can overlook the graphics, it's a good story and a good lesson all in one package.

1. Good actors can make the film.

2. Just because the Pentium processor makes easy CGI, doesn't mean that it looks good, even if it is top of the line and new.

So they should have gone with models and electronics more, like the second movie. But playing with that new technology sort of got the producers addicted, even though it wasn't the best stuff in the world to be working with, at the time.

Even now, the best way to get by with CGI is to focus on the acting the most, yet, use CGI and models equally. An overload of any one thing will kill the movie for certain people.

I, however, have imagination enough to fill in the gaps where CGI went wrong -- therefore, it was a good movie to me. I can understand if other people need the realistic images.

Some will hate it, some will love it, some will enjoy it.

5 Stars

2009-08-27 01:29:19

I LOVED IT!!! The best part of the whole thing was the alien-Its design, a very slim but fast creature... LOVE IT!!!-(Ripley lookes awesome with barely any hair)

5 Stars

Alien3 is better than Aliens
Pred Killer
2009-09-20 22:26:39

I personally say it was better than Aliens. It had a better storyline, special effects, acting, and the score was amazing, not to mention the setting was just breath-taking, and the alien itself, beastly. The way it breached those 10 or more tons of boiling hot lead with ease, and emerged little more than a bit pissed off, truly showed this 'bug's' true strength, as so for so long it had been undermined to be nothing more than a weak space insect, and for so long the Predators had been given the upper hand in, technology, speed, strength, well, just about anything, Alien 3 truly showed the Alien's pros, it's physical strength, much greater than that of a Predator's while they have the upper hand in technology, aliens is in Strength, Alien 3 demonstrates this flawlessly. The ending was also truly amazing, and I felt it had closure to it as well. If only Resurrection hadn't come in and f*cked it up.

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