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A landmark of science fiction and horror, Alien arrived in 1979 between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back as a stylishly malevolent alternative to George Lucas's space fantasy. Partially inspired by 1958's It! The Terror from Beyond Space, this instant classic set a tone of its own, offering richly detailed sets, ominous atmosphere, relentless suspense, and a flawless ensemble cast as the crew of the space freighter Nostromo, who fall prey to a vicious creature (designed by Swiss artist H.R. Giger) that had gestated inside one of the ill-fated crew members. In a star-making role, Sigourney Weaver excels as sole survivor Ripley, becoming the screen's most popular heroine in a lucrative movie franchise. To measure the film's success, one need only recall the many /images that have been burned into our collective psyche, including the "facehugger," the "chestburster," and Ripley's climactic encounter with the full-grown monster. Impeccably directed by Ridley Scott, Alien is one of the cinema's most unforgettable nightmares.

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5 Stars

:3 lol
2012-07-13 10:49:12

FACT TAKING UP SPACE TIME!(About the Queen) Queen Aliens are significantly larger and stronger than the normal adults, approximately 4.5 metres (15 ft) tall. Their body structure differs also, having two pairs of arms, one large and one small. The queen\\\'s head is larger than other adult Aliens and is protected by a large, flat crest, like a crown, and they vary from queen to queen. In the second film Aliens, unlike other adults and queens, the queen had high-heel protrusions from its feet.

Egg-laying Alien queens possess an immense ovipositor attached to their lower torso, similar to a queen termite\\\'s. Unlike insect queens, there appears to be no need for drones to fertilize an Alien queen\\\'s eggs. When attached to its ovipositor, the queen is supported by a \\\"biomechanical throne\\\" that consists of a lattice of struts resembling massive insect legs.

In the original cut of Alien, the Alien possessed a complete lifecycle, with the still-living bodies of its victims converted into eggs. However, the scene showing the crew converted into eggs was cut for reasons of pacing, leaving the ultimate origin of the eggs obscure. This allowed Aliens director James Cameron to introduce a concept he had initially conceived for a spec script called Mother, a massive mother Alien which laid the eggs and formed the basis for the Aliens\\\' life cycle. Cameron conceived the Queen as a monstrous analogue to Ripley\\\'s own maternal role in the film. In that vein, some critics have compared it to Grendel\\\'s mother.

The design of the queen was created by Cameron in collaboration with special effects artist Stan Winston, based upon an initial painting Cameron had done at the start of the project. The Winston Studio created a test foam core queen before constructing the full hydraulic puppet which was used for most of the scenes involving the large Alien. Two people were inside working the twin sets of arms and puppeteers off-screen worked its jaws and head. Although at the end of the film the queen was presented full-body fighting the power-loader, the audience never sees the legs of the queen, save those of the small-scale puppet that appears only briefly. In Aliens, Cameron used very selective camera-angles on the queen, using the \\\'less is more\\\' style of photography. Subsequently the movie won an Oscar for Visual Effects.[30] An adult queen was to reappear in Alien Resurrection. The original mechanical head previously used in Aliens was provided by Bob Burns, and was an altered design. It was repainted with a blend of green and brown, giving it a shimmering, insect-like quality.[18] This color concept would be abandoned in Alien versus Predator in favour of the original black color scheme.

In the climax of the 2004 film Alien vs. Predator the queen\\\'s basic design was altered to make it more \\\"streamlined\\\" in appearance and its over-all size was increased to 6 meters (20 feet) tall. Other changes include the removal of the \\\"high-heel\\\" protrusions on its legs, including additional spines on its head and making its waist thinner because there was no need for puppeteers inside its chest. The animatronic laying queen had 47 points of hydraulic motion.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007) introduced a younger form of the full grown queen, albeit with traits inherited from its Predator host. Recalling the facehugger\\\'s method of embryo implantation, the Predalien uses its inner mouth to directly deposit multiple chestburster embryos into pregnant female hosts, also using its mandibles to latch on the faces of said hosts. This is explained by the Brothers Strause as a means of quickly building an army of Aliens before the young queen evolves into its sedentary, egg-laying state.


5 Stars

Alien was amazing
2012-06-24 19:02:00

Anyone who thought the first movie was anything lower than a 4, really has no taste in good movies

2 Stars

2011-11-05 18:10:12

Meh, take out the undeniably awesome chestburster scene, and do you still have a 'classic'...?

5 Stars

2010-03-19 10:14:21

I've seen all of the movies and played almost all the games. But i'de say that this is the best movie of all the movies!

3 Stars

In space, nobody can hear you scream
Mr. Loco
2009-12-27 20:43:08

This movie might be considered a classic, but honestly it's just to slow for me. It's not really that scary either. I loved it when I was younger, but now that I'm older I feel it's actually the most boring one in the series. It does have great actors and great direction, so I can't say anything bad about the movie, cuz honestly it is a masterpiece, but it's a slow one and therefor I can only give it 3 stars out of 5.

5 Stars

2009-04-17 09:58:46

The best science fiction movie ever made. No other is better than this. This is as good as it gets!

5 Stars

Best movie of 20th century and it's still one of the best!
2008-02-16 15:54:30

This movie is the best in the Alien Saga. You have to watch this if you want to understand the whole saga. One of the best movies ever made and probably one of the best that will be ever made.

5 Stars

A really great series
2007-12-30 21:34:08

This movie was so great i could not explain in words how good it is. I think that aliens was also a great movie it really expaned the series with all the cool action secens with the aliens get mowed down by the marines. Its really hard to compare the two because they are very differnt alien was meant to be suspenseful and aliens was meant to be more of an action movie. But they are both great and i definatly reccomed the both of them.

5 Stars

This Movie Is amazing
The Drizzle
2007-12-26 20:02:00

This is by far one of the best scifi movies i have ever seen. The Best scence is when you first see the alien come out of the chest. It came out of know where thats why its so scary.

5 Stars

2007-10-07 12:15:04

It was a spine chilling movie with suspense and action.I would give it a 10/10.

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